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3 The LORD our glory and defence,

Strength, and salvation gives ;
Israel, thy King for ever reigns,

Thy God for ever lives.

HYMN 263



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Et me but hear my Saviour say,

Strength shall be equal to thy day;"?
Then I rejoice in deep distress,

Leaning on all-sufficient grace. 2 I glory in infirmity,

That Christ's own pow'r may rest on me;
When I am weak, then am I strong,
Grace is my shield, and CHRIST my song,

· HY M N 264:

JOB V. 19.


Hy shou'd I doubt his love at last, !

With anxious thoughts perplexe ?
Who fav'd me in the troubles paft,

Will save me in the next :
Will save, till at my latest hour,

With more than conquest bleft,
I foar beyond temptation's pow'r,

To my redeemer's breaft.


HYMN 265.

· !
OME, O thou universal good!
Balm of the wounded conscience,

The hungry, dying fpirit's food;
The weary, wand'ring pilgrim's home;
Haven to take the shipwreck'd in,

My everlasting rest froin sin !
2 Come, O my comfort and delight !

My strength, and health, and Thield; and


My boast, my confidence, and might,
My joy, my glory, and my crown;

My gospel-hope, my calling's prize, :-My tree of life, my paradise.,

H Y M N 266.


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SA ALVATION! O the joyful sound !

What pleasure to our eats 1''
A foy'reign balm for ev'ry wound,

A cordial for our fears. 2 Salvation !' let the echo fly

The spacious earth around, While all the armies of the sky

Conspire to raise the found !

3 Salvation ! O thou bleeding Lamb!

To thee the praise belongs :
Salvation shall inspire our hearts,

And dwell upon our tongues..

HYMN 267


· Elijah's example declares,

Whatever distrefs may betide, The saints may commit all their cares

To him who will always provide. When rain long withheld from the earth

Occasion'd a famine of bread,
The prophet, fecur'd from the dearth,

By ravens was constantly fed. 2 More likely to rob than to feed,

Were ravens who live upon prey ;
But where the Lord's people have need,

His goodness will find out a way.
This instance, to those may seem strange,

Who know not how faith can prevail;
But sooner all nature fhall change,

Than one of God's promises fail. 3 Nor is it a fingular cafe';

The wonder is often renew'd ;
And many may say to God's praise,
By ravens he fendeth them food.

Thus worldlings, tho' ravens indeed,

Tho' greedy and felfish their mind, If God has a servant to feed,

Against their own wills can be kind, 4 Thus Satan, the raven unclean,

That croaks in the ears of the saints, O'erruld by a power unseen,

Administers oft to their wants : God teaches them how to find food

From all the temptations they feel : This raven who thirsts for my blood,

Has help'd me to many a meal. 5 How safe and how happy are they

Who on the good Shepherd rely!
He'll give them out ftrength for their day,

Their wants he will surely supply.
He ravens and lions can tame;

All creatures obey his command:
Then let me rejoice in his name,

And leave all my cares in his hand.

HY M N 268.


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GOD gives his mercies to be spent,

Your hoard will do your soul nogood; Gold is a blefing only lent,

Repaid by giving others food.

2 The world's esteem is but a bribe :

To buy their peace you'll sell your own;
The slave of a vainglorious tribe,
Who hate you while they make you

3 The joy ihat vain amusements give,

o fad conclusion that it brings ; The honey of a crouded hive,

Defended by a thousand stings. 4 'Tis thus the world rewards the foals

That live upon her treach'rous smiles; She leads them blindfold by her rules,

And ruins all whom she beguiles. 5 God knows the thousands who go down

From pleasure into endless woe:
They give a long despairing groan,

And dread their Maker as they go. 6 O fearful thought! be timely wise,

Delight but in a Saviour's charms,
And God shall take you to the fkies,

Embrac'd in everlasting arms.

HYMN 269 .

COME, guilty souls, and flee away,

Like doves, to Jesu's wounds;
This is the welcome gospel-day,

Wherein free grace abounds.

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