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Direct. VII. See that you crucify. Sin, after you e have been seeing Christ Crucified set forth before

your Eyes in the Sacrament.

· HATH sin been fo cruel as to put to death the Son of God ? See that henceforth you have, no pity upon the murderer of Christ your Saviour. As Saul eyed David to kill him, so do you eye 'those traitors, your fins, from this day forward to kill and destroy them. Never correspond or parley with them any more; nenever entertain a favourable thought of them, nor give them a kind look again, seeing they have done so horrid: and inexcusable a deed.

O communicant, halt thou feen Chrift ftruggling to fatisfy justice for fin, and save thee from it ; and, will you after all chuse wilfully to walk in lin? Will you not burn the spear that pierced him, and break in pieces the nails that crucified him ? Every one of Christ's wounds is a mouth opened to plead for your wounding and killing of sin. Had you seen Christ wrestling in the garden in his bloody agony, sweating great drops of blood, lya ing on the ground; had you heard him utter these words, “ Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from • me:" Had you seen his soul beset on all hands by your bloody fins, and even brought to a nonplus, John xii. 27. when he know not (to speak with reverence) well what to say; had you seen him bound, led and nailed to the cross, with a black angry cloud upon his soul, crying out, “ My God, my God, why halt thou forsaken me ?” Would you not have vowed a revenge upon in ? . O could you have loved or hugged the foldier, or been . fond of the spear that pierced his blessed fide? Weil, o communicant, this thou doft, when thou huggest thy fins, and especially when thou entertainest thy predo. minant lust or darling lin: Your other fins are as the nails in his hands and feet; but this as the spear that made a great wound in his side, and went nearer his heart than any of the rest.

Oh, never suffer sin to live any more in you, that would not suffer your Saviour to live in the world ; ne

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ver allow that a room in your heart, which would not allow him a room amongst the living on earth. O beware of crucifying Christ afresh. Never dispute any more, when a temptation is presented, whether Christ or Barabbas should be preferred ; your lufts denied, or Christ crucified : But presently cry out against your lusts, “ Crucify them, crucify them.” Have you seen God tak. ing off your former burdens, and laying them upon the back of his dear Son, who willingly took them on for you, though they pressed him down to the earth ? O then, go not to lay any more loads upon him. Hath he taken you and washed you from your fins in his own blood ? O do not return with the sow that is washed to her wallowing in the mire. Hath the Lord been graciously sealing the pardon of your fins ? Go not to turn his grace into wantonness, by venturing to run on in a new score. If you have washed your feet in the blood of the Lamb, o beware of defiling them again.

Direct. VIII Walk always under the sense of God's

all-seeing Eye upon you in every thing you do.

A HOLY and circumspect walk is what every communicant should endeavour, especially after the sacrament; this would tend, not only to your own peace and comfort, but also to the glory of God, and the promoting of his interest and kingdom in the world. Were your lives tender, circumspect, and shining in holiness before the world, there would be little need of miracles to confirm the word, or convert infidels ; for your conversations would allure strangers, and mightily recommend religion unto them ; so that they might thereby be drawn to seek acquaintance with the God of holy communicants, as Nebuchadnezzar was with the God of Daniel: and thus you would be instruments of turre ing many to righteousness, and so shine as the stars for ever and ever.

Now, if you would shine in a holy walk and exemplary conversation, then you must, like Caleb, “ walk after God,” Num. xiv. 24. you must imitate him in his


holiness and purity. Again, you must like Enoch, walie with God, Gen. v. 22. live in communion and fellowship with him. And then, you must, like Abraham, walk before God, Gen. xvii. 1. live and carry as those who believe he hath a special eye upon you in all that you do. And when you go about any action or bus. ness, spiritual or temporal, say to your fouls, “ I have a watchful eye over me, that pierceth into all my thoughts, that discovers the principles from which I am acted, and the ends to which I move: Let me act then, as one that still believes this, as one that must shortly be acim countable to God for all I do, and I know not how soon.” Or, say to this purpose, “ Now I am going about such a business, such a duty; and, if Christ shall send for me at the end of it, what account will I be able to give of my management to him? What do I know, but at the end of this duty I may either be in Abraham's bosom, or in a gulf of misery?" .

Walk now in all your steps, as if you saw Christ cru. cified before you, breathing forth his dying love to lost finners, and pouring out his blood to cleanse them from lin. Would not that be a great aw-band upon you, to restrain you from sin? Walk now, as a damned soul would walk, were he again to live under the offers of mercy: How diligently. (think you) would he obey, how feryently would he pray, and how peremptorily would he reject all temptations to fin? So ought every fincere communicant to do, that intends to please God and walk worthy of the vocation wherewith he is called.

· Dorect. IX. Endeavour to walk cheerfully and con

tentedly under every lot and condition.

YOU may look for trials and difficulties while you sojourn in this world : But, in midst of all, you should aim to be much in the eunuch's frame after the seal of baptism, Acts viii. 39. who “ went on his way rejoicing." Have you got the seal of God's covenant? Then, whatever your afflictions be, you cannot but have a re. viving cordial, for your fins are pardoned. Let not

worthy worthy communicants say they are lick, when their iniquities are forgiven them. Should they walk dejectedly, who have got an interest in the new covenant l'ur ed, and all the promises and privileges of it ratified and confirmed to them ? For, what do they want, but i to be had here? Whatsoever is a blessing is secured here, either fai clified riches, or a contented poverty.

A worthy communicant may say, Let God do with me as he will in this world, I desire to be content, feeing he hath engaged himself to be with me in all states and conditions, and to order all things for my advantage : Surely " he cannot lie, he cannot deny himself;" all his words are oaths for their certainty, and all his proinises " the fure mercies of David." Let my covenanted God chuse out my lot for me, surely it shall be with more wisdom and with more affection than I can chuse for my fulf. He whom Almighty wisdom and goodness ti kes a fatherly care of, and hath engaged to feed, cannot but have enough. If Christ be mine, all things are mine ; nothing is excluded, where he is included.

Direct. X. Delight in the company of the People of


SHAKE off all ungodly society, and have your hearts linked to all those that bear Christ's image. Set the Psalmist's example before your eyes in this matter, Pfal. cxix. 115. “ Depart from me, ye evil doers, for I will keep the commandments of my God” And verse 63. “ I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts. It is a true saying of solomon's, Prov. xiii. 20. " He that walketh with wise men, shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.'' Make the liveliest of God's people your greatest intimates, and upon all occahona improve their fellowship to the best advantage. Beware of the cooling of your affections to the people of God; but let that divine sentence still run in your minds, 1 John iv. 11. " Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another." Let the love of God, manifested to you at


the facrament engage you to carry lovingly and affectionately to all his people. Henceforth behave yourselves as servants of the same family, branches of the same vine, members of the same body, and children of the fame Father.

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Direct. XI. Study to shine in the graces of Meek

ness, Patience, and Forgiveness of Injuries.

THIS is the way to make you like your glorious Redeemer and Pattern ; and this is the way to adorn the profession of religion, and to make it amiable in the eyes of strangers. And surely all those who have been sharers of God's infinite mercy and goodness in the facrament, will come away from it with a disposition to bear injuries, and a readiness to forgive those that do them wrong. Direct. XII. Labour to keep up constant longings

for Communion-Occasions here below, and for the

eternal Supper of the Lamb above. SURELY those who have met with Christ in this ordinance will be breathing for further discoveries of his sweetness and beauty. You ought to be saying, like Moses, when he came down from the mount, “ I beseech thee, Lord, shew me thy glory:" Let me have new manifestations of thy excellency, fresh intimations of thy love, and clearer discoveries of thy will. Oh, when will the opportunity return? When shall I come and apprar before God? When shall I again see his power and glory in tte fanctuary? When shall I taste his love and goodness again in the sacrament? When fhall I again behold his well covered table, fit down thereat with his children, and be satisfied as with marrow and fatnefs ?

But seeing this lower table is transient and uncertain, look for one to come which is fixed and abiding. Yet a little while, (faith Christ) and I will see you again, and I will come and receive you to myself.” Obeliever,


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