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readers of his volumes, has ever been his sincere and earnest desire.

The following sermons having been written more expressly with a view to publication than any of the author's former works, he has endeavoured to accommodate the style and manner to family reading. Greater energy of language, more forcible appeal, and a certain degree of authority may be very properly assumed when a minister, as an ambassador for Christ, addresses his congregation, ex cathedrâ. But the author has always felt that there is a degree of impropriety in such language when used in the domestic circle, and as it may not unfrequently happen, by a young person who may be called to read to the assembled family. The application of the subjects may have been in some instances weakened by the adoption of this plan, but upon the whole the author has thought it would be more practically useful.

To his stated and occasional hearers, as well as to the readers of the following pages,

the author would anxiously renew the request which he made in the preface to his former volume of Miscellaneous Sermons, viz. that they would all remember him in their prayers; entreating for him that the truths which he proclaims to others may be influential on himself; that thus both he who writes and they who read may rejoice together in the great day of account!

Cheltenham, July 1834.

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