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AH! what can I do,

Or how be secure,
If justice persue,

What heart can endure ?
When God speaks in thunder,

And makes himself known,
The heart breaks asunder,

Tho' harder than stone ?

2 With terror I read

My sins heavy score,
Their number exceeds

The sands on the shore.
Guilt makes me unable

To stand or to fee;
So Cain murder'd Abel,

And trembled like me.



3 Each fin, like his blood,

With terrible cry
Calls loud upon God,

To ftrike from on high.
Nor can my repentance,

Extorted by fear,
Reverse the just sentence
'Tis juft, tho’ severe.

4 The cafe is too plain,

I have my own choice,
Again and again,

I Nighted his voice.
His warnings neglected,

His patience abus'd,
His gospel rejected,

His mercy refus'd. 5 And must I then go

For ever to dwell
In mis'ry and wo

With devils in heli!
where is the Saviour

I fcorn'd in time past?
His word in my favour

Would save me at last.

6 LORD Jesus! on thee

I venture to call,
o look upon me

The vileft of all:
For whom didit thou languish

And bleed on the tree?
O pity my anguish,

And say, “'twas for thee." 7A caufe fuch as mine

Will honour thy pow'r,
All hell will repine,

All heav'n will adore.

If in condemnation

Strict justice takes place,
It shines in falvation,

More glorious thro' grace.

HYMN 358.



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1 There is a land of living joy,

Beyond the utmost skies,
Where scenes of bliss without alloy,

In boundless profpects rise.
2 High-feated on a blazing throne

Th' eternal God appears,
Puts all his smiling glories on,

And awes at once, and cheers. 3 The naughter'd Lamb at his right hand

Affumes his royal feat,
Adoring angels round him stand,

His ministers of state. 4 Each breast with strong devotion glows,

Love ev'ry heart inspires, While God's own Spirit gently blows,

And fans these holy fires.
5 In strains celestial, ev'ry tongue

Shall God's high praise proclaim ;
And all in concert join the song,

Of Mofes and the Lamb.

6 The hallelujahs once begun,

No pause or end shall know ;
But joy and harmony in one

Perpetual transport flow,
7 A constant bloom in ev'ry face,

Shall age and death defy;
And sin and hell far from the place

In wild confusion fly.




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How long shall Death the tyrant reign,

And triumph o'er the just; While the rich blood of martyrs flain

Lies mingled with the duft?
2 Lo, I behold the scatter'd shades,

The dawn of heav'n appears,
The sweet immortal morning spreads

Its blushes round the fpheres.
I see the LORD of glory come,

And Alaming guards around,
The skies divide to make him room,

The trumpet shakes the ground.
I hear the voice, 66 YE DEAD ARISER

And lo, the graves obey;
And waking saints with joyful eyes

Salute th expected day.

5 They leave the dust, and on the wing

Rife to the mid-way air,
In shining garments meet their King,

And low adore him there.
6 O may our humble spirits stand

Among them cloth'd in white !
The meanest place at his right hand

Is infinite delight.
7 How will our joy and wonder rise,

When our returning King
Shall bear us homeward thro the fkies,

On love's triumphant wing!. Bhakt: terem until the way

H. Y M N 360
COME, LORD; and warm each languid

Inspire each lifeless tongue ;
And let the joys of heaven impart

Their influence to our song.
2. Then to the shining

feats of bliss. The wings of faith shall soar,, And all the charms of paradise

Qur raptur'd thoughts explore..

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