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eyes !

of an exile to revisit my native coun- That gold, father, was sinfully got; try. For this purpose I converted all but fasts and penances have been done, my effects into money; and am thus masses without number have been said, far on my way to the hidden treasure, and I trust that the blessed Virgin has with which intended to return to interceded for the forgiveness of that Spain. But the green hills of Catalo- great wickedness! I have now connia will never more gladden 'mine fessed all, and confide in your promise ;

My hopes and wishes were and as you perform your oath, so will only for my poor girl. Holy father! the blessing or curse of a dying man you know not a parent's feelings—its abide with you. I feel faint, dying. anxieties and its fears! The thoughts Oh ! let me clasp my child once more of leaving my child to the mercy of to my heart before lstrangers; or, it may be, to their bar

Here the rest of the sentence became barities, in this lawless country, is far indistinct from the death-rattle in his more dreadful than the anguish of my throat. I leaped off my cot, and personal sufferings. With you rests sprang up the hatchway, and had my my only hope. Promise me your pro- foot on the top of the companion-ladtection towards her, and the half of all der, when a piercing shriek from bemy wealth is yours.”

low making me quicken my steps, I “ Earthly treasures," replied the missed my hold, and fell on some perpriest, “ avail not with one whose de- son stationed on the outside of the casires are fixed beyond the little hand- bin door. The person, without utterful of dust which perisheth--my life is ing a single word, rose and ascended devoted to the service of my Creator; the steps; but as he emerged into the and the conversion of ignorant men, faint light which still lingered in the men who have never heard of his sal- horizon, I fancied that I could distinvation. On an errand of mercy came guish him to be the Captain. On my I to this land ; and if the heathen re- entering, I found the Spaniard dead, ceive it, how much more a daughter of and his daughter lying in a state of inour most holy church? I, therefore, sensibility by his side; while the fein behalf of our community, accept of male slave was howling and tearing your offer, and swear on this blessed her hair like one in a phrenzy. The emblem to fulfil all your wishes to the priest was entirely absorbed in his debest of my poor abilities.”

votions ; so, without disturbing him, I « Enough, enough!" said Montal- lifted the lady and bore her into the do, “I am satisfied! Among that state-room. The greater part of the archipelago of desert islands, known night was passed in trying to restore by the name of the Roccas, situated on her to sensation. Fit after fit followed the coast of the province of Venezuela, each other in such quick succession in New Granada, there is one called that I began to apprehend the result; the Wolf-rock : it is the longest and but at length the hysterical paroxysm most northern of the group, and lies subsided, and tears coming to her rethe most to seaward. At the eastern lief, she became somewhat compospoint, which runs a little way into the ed, when I left her in charge of her sea, there stands an old vanilla, blasted attendant. and withered, and retaining but a sin The next day was spent in taking gle solitary branch. On the eve of the out the remainder of the felucca's cargo. festival of St. Jago the moon will be at There seeined now no anxiety on the her full in the west. At twenty mi. Captain's part to proceed on his voynutes past midnight she will attain to age—he appeared to have forgot the her highest latitude in the heavens, necessity, expressed on a former occaand then the shadow of the tree will sion, of being in port within a limited be thrown due east. Watch till the time. He was often in a state of inebranch and stem unite and form only briety; for the wine and spirits of the one line of shade mark its extremity Spaniards were lavishly served out to - for there, ten feet below the surface, the whole ship's company, with whom the cask containing the gold is buried, he also mixed more; and banished

that haughtiness of bearing which had thee into Paradise ; may the martyrs marked bis conduct hitherto.

receive thee at thy coming ; and mayIn the eveping the body of Don Di- est thou have eternal rest with Lazaego was brought upon deck, where his rus, who was formerly poor !" He crew, under the superintendence of the then sprinkled the body with holy wa. priest, prepared it for its commitment ter, and continued :-“ As it hath to the deep. The corpse was, as is pleased God to take the soul of our usual in such cases, wrapped up in the dear brother here departed unto himblankets and sheets in which it had self, we, therefore, commit his body to lain, and a white napkin was tied over the deep, in the sure and certain hope the face and bead. In its right hand, of a joyful resurrection on that day which was crossed over the breast, was when the sea shall give up its dead. placed a gold doubloon. Its left held Let him rest in peace!" The Spana small bag containing a book, a ham- iards responded " Amen !” and the mer, and a candle, while on the bo- priest repeating, “ May his soul, and som was laid the little crucifix worn the soul of all the faithful departed, by the deceased. It was next envel through the mercy of God, rest in oped in a hammock, with a couple of peace-Amen!" inade the sign of the eight-poond shots, and a bag of ballast cross; and the bow-chaser, which had at the feet to sink it—the hammock been loaded and made ready for the was then carefully and closely sewed occasion, firing, the end of the grating up, and the whole operation finished was gemily elevated, and the corpse by leaving the sail-needle thrust trans- heavily plunged into the water. The versely through the nose. At mid- waves parted, heaving and foaming night the vessel was hove-to, and all round the body as it disappeared, the ship's company assembled at the when to our horror and astonishment lee-gangway. The Spaniards and ne we beheld it, the next minute, slowly groes bore each a burning torch in his return to the surface, deprived of the hand; the blaze of which, as they canvass covering in which it had been held them elevated above their heads, sewed. The dead man came up as he cast a strange and fearful light through had gone down, in an upright position, the deep darkness, and illumined the and floated a little time with his back ocean far and wide with a supernatural to the vessel ; but the motion of the resulgency. When all was ready, the water turned him round by degrees till priest, accompanied by Isabella, came we distinctly saw his face. The head up from the cabin, and the Spaniards was thrown back, and the eyes wide lifting up the body, carried it forward open ; and under the strong stream of to the waist, where one of the ship’s light poured on them from the torches, gratings had been put projecting over they seemed to glare ghasily and fearthe side, and on this the corpse was fully upwards. His grey hairs, long hid, and its feet to the water. Around and dishevelled, floated about his face, this the torch-bearers formed a circle, at times partially obscuring it; and and the priest, standing at the head, one arm, stretched forth, and agitated began the funeral service for the dead by the action of the waves, appeared at sea. The wind bad now subsided as if in the act of threatening us. When into a gentle breeze; and nothing dis- the first burst of horror had subsided, I turbed the profound silence of the caught hold of Isabella to prevent her crew during mass, save the slight seeing the body, and was leading her splashing of the waves against ihe off, when some of the men, lowering windward side of the ship,and the deep- their torches from the main-chains, drawn, convulsive sobs of the young whispered that it was the murdered lady as she stood, enveloped in her man, old James Gemmel. The Capnantillo, in the obscurity of the main- tain had been hitherto looking on with Tigging. Mass being concluded, the the rest without having apparently repilesi solemnly chaunted the funeral cognized him ; but when the name anthem :-“ May the angels conduct struck his ear, he shrunk back and in

18 ATHENEUM VOL. 1. 2d series.

irksome suspense we remained nearly slide down the painter, and cut her two hours, expecting every minute to adrift. Come, bear a hand, and jump! hear the officer descending. At length, don't you sce them hastening aft?” to our relief, the conipanion-doors were and in an instant he pitched himself off unlocked, and a young man, attended the taffrel, slid down the rope which by our Captain, entered the cabin. held the boat, and cast her loose. But He looked surprised on seeing us, and this advice however judicious, it was bowing to Isabella, apologized for in- impossible for me to follow-for, at the truding at such an unseasonable hour. moment, repeated shrieks from Isabella 6 But I was not given to understand," put to flight all thoughts for my own he added, “ that there were passengers individual safety; I, therefore, hurried in the ship-prisoners I should rather back to the cabin, determined, that if pronounce it, Mr. Mahone, for you I could not rescue her along with myseem to have had them under lock and self, to remain, and protect her with key, which is rather an unusual mode my life. And in a happy time I arof treating ladies at least. No wine, rived! The candles were still burnSir!” he continued, motioning away ing on the table; and through the the bottles which the Captain was has- smoke of the pistols, which still filled tily placing on the table— no wine, the cabin, I beheld her 'struggling in but be pleased to show me your regis- the arms of a negro-the identical ter and bill of lading."

slave who had displayed such insolence He had not been long seated to in- in the early part of the evening. With spect them when a shufilling and hurri- one stroke of the butt end of my pised sound of feet was heard overheard, tol I fractured the cursed villain's scull and a voice calling on Mr. Duff for as- -caught up Isabella in my arms-ran sistance showed that some scuffle had up the ladder, and had nearly gained taken place above. Instantaneously the side, when the boatswain, attracted we all started to our feet, and the lieu- by her white garments, left the helm to tenant was in the act of drawing his intercept me—and I saw the gleam of sword, whes, accidentally looking his uplifted cutlass on the point of deround, I observed Mahone presenting scending, when he was suddenly struck a pistol behind. With a cry of warn- down by some person from behind. I ing, I threw myself forward, and had did not stop to discover who had done just time to strike the weapon slightly me this good office, but hailing Duff, aside, when it went off

. The ball nar- and clasping Isabella firmly rowly missed the head of Duff, for heart, I plunged into the water, fol. whom it had been aimed, but struck lowed by my unknown ally. With the priest immediately over the right the aid of my companion, whom I now eye, who, making one desperate and found to be John Wyllie, the mate, convulsive leap as high as the ceiling, we easily managed to support our sunk down dead, and before the Cap- charge till the boat reached us; when tain could pull out another, I discharg- we found that the greater part of the ed the contents of mine into his breast. men had been rescued in a similar We then rushed upon deck ; but it was manner. only to find the boat's crew had been When the morning dawned, we permastered, and to behold the last of the ceived the Dart, like a speck in the homen tumbled overboard. The pirates rizon, and the sloop of war in close then dispersed, and exerted themselves chase. Our attention was next turned to get the ship speedily under-way; to our own situation, which was by no while the boatswain sang out to extin- means enviable: we had escaped, it is guish the lanterns, that the Tartar true, with our lives, for the present; might not be guided by the lights. but without a morsel of food, or a sin

" It's all over with us !” exclaimed gle drop of fresh water, with us in the my companion ; “ but follow me-- we boat; we could, at best, only expect to have one chance for our lives yet. Our protract existence for a few days lonboat is tiil towing astern ; do you ger, and then yield them up ultimately throw yourself over, and swim till I in horror and misery. By an obser

to my

vation taken the day before, on board tern sky, and pouring the fulness of her of the Tartar, Mr. Duff informed us we splendour with a mild and beautiful efwere to the north-east of the Bahamas ; fulgence on the untroubled deep, as and distant about one hundred and we slowly drifted with the current beseventy miles from Walling's Island, tween the Wolf-rock and the adjacent which was the nearest land. This isle. All was silent and calm over the was a long distance; but, as despair whole desert archipelago and the vast never enters the breast of a British sai- surrounding waters, save now and lor, even in situations of the utmost ex- then the sudden flight of a sea-fowl tremity, we cheered up each other; awakening from its slumbers as we and, as no other resource was left us, passed ; or the occasional roar of the we manned our oars, and pulled away jaguar faintly wasted from the main with life

, trusting in the chance of meet- land. We ran the cutter into a deep ing with some vessel, of which there and narrow creek ; moored her safe, was a strong probability, as this was and proceeded, well armed, to the easthe common course of the leeward tra- tern extremity. There we found the ders. And our hopes were not disap- projecting point of land, and the old pointed! for next day we fortunately vanilla tree exactly in the situation de fell in with a brig from the Azores, scribed-its huge, twisted trunk was bound for Porto Rico, on board of still entire; and from the end of its which we were received with much solitary branch, which was graced by kindness; and, in five days, we found a few scattered leaves, the body of a ourselves safe moored in Porto-real man in the garb of a sailor bung susharbour.

pended in irons. The clothes had My first step on landing was to inquire preserved the body from the birds of for a boarding-house for Isabella, and prey, but the head was picked clean I had the good luck to be directed to and bare, leaving the eyeless and one kept by a respectable Scotch fami- bleached scull to glitter white in the ly, in Orange Terrace, and to this I moonlight. In perfect silence, and conducted her. My next transaction with something of awe on our spirits was to charter a small cutter; and to impressed by the solitude, and drearicommunicate to Doff the secret of the ness of the scene, we seated ourselves bidden treasure; at the same time ask- on the rocks, and, with my time-piece ing him to adventure himself and his in my hand, I began to mark the promen on its recovery. I also gave him gress of the shadow. For nearly three to understand the probability of a ren- hours we watched in this manner, liscontre with the pirates, in the event of teping attentively for the slightest sound their having escaped the sloop, for I from sea-ward, but everything conwas aware that Mahone had overheard tinued hushed and still, except the the whole confession, from my finding creaking of the chain as the dead man bim listening at the cabin door. With- swang to and fro in the breeze. Midout hesitation, the lieutenant at once night was now drawing near-the agreed to accompany me, and engag- moon radiant and full, was careering ing some hands out of a vessel newly high through the deep blue of heaven, arrived, we soon mustered a party of and the shadows of the branch and fourteen men. As it wanted only six stem were approaching each other, and days of the festival of St. Jago, and the towards the desired point. At length distance across the Garibbean sea was the hand of my time-piece pointed to great enough to require all mur exer- within one minute of the time. It tions to be there in time, we embarked passed over. The branch and stem and sailed that very night.

now merged into one, and threw their Our cutter proved a prime sailer- shadow due east: and the first spadeand though the winds were light and ful of earth had been thrown out, when variable, by the help of our sweeps we the man who had been stationed to made the Roccas on the evening of the keep a look out came running to insixth day. As the Spaniard had fore- form us that a boat was rapidly aptold, the moon was climbing the wes. proaching from the east. We imme


diately concluded that they must be a when a cut across the shoulder stretchpart of the Dart's crew; and their ed me at once on the ground. When long and vigorous strokes, as they I' recovered from my stupor, and openstretched out to the full extent of their ed my eyes, the morning was far adoars, showed that they knew the im- vanced--the sun was shining bright portance of every minute that elapsed. overhead; and I found myself at sea, Our implements for digging were hasti- lying on the deck of the cutter; and ly laid aside, and we concealed our- Duff busily engaged in examining my selves among the rocks till they should wounds. From him I learned that the come within reach. In a short time pirates had been mastered after a severe the boat was seen ashore, and eight conflict-in which four had been slain, armed came forward, partly and left on the island; two had escapSpaniards and partly the ship's crew; ed unobserved during the fight, and among whom I recognized the boat- made off with their boat; and two had swain, and, to my surprise, Mahone, been wounded, and were prisoners on whom I had shot and left for dead in board, one of whom was Mahone. On the cabin. Without giving them time our arrival at Porto Rico, we delivered to prepare for the assault, we quitted them over to the civil power ; and, our shelter, and sprung among them soon afterwards, Mahone was tried for at once, laying about with our cutlas- the murder of the priest, when he was

For a little space the skirmish convicted on our evidence, condemned, was toughly and hoily contested ; for and executed. Under good nursing, the pirates were resolute and reckless, and care, I gradually recovered. and fought with the desperation of men Isabella is not now that destitute who knew that the only chance and unprotected orphan whom I first for their lives lay in their own exer saw on the middle of the western tions. In the confusion of the fray I ocean—but the happy mistress of a had lost sight of Duff, and was closely happy home, diffusing life and gladness engaged with one of Spaniards, on all around her. My friend Duit when the voice of the boatswain shout- has lately been placed on the list of ing forth a horrible imprecation sound- post captains, and is anxiously waiting ed immediately behind me. I turned for more bustling times, when there round, and sprung aside from the will be more knocking about, and sweep of his cutlass, and, as my pistols more hard blows got, than what our were both empty, retreated, acting on present peace establishment admits of. the defensive; when he pulled out his, John Wyllie, too, has had advancement fired, and hurled the weapon at my in his line, being now master of one of head. The shot passed without injur- the finest ships from Clyde; and I had ing me—but the pistol, aimed with bet- the additional satisfaction of knowing ter effect, struck me full in the fore that none of the crew had reason to rehead. A thousand sparks of light gret their having jeopardized their flashed from my eyes—I felt myself lives in fighting for the “ Pirate's Treareeling, and on the point of falling, sure.”


Which settled on a Vessel, between two and three miles from the nearest Shore.

Welcome, weary, winged stranger,

Welcome to our rocking bark; Welcome, 'mid this wide-spread danger,

As the night grows wild and dark. Why suspect us? we are friendly,

Cease thy fluttering,-go to rest,We a resting-place will lend thee,

Here benighted from thy nest. Yes, the hardy sailor hails thee

As a wanderer from thy home: Wonders what can so far wing thee

Tempt thee, like himself, to roam.

But here's one whose gentler bosom

Feels kind pity's higher swell;
To his bosom, wanderer, welcome,

There thy sorrows, stranger, tell.
Come and pour thy little sorrows,

They shall touch some kindred chords 3
Tun'd to sympathy, which borrows

Strength from what its aid affords.
Yes, here's one to grief no stranger,

One whose breast for thee can move ;
Come, then, little airy ranger,

Come, and all his pity prove.

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