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THE quiet, patient sheep, is found in Europe and Asia. It is one of the most useful creatures in the world. Our clothes are made of its wool, our gloves of its skin, and its flesh serves us for food.

Men at all times, and in almost all countries, have taken much care of sheep. Sheep and shepherds, are often mentioned in the Bible. Jacob kept Laban's sheep. Moses kept sheep for his father-in-law in Midian.

Wolves kill sheep, and eat them. Wolves are very much like dogs in their appearance, but they are wild; and when they are hungry, will attack any animal. There are very few wolves where there are men; men take great pains to kill them, and in time kill them all.

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THERE are many species of dogs; and trey are useful to man in various ways. The people of cities, the shepherd, and the wild men of the woods, are all indebted to the faithful dog.

The dog is bold, sagacious, and affectionate; if a robber attacks his master's life, his house, or his property, this fearless creature will die to defend him he listens to his voice, obeys his commands, partakes of his pleasures, follows his steps, and will not forsake him as long as he lives.

The shepherd's dog, the cur, the hound, the mastiff, the spaniel, the pointer, the terrier, are names of different species of dogs.

The shepherd's dog knows every one of his master's sheep; he will not suffer any strange

sheep to come among them; he takes care of them when the shepherd is absent; assists to drive them to the field, and conducts them back to the fold.


The cur, is the useful servant of the farmer he knows his master's own fields, and cattle; he takes care of his master's fields, and does not trouble himself with those of others; he walks peaceably about among his master's cattle, "but he barks furiously at strangers, and drives them away.

The hound runs more swiftly, or he is more fleet than any other species of dog. He is used in hunting the deer, the fox, or the hare. In England, rich men keep great numbers of these dogs; they keep a man to take care of them; they feed them very carefully, and give them a fine house to live in.

The mastiff is a large and strong dog; he is kept to protect houses and gardens; he does not molest those who do not disturb him; but he warns them to keep away, by his loud and terrific barking. The mastiff is not so playful as some other dogs are, but he knows how to punish the impertinence of an inferior.

A large mastiff was often molested by a little dog, and teazed by his continual barking; the mastiff might have killed the little dog, but he chose to punish him gently, so he took him in his mouth by the back, and dropped him into a river which was near. The lule dog did not like this, but he swam ashore, and afterwards left the mastiff in peace.

The spaniel swims well; he is fond of the

water; he is a beautiful dog; his hair is curled, and he is very obedient.

The pointer is used to find birds that have been shot; he is easily taught.

The terrier has a very keen scent. He is as much the enemy of rats and mice as the cat is, and will soon clear a house of those troublesome inmates.

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