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Him who rules in heav'n and earth,
Hath in Bethlehem his birth;
Him shall all his people see,

And rejoice eternally.
2 Lift your hearts and voices high,
With hofannas fill the sky;

Glory be to God above," God is infinite in love: “ Peace on earth, good-will to men !" Now with us our God is seen : Angels, join with us in praise !

Help to sing redeeming grace.
3 Now the wall is broken down,

Now the gospel is made known;
Now the door is open’d wide,
Christ for Jew and Gentile dy'd.
All who feel the weight of sin,
All who languish to be clean;
All who for redemption groan,

May be sav'd by faith alone. 4 Jesus is the lovely name,

This the angel doth proclaim;
He shall all his people fave,
They in him remission have:
When they see themselves undone,
They take refuge in the Son;
They shall all be born again,
And with him in glory reign.

5 Shout, ye nations of the earth,

Sing the triumphs of his birth;
All the world by him is blest,
Sound his praise from east to west:
Jews and Gentiles jointly sing,
CHRIST our common Lord and King;
Christ our life, our joy, our song,
To eternity prolong.

HYMN 337


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Come, thou long expected Jesus !

Born to set thy people free
From our fears and sins release us,

Let us find our rest in thee!
Israel's strength and consolation,

Hope of all the earth thou art ;
Dear Desire of ev'ry nation,

Joy of ev'ry, longing heart ! 2 Born thy people to deliver,

Born a Child, and yet a King;
Born to reign in us for ever,

Now thy gracious kingdom bring!
By thine, own eternal Spirit

Rule in all our hearts alone;
By thine all-sufficient merit,

Raise us to thy glorious throne.




338. Sovereign grace has

power alone To subdue a heart of stone ; And the moment grace is felt,

Then the hardest heart will melt. 2 When the LORD was crucify'd,

Two transgressors with him dy'd ;
One with vile blaspheming tongue

Scoft'd at Jesus as he hung.
3 Thus he spent his wicked breath

In the very jaws of death ;
Perish’d, as too many do,

With the Saviour in his view.
4. But the other, touch'd with grace,

Saw the danger of his case;
Faith receiv'd to own the LORD,

Whom the Scribes and Priests abhorr'd,
“ LORD, he pray'd—remember me,

, " When in glory thou shalt be ;" “ Soon with me, the Lord replies,

" Thou shalt be in Paradise.”
6 This was wondrous grace indeed,

Grace vouchfaf'd in time of need,
Sinners, trust in Jesu's name,

You shall find him still the same. 7 But beware of unbelief,

Think upon the harden'd thief :
If the gospel you disdain,
Christ to you will die in vain.

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'ow happy the sorrowful man,

Whose forrow is fent from above !
Indulg'd with a visit of pain,

Chastis’d by omnipotent love :
The Author of all his distress,

He comes by affliction to know;
And God he in heaven shall bless

That ever he suffer'd below.
2 Thus, thus may I happily grieve,

And hear the intent of his rod,
The marks of adoption receive,

The strokes of a merciful GOD;
With nearer access to his throne,

My burden of folly confess,
The cause of my miseries own,
And cry for an answer of

peace, ,
O Father of mercies, on me,

On me in affliction bestow
A pow'r of applying to thee,

A fanctify'd use of my wo:
I would in a Spirit of prayer

To all thy appointments submit;
The pledge of my happiness bear,

And joyfully die at thy feet..

4 Then, Father, and never till then,

I all the felicity prove,
Of living a moment in pain,

Of dying in Jesus's love :
A sufferer here with my LORD,

With Jesus above I sit down,
Receive an eternal reward,

And glory obtain in a crown.






H! lovely appearance of death,

No fight upon earth is so fair ;
Not all the gay pageants that breathe,

Can with a dead body compare ;
With folemn delight I survey

The corps when the spirit is filed,
In love with the beautiful clay,

And longing to lie in its stead, 2 How blest is our brother, bereft

Of all that could burden his mind;
How easy the soul that hath left

The wearisome body behind !
Of evil incapable thou,

Whose relics with envy I fee;
No longer in misery now,

No longer a sinner like me.

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