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4 Behold, I fall before thy face,

My only refuge is thy grace;
No outward forms can make me clean,

The leprosy lies deep within.
5 Jesus, my God, thy blood alone

Hath pow'r sufficient to atone ;
Thy blood can make me white as snow,

No other thing can cleanse me so. 6 While gụilt disturbs and breaks my peace, 2. Nor flesh, 'nor soul hath rest or ease; LORD, let me hear thy pard’ning voice, And make my broken heart rejoice.





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LORD, I would spread my fore diftress

And guilt before thine eyes ;
Against thy laws, against thy grace,

How high my crimes arife!
2 1 from the stock of Adam came,

Unholy, and unclean ;

my original is shame,

And all my nature sin.
3 Born in a world of guilt, I drew

Contagion with my breath; .
Andass my days advancd, Igrevil
A juster prey for deathörii)

Visuus vaid vii

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4 Cleanfe me, O LORD, and chear my soul

With thy forgiving love;
O make my broken spirit whole,
And bid


sins remove.
5 Let not thy Spirit quite depart,

Nor drive me from thy face;
Create anew my vicious heart,

And fill it with thy grace.
6 Then will I make thy mercy known

Before the sons of men ;
Backsiders shall address thy throne,

And turn to God again.





Hou God of glorious majesty!
To thee, against myself, to thee,
A worm of earth I

An half-awaken'd child of man,
An hèir of endless blifs or pain,

Alinner born to die.
2 Lo! on a narrow neck of land;
'Twixt two unbounded seas I stand,

Secure insensible!
A point of time, a moment's space,
Removes me to that heav'nly place,

Or shuts me up in hell,

3 O God, mine inmost soul convert !
And deeply on my thoughtful heart

Eternal things impress;
Give me to feel their folemn weight,
And tremble on the brink of fate,

And 'wake to righteousnefs. 4

Before me place in dread array,
The pomp of that tremendous day,

When thou with clouds shalt come,
To judge the nations at thy bar,
And tell me, LORD, shall I be there,

To meet a joyful doom!
5 Be this iny great one bus’ness here,
With serious industry and fear,

My future bliss t ensure ! Thine utmost counsel to fulfil, And suffer all thy righteous will,

And to the end endure: 6 Then, Saviour, then my soul receive, Transported from the vale, to live

And reign with thee above; Where faith is sweetly lost in fight, And hope in full supreme delight,

And everlasting love.


HY MN 53


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H ARK! my soul, it is the LORD!

'Tis thy Saviour, hear his word ; Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee,

Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou mé ! 2 I deliver'd thee, when bound, And when wounded, heald thy wound Sought thee wand'ring, set thee right,

Turn'd thy darkness into light. : 3 Can a woman's tender care

Ceafe toward the child she bare?
Yes, she may forgetful be,

Yet will I remember thee.
4 Mine is an unchanging love,

Higher than the heights above,
Deeper than the depths beneath,

Free and faithful, strong as death.
5 Thou shalt see my glory fooh,

When the work of grace is done
Partner of my throne shalt be,

Say, poor finner, lov'st thou me ?
6 LORD, it is my chief complaint,

That my love is weak and faint ;
Yet I love thee, and adore,
O for grace to love thee more!


HYMN 54:





S weet was the hour, the minutes sweet,

When my Beloved me did meet,

His death to evidence : My heart, which wounded was before, Kindly he bound ; therein did pour

Love's healing quintessence. 2 Death's heritage he then laid waste, And calm’d each stormy furious blast,

And cançel'd all my sins ; Placing his cross before my eyes, “ Look to me, and be fav’d,” he cries,

From death thy life begins. 3 Sweet was the feast my heart enjoyid, I ate, I drank, nor was I cloyd,

For more I thirsted ftill:
Here let me stay, I longing pray'd,
Sure this is Achor's vale, I said,

Or holy Tabor's hill,
4 His left hand under me was plac'd,
And his right hand my soul embrac'd,
His kindness sweet did

prove : Safely. I sat beneath his fhade, Quite round my soul he overspread

His canopy of love.

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