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Hamilton Gorges, Esg of Kilbrue, county of his koife and fork, and with dignity and Meith, and with her received a very hand. resignation held his neck, while Sands put some furtune, but in a few years after Mrs. On the rope Houston shocked at the un. Sandys, or Sands, like her sister Mrs. Cooke, prepared cordi in of his young comșarion, abandoned the bed and house of her hus. askes the Major to allow a priest to save band, for a hfe more suited to her taste and access for a minute to Carroll

. No, asliberal notions, than what a brutal and swered the ruffian, by the Holy GI drunken husband could afford. Captain would not suffer Jesus Christ to visit him, Sands, through the influence of his brother- and forcing the victim down the stais, had in-law, Mr. Cooke, then under secretary of him put on a cai, and brought to the Old State, was appointed Brigade Major to the Bridge, where he was hanged on a Lamp Garrison of Dublin, a place then of no Iron. great emolument until the Major became one of the Triumvirate of Majors, who in Advertisement Extraordinary. the years of 1797 and 8, whipped, plundered, burchered, and dungeoned the unfortunate people of Dublin. The Major, like his

Just published, by James Bernard compeers in devastation, spread his prose Express, at the Conclave office, an elecription in every direction, and every hour gant edition of Letters, for and against the victims of his brutality and avarice the Veto; the former addressed priwere seen entering his prison, the preyot of Dublin Barracks. Our interesting publica.vately to Sir John Hippesley. in 1905, tion could not contain one tenth of the showing the blessings Ireland should atrocities which we could enumerate, that receive from the adoption of the meawere hourly practised within the walls of the Barracks, by the monster Sands, or sure ; the latter were published from Sandys, and lis executioners; besides hang the same press, in 1808, and brought ing and torturing any poor person, whose the author, by the activity of Tailey. friends were not able to purchase a mitiga- rand, little Pompous, and other friends, tion of punishment, otbers were nearly suffocated by foul air, and devoured by seven hundred and sixty-eight pounds, vermin, until they could purchase a change four shillings, and ten peace farthing ; of lodging, which was no other than an the sum obtained for the former, it be open said, in which stoud lents, were the ing a private traosaction, may, perhaps, released wietches often perished by the be ascertained, by enquiry, at inclemency of the weather, or by the effects of famine or putrid provision. The Major Secret Service-office, Melville-street, sold h.s mercy for every kind of marketable London. produce; fathers have bought their sons from the prison and tie cingles, for his readers with a view of the Conclave

In our next, we shall present our cals, tour, voots, wiiskey, wires, lincos, pictures. horses, com's, &c. and sons have sitting in Francis-street Chapel. purchased their parents on the saine terms; for the crowds tha: filled the prison were so

ADVICE. beaped together, that the rear of losing a good transierab'e body, oltcn made the We advise Mr. French, of PortersMajor emply his warehouse on town, who, we understand, is a tenant

He' fegget or sırangiet generally of Luke White's, that if he continues such as were unable to deal with him. to insult and beat our hawker, Smith, The character of this monster may be justly known by the following facts, which we as he did a few days since, to abstaia have selected from the numberless atrocities from his outrages on our property, or he committed.

we shall try an experiment by law A young man of the name of Carroll, a prisoner under the care of Sands, had been with him. He is a coward of the tried by a Court Martial in June, 1798, on meanest rank who would beat and charges of Rebellion, and was waiting the trample on a poor bay, qa the calcula. issue of the deliberations of whoever had 'tion that our confinement precludes us his destiny in their hands, when one day as he was at his dinner with another prisoner, of chastising the ruffian. William Houston, late of Mercers Hospisa!, Another ruffian has commited simi. tut at present in Philadelphia, Sands ab- lar acts of depredation towards the puptly threw open the door, and finging a

same boy; the fellow's name is Wm. right-cap or the table where the dinner was placed, called out " Carrell, come out wil Gorman, of Ballymaglasson, in the 'I hang you ll" Tlie poor fellow laid down Reighbourhood of Luke's estate,



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