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4 These ears, that pleas'd cou'd entertain The midnight oath, the luftful strain,

When round the feftal board;
Now deaf to all th' inchanting noise,
Avoid the throng, deteft the joys,
And press to hear thy word.

5 Thus art thou ferv'd in ev'ry part ; And now thou doft transform my heart, That drofly thing refine:


Now grace doth nature's ftrength controul,
And a new creature-body-foul,
Are, LORD, for ever thine!

122. THE SAME.



OFT I reflect upon thy grace,

With tears of thankfulness, Which call'd me from my native place, The world's wide wilderness.

2 My precious time I vainly spent,
Subject to nature's fway;
My corrupt carnal will was bent
Its motions to obey.

3 Thick darkness overspread my mind, I ftumbled in the night;

All my affections were inclin'd
To creaturely delight.

4 GOD faw me in this wretched cafe, A flave to bafe defire;

And by an act of fpecial grace,
The brand pluck'd from the fire.

5 O may a sense of mercies paft,
Stir up my foul to praife;
And whet my appetite to tafte
Thy larger draughts of grace.


HYMN 123.



HE is a GoD of fov'reign love,
That promis'd heav'n to me';
And taught my thoughts to foar above,
Where happy fpirits be,

2 Prepare me, LORD, for thy right hand; Then come the joyful day!

Come death and fome celestial band,

To bear my foul away.


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3 Then, my Beloved, take
Up to thy bleft abode;
That face to face I may behold
My Saviour, and my God.



4 GOD has laid up in heav'n for me
A crown which cannot fade;
The righteous Judge at the great day
Shall place it on my head.

grace decreed

5 Nor hath the King of
This prize for me alone;
But all that love and long to fee
Th' appearance of his Son,


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HYMN 124.


ARISE, my tend'reft thoughts, arife, To torrents melt my streaming eyes! And thou, my heart, with anguish feel Those evils, which thou canst not heal! 2. See human nature funk in shame!

See scandals pour'd on JESU's name!
The Father wounded thro' the Son!
The world abus'd, the foul undone !


See the short course of vain delight
Closing in everlasting night!
In flames, that no abatement know,
The briny tears for ever flow.

4 My God, I feel the mournful scene;
My bowels yern o'er dying men;
And fain my pity wou'd reclaim,
And fnatch the firebrands from the flame!

5 But feeble my compaffion proves,

And can but weep where most it loves; Thine own all-faving arm employ, And turn thofe drops of grief to joy.



HYMN 125.


A Charge to keep I have,
A GOD to glorify;
A never-dying foul to fave,
And fit it for the sky.

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2 To ferve the present age,
My calling to fulfil;

O may it all my pow'rs engage,
To do my mafter's will!

3 Arm me with jealous care,
As in thy fight to live;
And O! thy fervant, LORD, prepare
A good account to give!

4 Help me to watch and pray,
And on thyself rely ;

And let me ne'er my truft betray,
Left I for ever die.




NOT all the blood of beasts
N° On Jewish altars flain;

Cou'd give the guilty confcience peace,
Or wash away one ftain.

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2 But CHRIST, the heav'nly Lamb,
Takes all our fins away;

A facrifice of nobler name,
And richer blood than they.

3 My faith would lay its hand On that dear head of thine, While like a penitent I ftand,

And there confefs my fin. 4 My foul looks back to fee

The burdens thou didft bear, When hanging on the curfed tree, And hopes her guilt was there.

5 Believing we rejoice

To fee the curfe remove;

We blefs the Lamb with chearful voice, And fing his bleeding love.



WAKE and fing the fong
Of Mofes and the Lamb;
Wake ev'ry heart and ev'ry tongue,
To praise the Saviour's name.

2 Sing of his dying love,
Sing of his rifing pow'r,
Sing how he intercedes above,
For thofe whofe fins he bore.

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