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2 Sin's deceitfulness hath spread

An hardness o'er my heart;
But if thou thy Spirit shed,

The stony shall depart;
Shed thy love, thy tenderness,

And let me feel thy foftning pow'r ;
Love me freely, seal my peace,

And bid me sin no more.
3 For this only thing I pray,

And this will I require,
Take the pow'r of fin away,

Take ev'ry vain desire :
Perfect me in holiness,

Thine image to my foul restore ;
Love me freely, seal my peace,
And bid me fin no more.

To Jesus CHRIST,
ESU, JESÚ, King of saints,

Known to thee are all my wants;
Self-convicted, self-abhorr’d,

I approach thee, dearest LORD,
2 Known to thee, whose eyes are flame,

I thy love and pity, claim;
With an eye of love look down,.

Help, Lord, help me, very soon.
3 Still I feel a Aeshly party,

Much corruption in my heart;
Oh! I'm very vile indeed,
Of thy blood I sure have need.




4 Break, o break this heart of stone;

Form it for thy use alone;
Bid each vanity depart,

Build thy temple in my heart. 5 This be my support in need,

That thou did it fo freely bleed;
Hence my hopes and joys arise,

From thy bloody sacrifice.
6 This confirms me when I'm weak,

Comforts me when I am sick ;
Gives me courage when I faint,

Well supplies my ev'ry want. 7 Saviour, to my heart be near,

Exercise the shepherd's care ;
Guard my weakness by thy grace, .
Let me feel a constant peace.


I G ROUND, O ground me on the Lamb,

Other Saviours I disclaim;
Fix my heart on thee to stay,

Do it, LORD, without delay, 2 Empty is created good,

I want more substantial food
All is vanity beside

Jesus, and him crucify'di
3 Fruitless is 'my search to find

True ferenity of mind,
Till I have with JESUS-been,
And his finiling face have seen.

4. In thy presence may I dwell,

Subject to thy holy will;
Show?r on me thy pow'r diyine,
Mortify the man of fin.
5. While I travel here beneath,

Thy kind influence on me breathe ;
Reconcil'd to me appear,

And thy righteousness bring near. 6 Grant me still in grace to grow,

While a pilgrim here below;
Let me by thy Spirit move,
And with all my heart thee love.



O Thou, whose tender mercy hears

Contrition's humble figh;
Whose hand, indulgent, wipes the tears

From forrow's weeping eye.
2 Seel low before thy throne of grace

A wretched wand'rer mourn;
Haft thou not bid me seek thy face :

Haft thou not faid, Return?
3 And shall my guilty fears prevail

To drive me from thy feet?
O let not this dear refuge fail,

This only safe retreat.

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4 Absent from thee, my guide, my 'light,

Without one chearing ray,
Thro’ dangers, fears, and gloomy night,

How defolace my way!
5 O shine on this benighted heart,

With beams of mercy shine ;
And let thy healing voice impart

A taste of joys divine.
6 Thy presence only can bestow

Delights which never cloy;
Be this my solace here below,

And my eternal joy.


37 1 D

Ear Lord, attend my pray'r,

And all my wants relieve
Come to my heart, and dwell thou there,

That thou in me may'st live, 2 In weakness I draw nigh

Unto the throne of grace:
Answer the finner's mournful cry,

And-fill me with thy peace.
Thou read it my naked Peace.

; For liberty I groan ; I sigh in thee, my LORD, to reft,

And worship thee alone. 4 Fain would I hate my sin,

And ponder on thy love; Till all be sanctify'd within,

And my whole heart's above.

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5 If trials vex my mind,

Close to thy wounds I'll fee ;
No refuge may I elsewhere find it

No refuge but in thee.
6 To thee I recommend

My poor and treinbłing foul; On thee for future grace depend, Who art my all in all.

I HY MN 138we na MEEKNESS AND HUMILITY, LORD, if thou the grace


, Poor in spirit, meek in heart, I shall as my Master be,

Rooted in humility.
2 From the time that thee I know

Nothing would I féck below;
Aim at nothing great or high,

Lowly both in heart and eye. 3 Simple, teachable, and mild,

16. Chang'd into a little child; Pleas?d with all the LORD provides,

Wean'd from all the world besides. + Father, fix my foul on thee;

Ev'ry evil let me fee;
Nothing want beneath, above,..
Happy in thy precious love.
50! that all may seek, and find
Every good in Jesus join'd !
Him let Ifrael still adore,
Trust him, praise him evermore..

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