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H Y M N 108.


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ORD and Gop of heav'nly pow'rs,

Theirs, and O benignly ours;
Glorious King, let earth proclaim,

Worms attempt to sing thy name. 2 Bow thine ear, in mercy bow'; Hall.

Hear, the world's atonement thou;
Jesus, in thy name we pray,

Take, O take our sins away. 3 Thee to laud in songs divine Hall.

Angels and archangels join ;
We with them our voices raise,

Echoing thine eternal praise. 4 Holy, holy, holy LORD!

Hall. Live, by heav'n and earth ador'd: Full of thee they ever cry, “Glory be to God on high.” Hallelujah.



109. O Jesus, everlasting GOD,

Whoonce for sinners shed'st thy blood

Upon mount Calvary;
And finish'd their redemption's toil,
And mad'st lost man thy happy spoil:

All glory be to thee.

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2. Fain would I think upon thy pain, And find therein my life and gain,

And fix my heart and mind Upon thy wounds and dying love ;: Nor from the same my heart remove,

Till all thy heav'n I find. 3 Content and glad I'll ever be To have salvation, Lord, from thee,

E'en as a sinner poor ;
I nothing have, I'nothing am;
My treasure's in the bleeding Lamb,

Both now and evermore. 4 The more thro' grace myself I know, The more content I am to bow,

And sink beneath thy cross:
And live by faith upon thy blood,
Waiting on thee for ev'ry good,

And count my gain but loss.


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L AMB of God, we fall before thee,

Humbly trusting in thy cross; That alone be all our glory,

All things else are dung and dross. Thee we own a perfect Saviour,

Only source of all that's good : Ev'ry grace, and ev'ry favour

Come to us thro' Jesu's bloodo

2 Jesus gives us true repentance

By his Spirit sent from heav'n; Jesus whispers this sweet sentence,

« Son, thy fins are all forgiv'n ;" Faith he gives us to believe it;

Grateful hearts his love to prize ; Want we wisdom ? he must give it;

Hearing ears, and seeing eyes.

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3 Jesus gives us pure affections,

Wills to do what he requires ;
Makes us follow his directions,

And what he commands, inspires.
All our pray’rs, and all our praises,

Rightly offer'd in his name,
He that dictates them is Jesus ;

He that answers, is the same.

4 When we live on Jesu's merit,

Then we worship God aright:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Then we savingly unite.
This the whole conclusion of it,

Great or good whate'er we call ;
God, or King, or Priest or Prophet,





MY LORD, how great's the favour

That I a sinner poor,
Can thro' thy blood's sweet favour

Approach thy mercy's door,
And find an open passage

Unto the throne of grace;
There wait the welcome message,

That bids me GO IN PEACE ? 2 LORD, I'm an helpless creature,

Full of the deepest need,
Throughout defiľd by nature,

Stupid, and inly dead :
My strength is perfect weakness,

And all I have is fin;
My heart is all uncleanness,

A den of thieves within. 3 In this forlorn condition

Who shall afford me aid ?
Where shall I find compassion,

But in the church's Head ?
JESUS, thou art all pity,

O take me to thine arms,
And exercise thy mercy,

To save me from all harms.

4 I'll never cease repeating

My numberless complaints ;
But ever be intreating

The glorious King of saints,
Till I attain the image

Of him I inly love ;.
And paymy grateful homage

With all the saints above.. 5 Then I, with all in glory,

Will thankfully relate
Th’ amazing, pleasing story,
Of Jesu's love so great ;

In this blest contemplation

I ever shall be well;
And prove fuch consolation,

As none below can tell..

HYMN 112.


'HE despised Nazarene,

Who is.chief in iny esteem,
Mark'd with scourges, nails and spear,

Hung an ensign in the air.
2 None among the sons of men, ,

None among the heav'nly train, ,
Can with my Belov'd compare,
Who to me is ever dear.

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