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2 Let us love the Lord who bought us,

Pity'd us when enemies,
Calld us by his grace, and taught us,
Gave us ears, and gave us eyes.

He has wash'd us with his blood,

He presents our souls to God.
3 Let us sing, tho' fierce temptation

Threaten hard to bear us down ;
For the Lord our strong falvation,
Holds in view the conqu’ror's crown.

He who wash'd us with his blood,

Soon will bring us home to God. 4 Let us wonder, grace and justice

Join and point to mercy's store :
When' thro'grace in Christ our trust isy
Justice (miles and asks no more.

He who wash'd us with his blood,

Has secur'd our way to God. 5 Let us praise and join the chorus

Of the faints enthron'd on high !
Here they trusted him before us,
Now their praises fill the sky.

Thou hast wash'd us with thy blood,

Thou art worthy, Lamb of God! 6 Yes we praise thee, gracious Saviour ;

Wonder, love, and bless thy name;
Pardon, LORD, our poor endeavour,
Pity, for thou knowit our frame.

Wash our fouls and fongs with blood,
For by thee we come to God.

HYMN 238.






EAL is that pure and heav'nly flame

The fire of love fupplies ;
But that which often bears the name;

Is felf in a disguise.
2, True zeal is merciful and mild,

Can pity and forbear :
The false is headstrong, fierce and wild,

And breaths revenge and war. 3 While zeal for truth the christian warms,

He knows the worth of peace;
But self contends for names and forms,

Its party to increase.
4 Zeal has attain'd its highest aim,

Its wish is fatisfy'd,
If finners love the Saviour's name,

Nor seeks it ought beside.
5 But felf, however well employ'd,

Has its own ends in view :
And says, as boasting Jehu cry'd;

« Come see what I can do !". 6 Self may its poor reward obtain,

And be applauded here ;
But zeal the best applause will gain

When Jesus shall appear.

Dear Lord! the idol self dethrone;

And from our hearts remove;
And let no zeal by us be shewn,

But that which springs from love.

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2 Ye finners below

Then trust in the LORD
Look up to his arm,

His honour, his word ;
Athirst for his favour,

His godhead adore ;

up to your Saviour;
And joy evermore!



H Y M N 240



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RICH grace, free grace most sweetly

calls, Directly come who will; Just as you are, for CHRIST receives

Poor helpless sinners still. 2 'Tis grace each day that feeds our souls ;

Grace keeps us inly poor;
And, O! that nothing else but grace

May rule for evermore !

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241. Lo

O! to the hills I lift my eyes;

Thy promis'd help I claim;
Father of mercies, glorify 1$

The holy Jesu's name.
Ź Salvation in that name is found;

Balm of my grief and care;
A med'cine for my ev'ry wound,

All, all I want is there.

H Y M Not

Still, O Lord, our faith increase;

Cleanse from all unrighteousness;
Thee, th' unholy cannot see,
7 Make, O make us meet for thee!

Ev'ry vile affection kill,
Free our fouls from ev'ry ill;
Conquer ev'ry reigning sin,

Write thy law of love within.
2 Hence may all our actions flow,

Love the proof that Christ we know, Mutual love the token be, LORD, that we belong to thee! Love, thine image, love impart, Stamp it on each face and heart; Only love to us be giv'n, LORD, we ask no other heav'n.



O URGod! how firm his promise stands,

Ev'n when he hides his face !
He trusts in our redeemer's hands

His glory and his grace. 2 Then why, my soul, these fad complaints,

Since Christ and we are one? Our God is faithful to his faints,

Is faithful to his Son. 3 Beneath his smiles my heart has livid, And part

of heav'n possess'd ; I'll praise him for his grace receivid And trust him for the rest.

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