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fortable homes in civilized countries, and go among savages, and other ignorant people, in order to teach them the gospel, and to read and write, and to live cleanly and decently.

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TAHEITE is a large island in the Pacific cean. Look on the map of the world; you will see the Friendly Islands, the Society Islands, the Marquesas, and a great many more. Capt. Cook discovered, or found, these islands, as he was sailing about the Pacific Ocean.

The people of Owyhee, one of the Society Islands, killed Captain Cook.

The Otaheitan in the print, is not black, like a negre; his skin is yellowish, and dark; he has in his hand an instrument like a flute; he is

blowing it. The Otaheitans love music-they are not Christians-they do not know how to read. They cut their bodies, and make scars upon themselves, because they think themselves handsomer for these scars; they flatten their noses, and make themselves look very ugly, as we think.

They have not trades as we have. There are no smiths, tailors, and masons, among the Otaheitans. Each man makes his own house, and his own clothes. The Otaheitans spend their time in running about; catching, and killing animals; swimming, and climbing trees. People who live in this manner, are called savages.

People who have trades, and churches, and books, are civilized people.

The men and women at Otaheite dress in a sort of cloth which is not woven like our cloth. It is made of the bark of a plant. Strips of this bark are macerated in water, and then laid upon a smooth surface, and beaten with a mallet. The soft edges of the strips are thus spread over one another, joined and stuck together-making a continued piece of cloth, which is afterwards made into garments. This cloth is sometimes stained, and striped with different colours.

The people of Otaheite, like other savages, love dress. They put feathers upon their heads; and wear pearls, and pieces of shells, about their persons.

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TARTARY is a large country of Asia; it joins China. This Tartar has a cap on his head, a sword in one hand, and a gun in the other.

The sword and gun they use to kill people; the Tartars are a fighting people; they do not live long in one place; they live in tents, and carry their cattle and their property about with them wherever they go.

Tent, a large piece of coarse, thick cloth, spread upon poles; forming a cover, under which people live.


THE Chinese live in China. China is in Asia. We do not know much about China; the Chinese have a law that no strangers shall come into their country. Some strangers, a very few, have been allowed to go thither.

The Chinese have three great cities; Pekin, Nankin, and Canton. Tea grows in China. The Chinese in the print, is a man; he has a pointed hat on his head, and is dressed like a woman of our country. The Chinese men dress in this manner. The Chinese has a sprig of tea in one hand, and a box of tea on one side of him.

The Chinese women have very little feet; when they are children, their feet are bound with bandages, so that they cannot grow, like

the rest of their bodies. China is the most

populous country in the world.

Populous, means full of people. A country without people is a deseri.

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KAMTSCHATKA belongs to Russia; it is a very cold country.

The Kamtschatkans use little dogs to draw loads. They fasten several pairs of these dogs one after the other, and go long journeys with them.

Southwest from Kamtschatka, may be seen, on the map of the world, the Japan Islands. The Japanese will not allow the Europeans to come to their country, because about two hundred years ago, some Spaniards and Portuguese

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