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Watchful in ev'ry work and word,

Ready to speak thy praise ; Arm’d with thy Spirits two-edg'd sword,

And cloth'd with ev'ry grace. 4 Fill'd with a godly filial fear,

A constant jealous care ; Lest I from the right path should err,

Or fall into a snare. 5 To ev'ry earthly object dead;

Alive to things above; Conform’d unto my living Head,

And fill'd with burning love. 6 Let furious heats no more molest, Nor paflions chafe my

mind; Quench all ill tempers in my breast,

And make me mieek and kind. 7 Grant me a serious, sober mind,

From levity set free; That I


shew to all mankind Thine image, LORD, in me.

. 8 Affume in me thy dwelling-place,

Thy temple, and thy throne ; Then stubborn self shall bend to grace,

And Antichrift fall down.

HY MN 141.


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I B RETHREN, let us join to bless

Jesus CHRIST, our joy and peace; Let our praise to him be giv'n,

High at God's right hand in heav'n! 2 Master, see! to thee we bow,

'Thou art LORD, and only thou ;
Thou the blessed virgin's feed,

Glory of thy church, and Head. 3 Thee the angels ceaseless fing,

Thee we praise our Priest and King;
Worthy is thy name of praise,

Full of glory, full of grace.
4 Thou hast the glad tidings brought,

Of salvation by thee wrought;
Wrought for all thy church! and we

Worship in their company. 5 We thy little flock adore

Thee the Lord, for evermore !
Ever with us shew thy love,
Till we join with those above!

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To T HÈ HO LY G H 2 S T.


TAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay;

Tho? I have done thee such despite; Caft not a finner quite away,

Nor take thine everlasting fight. 2 Tho'I have moft unfaithful been,

Of all, who e'er thy grace receiv'd ; Ten thoufand times thy goodness feen, Ten thousand times thy goodness

griev'd. 3 But O! the chief of sinners spare,

In honour of my great High priest; Nor in thy righteous anger swear

T'exclude me from thy people's rest. 4. If yet thou canst my sins forgive, É'en now, O LORD, relieve my woes;

Into thy rest of love receive,

And bless me with a calm repose. 5 E'en now my weary soul release,

And raise me by thy gracious hand; Guide me into thy perfect peace,

And bring me to the promis’d land.

HY MN 143:


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od of all confolation, take

The glory of thy grace;
Thy gifts to thee we render back

In ceaseless songs of praise.
2 Not unto us, but thee, O LORD,

Glory to thee be giv'n,
For ev'ry gracious thought and word,

That brought us rearer heav'n. 3 Our souls are in his mighty hand,

And he will keep them still ;

you and I shall furely stand

With him on Zion's hill.
4 Hiin eye to eye we there shall fee,

Our face, like his, shall shine;
O what a glorious company,

When faints and angels join! 5 O what a joyful meeting there,

In robes of white array'd;
Palms in our hands we all shall bear,

And crowns upon our head! 6 Then let us earnestly contend,

And fight our paffage thro';
Bear in our faithful mind the end,

And keep the prize in view.

2- Then let us haften to the day,

When all shall be brought home; Come, O Redeemer, come away,

LORD JESU, quickly come!

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HYMN 144. ADORING Jesus.

Come let us join,

Together combinë,
To praise our dear Saviour; our Master

2 Him let us adore,

Who cover'd with gore;
Late hang'd on Calvary, both wounded

and poor.

3 He worthy is blest

By spirits at rest,
Who once in this desert his Godhead con-

4 The prophets who told
His fuff

rings of old,
Sing now sweet thankfgivings on psalt’ries

of gold.
5 The fathers to whom

He shew'd he would come,
Now in his pavilion take up their long


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