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4 Break, O break this heart of stone;
Form it for thy use alone;
Bid each vanity depart,
Build thy temple in my heart.
5 This be my fupport in need,
That thou did❜ft fo freely bleed;
Hence my hopes and joys arife,
From thy bloody facrifice.
6 This confirms me when I'm weak,
Comforts me when I am fick ;
Gives me courage when I faint,
Well fupplies my ev'ry want.
7 Saviour, to my heart be near,
Exercife the shepherd's care;
Guard my weakness by thy grace,
Let me feel a conftant peace.




GROUND, O ground me on the Lamb,

Other Saviours I disclaim;

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Fix my heart on thee to stay,
Do it, LORD, without delay.

2 Empty is created good,
I want more fubftantial food
All is vanity befide
JESUS, and him crucify'd.
Fruitless is my fearch to find
True ferenity of mind,
Till I have with JESUS been,
And his finiling face have seen.


4 In thy prefence may I dwell,
Subject to thy holy will;
Show'r on me thy pow'r divine,
Mortify the man of fin.

5. While I travel here beneath,
Thy kind influence on me breathe;
Reconcil'd to me appear,
And thy righteousness bring near.

6 Grant me ftill in grace to grow,
While a pilgrim here below;
Let me by thy Spirit move,
And with all my heart thee love.


Thou, whofe tender mercy hears
Contrition's humble figh;

Whofe hand, indulgent, wipes the tears
From forrow's weeping eye.

2 See low before thy throne of grace
A wretched wand'rer mourn;
Haft thou not bid me seek thy face?
Haft thou not faid, Return?

3 And fhall my guilty fears prevail
To drive me from thy feet?
O let not this dear refuge fail,
This only fafe retreat.

4 Absent from thee, my guide, my light,
Without one chearing ray,
Thro' dangers, fears, and gloomy night,
How defolate my way!

5 O fhine on this benighted heart,
With beams of mercy fhine;
And let thy healing voice impart
A taste of joys divine.

6 Thy presence only can beftow
Delights which never cloy;,
Be this my folace here below,
And my eternal joy.

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4 Fain would I hate my fin, And ponder on thy love; Till all be fanctify'd within,

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EAR LORD, attend my pray❜r,
And all my wants relieve;
Come to my heart, and dwell thou there,
That thou in me may'ft live,


2 In weakness I draw nigh
Unto the throne of grace:
Anfwer the finner's mournful cry,
And fill me with thy peace.
Thou read'st my naked breast;
For liberty I groan;


I figh in thee, my LORD, to reft,
And worship thee alone.

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And my whole heart's above.

5 If trials vex my mind,
Close to thy wounds I'll flee;
No refuge may I elsewhere find
No refuge but in thee.

6 To thee I recommend

My poor and trembling foul;
On thee for future grace depend,
Who art my all in all.

HYMN 384

ILORD, if thou the grace impart,
Poor in fpirit, meek in heart,
I fhall as my Master be,
Rooted in humility.

2 From the time that thee I know,
Nothing would I feek below;
Aim at nothing great or high,
Lowly both in heart and eye.
3 Simple, teachable, and mild,
Chang'd into a little child;
Pleas'd with all the LORD provides,
Wean'd from all the world befides.

4 Father, fix my foul on thee
Ev'ry evil let me flee;
Nothing want beneath, above,
Happy in thy precious love.


5 O that all may feek, and find
Every good in JESUS join'd!
Him let Ifrael still adore,
Truft him, praife him evermore..





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N thee, O GOD of purity, I wait for hallowing grace; None without holiness fhall fee The glories of thy face: In fouls unholy, and unclean, Thou never canft delight; Nor fhall they, while unfav'd from sin, Appear before thy fight.

2 But as for me, with humble fear,
I will approach thy gate;
Though most unworthy to draw near,
Or in thy courts to wait:
I truft in thine unbounded grace,.
To all fo freely given mod
And worship t'ward thy holy place,
And lift my foul to heav'n,


Lead me in all thy righteous ways,
Nor fuffer me to flide;

Point out the path before my face;
My God, be thou my guide!
O may I ne'er to evil yield,
Defended from above,

And kept, and cover'd with the fhield,
Of thine almighty love.,

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