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THERE were scarcely any events in the life of Thomas Hood. One condition there was of too potent determining importance-lifelong ill-health ; and one circumstance of moment-a commercial failure, and consequent expatriation. Beyond this, little presents itself for record in the outward facts of this upright and beneficial career, bright with genius and coruscating with wit, dark with the lengthening and deepening shadow of death.

The father of Thomas Hood was engaged in business as a publisher and bookseller in the Poultry, in the city of London,- a member of the firm of Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe. He was a Scotchman, and had come up to the capital early in life, to make his way. His interest in books was not solely confined to their saleable quality. He reprinted various old works with success ; published Bloomfield's poems, and dealt handsomely with him ; and was himself the author of two novels, which are stated to have

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