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future under the controul of Pasley, a testimony of their high regard of the Crab, Grab, and Winkat, and for the worthy Alderman's attention to cultimore effectual distribution of fowl jus vation of the fine arts in his native tice, has been pleased to etect a hent country. office at the turn to Kilmore.

Gen. Suds, of the police, shaver and Lady Axletree has been graciously' orator, , has been elected to the Shaver's pleased to nominate her maid Betty, Chair, vacant by the appointment of wife of Corporal Rackcabbin, house Vernon, the barber, to be inspector of keeper of hen office

Beards in Simpson's Hospital. Ned Thumbstall has been appointed' The Grand Orange Lodge of Ire. inspector of boots to his Grace the land has offered 'Silk, the shooter, the Dake of Richmond, in the place of distinction of purple marksman, oni Joshua Dixon, shoemaker and police condition of his taking the oaths and man, who has resigned.

obligations of the order. The Magistrates of James's-street Pollett, the Papist-killer, has been have subscribed a considerable sum, to, elected one of the Trustees; of Berespurchase a pair of blankets to be pre- ford's Riding-house, vice Woollaghan sented to Jonas Pasley, with a suitable the boy-killer, appointed Treasurer to inscription, expressive of the high the Society of Priest-hunters at Mount esteem they entertain for the military rath. abilities' he exhibited on Sunday the The Society for discountenancing the 29th of June, at the campaign he Vice, haveelected Limberlip, of Mount. conducted against the whiskey jars at rath, distributer of bibles in the Nor. John's Welt.

thern district: Sir Thomas Osborne has been" appointed Librarian to Swift's Hospitals and Counsellor Clinch secretary to the

JOHN'S WELL. same establishment.

Mr. Marshal, of the Sessions Grand Jury, has undertaken the place of Sur.

Sunday evening, 25th of June, the tents

at John's Well, allowed by special favor of veyor of Stinks in Newgate.

the police for the convenience of the capo The Auctioneer's Hammer that tain, who owns the ground, presented knocked down Dr. Brennan's

Library and whiskey-jars, that produced much daa

piteure of war, and a bustle among women of Båsluds, has been appointed by Mr.

mage to both articles. Mr. Pasleys the Balfe, the attorney, to do as much

for new chief constable of pórice, appeared in the learned Editor of the Evening Ex- the field at the head of a strong body of cabo

vairy, with his new boots. clean slirt, and press.

fresh beaver. As he entered within hearing, Drunken Cross, the journeyman

he complained loudly that he had been inbookbinder, step father to Dr. Brehnan, suited there in the course of the day, by has accepted the care of a Noggio in language not as respectful as should be adChannel-row, vacant by the demise dressed to a man of his rank in the police of his WifeMrs. Brennan, of the house army, and of his renewed condition. We

are sorry to say. Mr. Pasley's, complaint was of Idoagh.

literally correct, as some misguided females Major Taylor, of the Paving Board, as he passed the tents in the forenosn, met has appointed Alderman Bloxham'scan. him on every point of the encampment,

asking him where "he hung his Darned dles to be present at all dispatches Gaiteroi'' "The ciastisement was not out of written after nightfall, and the Al. proportion, the cavalry charged the tents; lity Knuckles of the Caledonian depus prostrated tienes, deciated the high

for washing the spark am in a few minutes rivers, of whiskey and ties of the esablishment.

orimes of the owners. The Dublin 'society, have voted a silver Hod to Alderman Thorpe, as





ORANGE DINNER. Tau true cum of William will have long A toak then was drzak upon the hare knee, carse co rue,

Which you may be fure was the GLORIOUS • The lad doings of number seven hundred

MEMORY. and fixty-two;

Among this loyal crew no ftrife had arisen, I always fupposed the brethren to agree Til the health of a Captain fo gallant was And nothing on their councils but love and

given : barmony :

A Captain fo bold and so true to ebe cause, But, alus! the soverfo I now have cause to Not to driok his health was a breach of the cell,

laws: Oh, may it be a warning to all that wish But two yeomen were there of the fame then well.

Captain's band, 'Twas on the tenth of April this logal And to drink the toag would not lend a number met,


(gram, And all bciag agreed tbc poor Catholics to Serjeant Shanks then get up and looked very fret ;

(made, and declared them not able to handle a fun, The rule then being granted the order was O then, what a terrible contention arose, And cach brother requested to give in his aid. Sach tearing, fuch swearing, such dragging Then Sale rose up and his mind spoke out, of clothes ; With Inus having primed bis ugly broad Poor Purple rose up and cried out alas! {nout;

Oh, what thall I do for my jugs and my Your Glence, my bretbrea, is hard to endure, glass;

[floor, Ah! fure you forget (weet Culloden Moor. But his jugs and his glases were lok on the

A dipner we'll bave in honour of that day, And the boys they all fought till they got to That Cumberland made the damo'd rebels to

the door; pay ;

When Purple had got them completely out A dinoer we'll have, for we may anticipate, right, Of the Catholic Bill, the unfortunate fate : He then shut his door and he bid them good Por previous to that day. Grattan will pre

nighe. fent,

Oh, fure it can't be that the Captain did When he and his Bill to the Devil will be

[line, These two poor yeomen, es elfe would they The question being put, whether would they The ayes then carried it by more than njac. In an affembly fo poblic refuse to driak his sso Purple being acked what he had to say. health, or what for his diuper each brocher louis A man of such conduct, such fpleadows, and pay;

wealth. He told them any probt he could not exped, Ob, ye two purple mea, you thould be On such a glorious bulinefs he would it re. afbam'd, ject.

(about, Among the good loyalists to hear yourselves So the matter being settled, the day camc nam'd ; Lacb man touk his place and to it food Qout; And the next time old Salt hw a dianer in The cloth being removed, the peach was vicw,

brought in, And to Rinck from his glass each thought it May the bencfits of it be cauciaded from you

Lara. * The mumber of Montrach Lodge.

+ A Surlons old party-man, who actually boufted that the dinner would ferve a double purpose, viz. the battle of Culinden, which thesc logulfouls usually celebrate, and the rejce zion of the Catholic claims by Parliamento

$ The chief of chat enlightened and liberal body of mea called Purple Men, from which be takes his uitle-At his house the Lodge is held.

1 Captain of the Montrach Drangemen~ nau who thows too much countenance to the Orange Heroes of this town and country: he diftinguilaed himself very much as de cine ebe eves to be labacated Father Danne was killed here.


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And thus laall our dawnings of morning apo A PASTORAL BALLAD.


Serene as the op'ning of May ; N louger thro' dcep mazy forests I'll rove, Our fun of content thall rise peaceful and Nor íslently wander alone;

clear, Nor quis the gay patture to figh in the

And set in love's happiest ray. grove,

For griet from my bosom is flown.
The nymph whom I lov'd with so ofta:

Cork, June, 13, 1812.
a heart,
Whose image my soul did enshrine,
With heavenly smiles has removed ev'ry

By vowing for e'er to be mine.
And now thro' the meadows together we'll

Sball I tbe long laborious scene review.

Popu.. Aray, “While dew.drops bespangle the thorn;"

000 And liften with rapture to each tender lay

SCARCE monkish Knight, hood witked in That's sung to the new smiling mon :

fable cowl, And fondly the pidgcon together we'll kiss,

Had time hear the softly hooting owl, And ftroke his soft plumes, while a smile

And scarve the watchmen, in whom cits of Shall dimple each check of my Emma with

sense, bliss,

For half the year, repose such confidence, And rapture my heart hall beguile.

'Gainft doors they guard with confidence re. The snow-fleecy lambkins Phall sport on the pore,

And wake their wards with serenading nose, greca, Our dog on the moss-bank (ball lie ;

Wheu Phoebus left bis couch, whom various. The sweet little robin to sportively seco;

reasons, Shall raise its soft Grain to the sky.

Induce to suit bis rising to the seasons; Tlen from the green hedge to my Emma For long in bed the chilly Aluggard lingers, thall come,

When winter's frott-faugs bite our tocs and To Mare the kind (mile with her dove;

fingers ; And as both together shall pick at a crumb, Falt up the ladder, leading to the fun, Our bearts hall be happy in love.

With blazing Aam, the great lamplighter

run, Our lambs as they frolic with innocent glee, Equipp'd with afhes, wig, and wisp of hay,

Our theep as they lic on the field; To clean the globe, for 'ewas fain's George's Our cows as they grasc round my Emma and day ; me,

Stretch'd wide awake, and yawning in my Shall pleasure and happiness yield.

bed," My pipe shall be tuned to the sweet fylvan Noise of a thousand kinds assaiis my head; theme,

On this fide rung the iron musket rammer, While echo the notes leall return; The cobler's lap.stonc clauk'd beneath the Then as they glide over the greca-bofom'd hammer; tream,

So many caylors busy mending breeches, My Emma Thall ling in her tarn. I really thought I heard the sounding stieches; And when a poor traveller, weary or fad,

Aron, the razer coils to gather in

The stubborn harvest of the fruitful chin ; Shall raise the Night latch of our door, The Imile that enhances thall make his soul

The clamorous joy.bcils thunder loud and

deep, elad,

To rouse the sick man from his wholesome As the table's supplied from our Aore. For what are the gifts that kind fortune be. The mingled din seem'd Chaos to renew

Icep. ftows, If held from a sigh or a pray'r?

'Twas JUNE the 100 RTW, the day of the

XJVIEW!! Ah! nothing --but where hospitality glows,

Robbid, by the riot, of my needful rell, Content in its fullocsy is there.

I left the blanket's soft embrace, and dress'd; At cvc, 'ocarb the widespreading fycamore A busy scene my eyes coquiry greets, tree,

Scrange motley groups were moving throu: We'll talk of the days that are patt,

the Atreets ; of friendAip, and my lord Leander hall be Armed hills and alles in confusion budjled; Of subjesio the first and the last.

Aadhere a goose and there a general wad.




jelly ;*


paggtringi bobl wade fricaking to the And cach; :like turtle-loving. Cartis i gue. flaughter,

zles, There geomea" filaggered, not by drinking Till gore'd with putod fell and drunk with

water. The rustic members of that warlike body, They tretch their laby tebyihs and fücctly Wise flow'd on jingte, dtng-car; dray, or fnore)

noddy; And so niuch wheat-four in their wigs they Thus löyat ycérien, Jack, or Bill, or Saini, wore,

Caught by the attracting mögnit of a drama, The !oaf was next week rais'd a penny' more! Too often raise their knuckles to their chin, While their red duds of duft broughi such a Nor port'libátíone out, mut ga hp thenria: draught here,

Ti ke berde liquiis fer their foals uw tire, The cits were fightless for a fortnight after. And fretch their groffer bodies in the mirc. Say, with what rapture, fiar-born melody, Thou dijft behold their glitt'riug bands pass

(To be continued.),
by ?
Difpotic Empress of the various bawling,
From Catalani down to Caterwaling,
Who foothes the savage, (as the poets.tell ye)

Twitts oaks like oliers, ard melts rocks to
Who gave io Brahảm his barmonious tone,
And taught the sand-man ihat sweet cry,

Orier of the twelve; in' holy wtits

Who did at the last supper sit,
Of Braham's noces exorbitant the rate is, And on Christ's bosom lean;
The generous clown bellows his music

Ofre of our ruling precepts tru@y
Then, proythec, say, thou fyren noted drum. You'll surely find admitting your

Peruise that heavenly scene.
Who never yet required an ear trumpet,
Didft thou not chuckle when the bloated fele" When it is found, its last deface;

Mufter'd the breath that worked their morial And with an N 6ll up the space,

Then platnily may be seeni,
To call the corps, dispersd too far afunder, Thatson of Exin's higlify famd,
Thro* brazen bugle's blurred blålts of thùn. Of Philomath's, the first he nam

By Shannon's borders, thus, on April morh,

For peretrátiðr keen. Scme great Sow gelder winds his echoing horo!

His prying mind discovers more, Gath'ring his grunting pnpils from afar, Of Diaphantine's mystic cote, To whet their grinders for an acora war.,

Than e'er before had been :
LO! (witt as light the brilled iroop rebel.

As Phæbus brightly gilds the morn,
Forsake the fway of sound and follow smelling: So his researches much adorn
Perchance fome dainty carcass interpoles, Our worthy MAGAZINBI
Wild rapiyre chirps from all theit vocal

Each epicurean fenfe they quickly call up,

W. M.G. Their tardy trot is chang'd io active gallop; Deep in the quarry'ss paunch they plunge N. B. A poetidad Solution is required their muzzles,

from some of our Contribitors.

JUNE 28, 1812.
Múfir hath charms to soothe the favage
heart, &c.
$ And foöping on the Slaughtered quarry

# The turiić if vådet of Walcheren.



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MARRIED.- Justice Godfrey, to ian handsome suit of clothes, which - copy na Miss Baxter, aged 65; the ceremony it is to be regretted he did not live to

cook place in a china-shop, in the city, gojoy, but has bequeathed them to in the presence of Justice Wills, for. Lord Kilfoy, subject to a rent-charge merly a cobler in Barrack-street, and of three teapennies, due to his land. subsequently a serjeant in the Long- lady. His rusty penknife and empty

fard militia. The happy couple set off tumbler, the only property, he poserine the same evening, accompanied by the sessed besides his clothes, he has willed

Justice, in the hackney-coach, No. to the Duke of Brittleware, and Lord 310, for the lame Gentleman's seat, Şingle. The duplicate of two boots, Esker Lodge, pear Lucan. On the at Lord Batchelor's, sewed in the col25th inst. at Norwich, Miss Maria lar of his coat, he has ordered to MurBaker, to Mr. Butcher, both resident phy's waiter. His remaios were cona that place. The bride was given veged to the grave on the seat of a away by her maternal uncle, Mr., furnished by the kindness Brewer, and the name of the Clergy, of Lord Jingle, attended by his two man who united the happy couple in the executors, the Duke and Lord Kilfoy, silken bands of yedlock was Painter, who sat on the opposite seat of the

car, to balance the mortal freight to its OBITUARY,

final destination. In Johnson's-court,

Great Britain-street, in the 80th year Io one of the highest apartments of of his age, Mr. John Prendergast, an Back-lane, much lamented, Lord Wa eminent builder. He was father of the Lerford, one of the peers of Murphy's the Rev. John Prendergast, of the DoSmoaking Club. His Lordship's ta. minican Friary, Denmark-street, but mily name was Hopson, he was reared now on his way to Lisbon, where he is to the profession of an Attorney; but appointed to the superintendance of the his predominant passion for the tumbler Irish Dominican Seminary in that city. had so involved him in scenes of dissi. In Ballymahon, on Sunday the 28th pation, that the whiskey bar took the inst. the Right Rev. Dr. John Cruise, lead in his practice, to the prejudice of Roman Catholic Bishop of Ardagh: the law bar, and for many years be pious, learned, and sedulously zealous never saw a brief or a sbeet, but the in the discharge of the important dubrief skeets of some obscure lodging, tjes of his fuoccions, he drew the prin. His Lordship was well educated, and ciples, which swayed his worldly congifted with a facility of expression and duct from the pure fountain of his a fund of humour, that charwed the faith, the Holy Gospels—and a long yulgar society to which he devoted his list of charitable and virtuous actions hours. His talents, which were no are linked to his biography. ordinary ones, coptributed very justly

In Lucan, on the 13th of April, the no: 0. to the elevated, rank he obtained in a

rious Major Sanuls, after living for six years

in the villaze on the casual bounty of his smoaking society, where he spent every friends, Justice Godfrey and Coioned

. Vesey, night that he could escape from a watch- at' whose tables he frequently repaired by bouse, « His cheerful mind could not

clean food, the depranations made on his be subdued by any misfortyne:; neither Whiskey! He expired amongst rage and

frame, hy an insariable thirst for Raw the ragged angles in his drapery, nor vermin, a melancholy example of the inthe tide in his shoes, could either abash firmities and wickedness of human degradaor chill, hins. » His humour towered lodging, on his demise, but a pitcher of

in. Noi hing was found in his wretched above.mifortune, nor could the severest whiskey, wo starved children, a heap of sisitation of penury.depress it. By the dirty straw on which he died, an old carpet death of a near relation about four that served as a blanket, and a red nightmonths ago, he came jata peression

of cap: He served

as a Captain

in the Langford Militia, and married a daughter of the late


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