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2 Offer up one facrifice
Acceptable to the skies;
What shall we wretched finners bring
Pleafing to the glorious King?
3 Only fin we call our own,

But thou art the darling Son;
Thine it is our GoD t' appease,
Him thou dost for ever please.
4 We on thee alone depend,
With thy facrifice ascend,
Render what thy grace hath giv'n,
Lift our fouls with thee to heav'n.

HYMN 146.


I FATHER, how wide thy glory fhines How high thy wonders rife!" Known thro' the earth by thousand signs, By thousand thro' the skies.

• Those mighty orbs proclaim thy pow'r;
Their motions fpeak thy fkill;
And on the wings of ev'ry hour
We read thy patience ftill.

3 But when we view thy great defign To fave rebellious worms;

Where vengeance and compaffion join In their divineft forms;

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4 Here the whole Deity is known,
Nor dares a creature guess

Which of the glories brightest shone,
The justice, or the grace.

5 Now the full glories of the Lamb
Adorn the heav'nly plains,

Bright feraphs learn IMMANUEL's name,
And try their choiceft ftrains.

6 O may I bear fome humble part
In that immortal fong;
Wonder and joy fhall tune my heart,
And love command my tongue.


HYMN 147.



MY hiding-place, my refuge, tow'r,

And fhield art thou, O LORD;

I firmly anchor all my hopes
On thy unerring word.

2 Engrav'd as in eternal brass,
The mighty promise fhines,
Nor can the pow'rs of darkness raze
Thofe everlasting lines.

The facred word of


is strong,

As that which built the fkies;
The voice which rolls the ftars along,
Spoke all the promises.

4 My hiding-place, my refuge, tow'r,
And fhield art thou, O LORD;
I firmly anchor all my hopes
On thy unerring word.

HYMN 148.


OD of all grace and majefty!
Supremely great and good!
If I have favour found with thee,
Thro' th' atoning blood,
The guard of all thy mercies giv❜n;
And to my pardon join
A fear, left I fhou'd ever grieve
The gracious Spirit divine.
2 If mercy is indeed with thee,
May I obedient prove,
Nor e'er abufe my liberty,
Or fin against thy love:
This choieft fruit of faith bestow
On thy fojourner here;

And let me pafs my days below
In humblenefs and fear.



At W
PROV. XXviii. 14.


Still may I walk as in thy fight,
My strict obferver fee;
And thou by rev'rent love unite
My child-like heart to thee:
Still let me, till my days are past,
At JESU's feet abide:

So fhall he lift me up at laft,
And feat me by his fide.

HYMN 149.

JOHN Xiii. 9.

I ESUS, thou art my righteousness,
For all my fins were thine;
Thy death hath bought of God my peace,
Thy life hath made him mine:
My dying Saviour and my God!
Fountain for guilt and fin!
Sprinkle me ever with thy blood,
And cleanfe, and keep me clean.
2 Wash me, and make me thus thine own;
Wafh me and mine thou art;
Wash me, but not my feet alone,

My hands, my head, and heart!
Th' atonement of thy blood apply,
Till faith to fight improve;
Till hope in full enjoyment die,
And all my foul be love!




ORD JESU, when, when fhall it be
That I no more fhall break with thee?
When will this war of paffion ceafe,
And my free foul enjoy thy peace


2 Here I repent, and fin again;

Now I revive, and now am flain;
Slain by the fame unhappy dart,
Which O too often wounds my heart.

3 O Saviour, when, when shall I be, A garden seal'd to all but thee? No more expos'd, no more undone, But live and grow to thee alone? 4 Guide thou, O LORD, guide thou my course,

And draw me on with thy sweet force; Still make me walk, ftill make me tend, By thee, my way, to GoD my end.

HYMN 151.


OLY LAMB, who thee receive,
Who in thee begin to live;
Day and night they cry to thee,
"As thou art, fo let us be."
2 Fix, O fix my wav'ring mind;
To thy crofs my spirit bind;
Earthly paffions far remove;
Perfect all our fouls in love.
3 Duft and afhes tho' we be,
Full of guilt and misery;
Thine we are, thou Son of GOD:
Take the purchase of thy blood.
4 Boundless wisdom, pow'r divine,
Love unspeakable, are thine;
Praife by all to thee be giv❜n,
Sons of earth, and hofts of heav'n'!

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