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PSALM I. . .. . . 1 PLEȘT is the man, and none but here

D Who walks not with ungodly men,
Nor stands their evil deeds to see,
Nor sits the innocent to arraign;

8"; The persecutor's guilt to share,

Oppressive in the scorner's chair.
2 Obedience is his pure delight,
To do the pleasure of Nis Lord:

His exercise by day and night ? fiind

To search his soul.converting word: The law of liberty to prove,

The perfect law of life and love." : "clo 3 Fast by the streams of paradise

He, as a pleasant plant, shall grow;;!in
The tree of righteousness shall rise,

And all his blooming hovours show; !!!
Spread out his boughs, and Aourish fai
And fruit unto perfection bear.
His verdant leaf shall never fade,

His works of faith shall never cease;
His happy toil shall all succeed,

Whom God himself delights to bless : - But no success the’ ungodly find, . Scatter'd like chaff before the wind. $ No portion and no place have they , '... With those whom God vouchsafes to' approve;

Cast in the dreadful judgment-day,

Who trample on their Saviour's love;
Who here their bleeding Lord deny,
Shall perish, and for ever die.


1 TAHY do the Jews and Gentiles join,

VV To execute a vain design;
Idly their utmost power engage,

And storm with unavailing rage?
2 Earth's haughty kings, their Lord oppose,

The rulers list themselves his foes,
To fight against their God agree,

And slay the incarnate Deity.
3 As sworn their Maker to dethrone,

And Jesus, his anointed Son;
To rise from all subjection freed,

And reign Almighty in his stead.
4 The Lord, that calmly sits above,

Enthron'd in everlasting love,
Shall all their feeble steps deride,

And laugh to scorn their furious pride.
5 Thep shall be in his wrath address, ..

And vex his baffled enemies;
“ Yet I have glorified my Son,',

“ And plac'd him on his Father's throne: 6 66 Wherefore to him, ye kings submit,

66 Be wise to fall, and kiss his feet:
66 With awful joy revere his sway,

“ Ye rulers of the earth obey.
ng 66 Worship the co-eternal Son,

« Lest you in anger he disown,
“ His light with-hold, his grace deny,

“ And leave you in your sins to die.
8 - Thrice happy all who trust in Him,

" All good, Almighty to redeem !

« They only shall his mercy prove, : « Lovid with an everlasting love."


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A HYMN. 1 ANOTHER day preserv'd by grace,

A We end it with our Saviour's praise,
Symphonious to the quires above,
And triumph in his guardian love:
Ye angels, with your wings outspread,

Come, take your stand around our bed. 2 We soon shall wake with you to sing, .

In presence of our heavenly King;
With you unutterably blest,
Shall always praise and never rest;
But smooth as the melodious lay,

Shall endless ages roll away.
3 O that the joyful day were come,
Which calls our happy spirits home;
O could we join our friends in light,
And reach our Father's house to night:
And sweetly close our willing eyes,
To open them in paradise.

I SEE, O Lord, my foes increase,',

Mark the troublers of my peace,
Fiercely 'gainst my soul they rise ;

Heaven, they say, its help denies , ' “ Help he seeks from God in vain,

6 God hath given him up to man.” 2 But thou art a shield for me,

Succour, still, I find in thee;.
Now thou liftest up my head,
Now I glory in thine aid; :
Confident in thy defence,

Strong in thine Omnipotence. 3 To the Lord I cried; the cry

Brought my Helper from the sky;
By my kind Protector kept,
Safe I laid me down and slept,
Slept within his arms, and rose;
Blest him for the calm repose.

4 Kept by him, I cannot fear

Sin, the world, or Satan near;
All their hosts my soul defies:
Lord, in my behalf arise,
Save me, for in faith I call,

Save me, O my God, from all. 5 Thou hast sav'd me heretofore,

Thou hast quell'd the adverse power,
Pluck'd me from the jaws of death,
Broke the roariog lion's teeth:
Still from all my foes defend, " .

Save me, save me to the end. 8 Thine it is, O Lord, to save,

Strength in Thee, thy people have; ?
Safe from sin, in Thee they rest,
With the gospel-blessing blest;
Wait to see the perfect grace,
Heaven on earth in Jesu's face.

PSALM IV. PART I. 1 C OD of my righteousness,

T Tby humble suppliant hear, 'Thou hast reliev'd me in distress,

And thou art always near:
Again thy mercy show,

The peaceful answer send,
Assuage my grief, relieve my woe,

And all my troubles end. 2 How long, ye song of men,

Will ye blaspheme aloud,
My honour wrong, my glory stain,

And vilify my God?
How long will ye delight

In vanity and vice,
Madly against the righteous fight,

And follow after lies ?
Know, for himself, the Lord

Hath surely set apart
The man that trembles at his word,

The man of upright heart:


And when to him I pray,

He promises to hear,
And help me in my evil day,

And answer all my prayer. 4 Ye sinners, stand in awe,

And from your sins depart,
Out of the evil world withdraw,

And commune with your heart :
In thinking of his love,, ,

Be day and night employ’d;
Be still ; nor in his presence move, sota

But wait upon your God.der flis 5 Offer your prayer and praise, cenik

Which he will not despise, hiszen
Through Jesus Christ your righteousness,

Accepted sacrifice:
Offer your heart's desires; toid .

But trust in him alone, te is visites
Who gives whatever he requires, socialito
And freely saves his own ito, a


santha 6 THE world, with fruitless pain,

i Seek happiness below; t erbased on What man, they ask, (but all in vain)

The long-sought good will show dedi .
The brightness of thy facepius 18 ?

Give us, O Lord, to see ; * » 1 2375
Glory on earth begun in grace, ve dron

And happiness in thee. .. .e 7' Thou hast on me bestow'd, cd bills...

All.gracious as thou art, I ni 415
The taste divine, the sovereign good, 250€

And fix'd it in my heart: ..
Above all earthly bliss, ??

The sense of sin forgiven. Bilen
The hidden joy, the mystic peace,
The antepast of heaven..

? ??
8 Of gospel-peace possest,
Secure in thy defence,


l ow Now, Lord, within thine arms I rest,

And who shall pluck me hence?'

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