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The young animals of every kind are sporting about, they feel themselves happy, they are glad to be alive; they thank Him that has made them alive. They may thank Him in their hearts, but we can thank Him with our tongues; therefore, we ought to praise Him more.

The birds can warble, and the young lambs can bleat; but we can open our lips in His praise; we can speak of all His goodness. Therefore, we will thank Him for ourselves, and we will thank Him for those that cannot speak.

Trees that blossom, and little lambs that skip about, if you could, you would say how good He is; but you are dumb, we will say it for you. MRS. BARBAULD


him light;

1. God made the sun, and gave
He made the moon to shine by night;
He placed the brilliant stars on high,
And leads them through the midnight sky.

2. He made the earth in order stand,
He made the ocean and the land;
He made the hills their places know,
And gentle rivers round them flow.

3. He made the forest, and sustains

The grass that clothes the fields and plains; He sends from heaven the summer showers, And makes the meadows bright with flowers.

4. He made the living things, with care
He feeds the wanderers of the air;
He gave the beasts their dens and caves,
And fish their dwelling in the waves.

5. He called all beings into birth
That crowd the ocean, air, and earth;
And all in heaven and earth proclaim
The glory of his holy name.


The mother loveth her little child; she bringeth it up in her arms; she nourishes its body with food; she feedeth its mind with knowledge; if it is sick she nurseth it with tender love; she watcheth over it when it is asleep; she forgetteth it not for a moment; she rejoiceth daily in its growth.

But who is the parent of the mother? Who nourisheth her with good things, and watcheth over her with tender love, and remembereth her every moment? Whose arms are about her to guard her from harm? And if she is sick, who shall heal her?

God is the parent of the mother; He is the parent of all, for He created all. All the men and all the women, who are alive in the wide world, are His children; He loveth all, and is good to all.


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1. God warmed with life our mortal parts,
He made the blood flow round our hearts,
He made our pulse beat calm and still,
Our limbs move lightly at our will.

2. He made the eye that gazes round;
The ear, alive to every sound ;

The tongue, to make our wishes known;
The soul, an image of his own.

3. With sheltering clothes our limbs he drest,
He gives our weary eyelids rest;
Health to our frame his power imparts,
And food and gladness to our hearts.

4. In early youth he made us know
The way in which our feet should go;
He gave us precepts, plain and few,
For all the good deeds we must do.

5. Our way to heaven his hand prepares,
He gave our bibles, hymns, and prayers;
He gave the
parents and kind friends
On whom our youthful heart depends.

6. A thousand joys our God hath given,
Our peace on earth, our hopes of heaven;

And all our souls shall join to raise
An offering of immortal praise.


COME, and I will show you what is beautiful. It is a rose fully blown. See how she sits upon her mossy stem, like the queen of all the flowers! Her leaves glow like fire; the air is filled with her sweet odour; she is the delight of every eye.

She is beautiful, but there is a fairer than she. He that made the rose, is more beautiful than the rose: He is all lovely: He is the delight of every heart.

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I will show you what is strong. The lion is strong. When he raiseth himself from his lair, when he shaketh his mane, when the voice of his roaring is heard, the cattle of the field fly, and the wild beasts of the desert hide themselves, for he is very terrible.

The lion is strong, but He that made the lion is stronger than he; His anger is terrible He could make us die in a moment, and no one could save us from His hand.

I will show you what is glorious. The sun is glorious. When he shineth in the clear sky, and is seen all over the earth, he is the most glorious object the eye can behold.

The sun is glorious, but He that made the sun is more glorious than he. The eye beholdeth Him not, for His brightness is more dazzling than we could bear. He seeth in all dark

places, by night as well as by day; and the light of His countenance is over all His works. Who is this great name, and what is he called, that my lips may praise him?

This great name is God. He made all things, but He is himself more excellent than they. They are beautiful, but He is beauty; they are strong, but He is strength; they are perfect, but He is perfection.

MRS. BARBauld.


Lair. The bed of a wild beast.

Perfect. Finished. That to which nothing can be added as an improvement, is perfect. God is perfect; and things which He has made, which no created being can make better, are perfect. People say of others, who are well acquainted with a subject, "they understand it perfectly." This is not correct. Very few things can be known perfectly; more and more may be learned every day, even by those who know a great deal upon any subject.

Excellent. To excel is to surpass to be better or greater. A man has more strength

than a child. The man excels the child in strength. You understand why God is more excellent than all which he has made.


1. High in the heaven he dwells alone, And glorious light surrounds his throne;

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