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2. 'Twas the same love that made the feast,

That sweetly forc'd us in; Else we had still refus'd to taste,

And perilh'd in our fin.



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H AD I ten thousand gifts beside,

I'd cleave to Jesus crucify'd, And build on him alone : For no foundation is there giv'n On which I'd place my hopes of heav'n,

But Christ the corner-stone. 2 Pofteling CHRIST, I all possess; Wisdom, and strength, and righteousness,

And fanctity complete :
Bold in his name I dare draw nigh,
Before the ruler of the sky,

And all his justice 'meet.


H Y M N 255


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ow strange is the course that a chrif-

tian must steer?
How perplext is the path he must treac't
The hope of his happiness rises from fear,

And his life he receives froin the dead.

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2. His faireft pretensions must wholly be

wav'd; And his best resolutions be croft ; Nor can he expect to be perfectly sav'd,

Till he find himself utterly lost. 3 When all this is done, and his heart is

Of the total remission of sins

When his pardon is fign'd, and his peace

is procurid, From that moment his conflict begins.

HY MN 256.



OME, Holy Ghost, set to thy seal,

Thine inward witness give,
And to my inmost soul reveal

The death by which I live.
2 Give me to understand that sound,

Which cold his mortal pain,
Tore up the graves, and rent the ground,

And broke the rocks in twain. 3 Repeat my dying Saviour's cry

Ūnto my heart so loud,
That my whole foul may now reply,

“ This was the Son of God."

HYMN 257



Y rising foul with strong desires

To perfect happiness aspires ; With steady steps wou'd tread the road

That leads to heav'ng that leads to GOD. 2 I thirst to drink unmingled love

From the pure fountain-head above;
My dearest LORD, I long to be

Empty'd of sin, and full of thee. 3 For thee I pant, for thee I burn:

Art thou withdrawn? Again return;
Nor let me be the first to say,
Thou wilt not hear when finners pray.

HYMN 258.

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Thy piercing eye, O God, surveys

The various windings of my ways; Teach me their tendency

to know, And try the paths in which I go. 2 How wild, how crooked have they been?

A maze of foolishness and sin!
With all the light I vainly boast,
Leaving my guide, my soul is loft.

3 O turn me back to thee again!

Or I shall search my ways in vain :
Do thou the path of life reveal,

And lead me up to Zion's hill.


HĘ B. vi. 17-19. · HOW oft have fin and Satan strove

To rend my soul from thee, my God? But everlasting is thy love,

And Jesus feals it with his blood.
2 Amidst temptations sharp and long,

My soul to this dear refuge flies;
Hope is my anchor firm and strong,

While tempefts blow, and billows rise. 3 The gospel bears my spirits up;

A faithful, and unchanging God
Lays the foundation for my hope,
In oaths, and promises, and blood.

H Y M N 260.
Głóry be to God on high, Hallelujalt

GÓD, whose glory fills the sky, Peace on earth to man forgiv’n,

1 Man, the well-belov'd of heayin. i. 2 Sov'reign Father, heav'nly King Hats

Thee we now prefume to fing;
Glad thinë attributes confefs,
Glorious all, and numberless.*

3 Hail, by all thy works ador'd, Hal.

Hail, the everlasting LORD;
Thee, with thankful hearts we prove,
LORD of pow'r, and God of love!

HY M N 261.

JOHN xiii, 1.

This God is the God we adore,

Our faithful, unchangeable friend ;
Whose love is as great as his pow'r,

And neither knows measure nor end. 2 'Tis Jesus, the first and the last,

Whose Spirit shall guide us safe home; We'll praise him for all that is paft,

And trust him for all that's to come.

HYMN 262.



Left are the souls that hear and know

The gospel's joyful found;
Peace shall attend the path they go,

And light their steps surround.
2 Their joy shall bear their spirits up,

Thro their redeemer's name;
His righteoufness exalts their hope,

Nor Satan dares condemn.

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