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9 Correct thy Son, and he shall give thee Rest; yea, he shall give Delight unto thy Soul: But a Child left to himself bringeth his Mother to Shame.

• Fathers, provoke not your Children to Anger, lelt they be eilcouraged...

• Do not prostitute thy Daughter, to cause her to be a Whore, left the Land become full of Wickedness.

The Children ought not to lay up for the Parents, but the Parents for the Children.

u If any provide not for those of his own House, he hath denied the Faith, and is worse than an Infidel.

» When a Man maketh his Sons to inherit that which he hath, he shall give his Firit-born a double Portion of all that he hath ; for he is the Beginning of his Strength; the Right of the First-born is his.

* A good Man leaveth an Inheritance to his Childrens Children. y Children, obey your Parents in the

Cildren. Lord; for this is right. Obey, your Parents in all Things; for this is well-pleasing to the Lord.

2 Honour thy Father and thy Mother, (which is the first Commandment with Promise) that it may be well with thee, and thou mayelt live long on the Earth.

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My Son, hear the Instruction of thy Father, and forsake not the Law of thy Mother.

b Ye shall fear, every Man, his Mother and his Father.

Whofo curseth his Father or his Mother, his Lamp thall be put out in obscure Darkness.

The Eye which mocketh at his Father, and defpifeth to obey his Mother, the Ravens of the Valley shall pick it out, and the young Eagles shall eat it.

• Cursed be he that fetteth light by his Father or his Mother.

f He that wasleth his Father, and chaseth away his Mother, is a Son that causeth Shame, and bringeth Reproach.

& A wise Son maketh a glad Father, but a foolish Son is the Heaviness of his Mother.

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Masters and SERVANTS.
Mafters. 5 Masters, give unto your Servants that

which is justand equal, forbearing Threatening, knowing that ye also have a Master in Hea. ven; neither is there Respect of Perfons with him.

Despise not the Cause of thy Man-servant, or of thy Maid-servant, when they contend with thee. Did not he that made thee in the Womb, make him? And did not one fashion us all in the Womb?

& Prov.

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k Ye shall not rule one over another with Rigour; for ye are Brethren.

1 Wo unto him that useth his Neighbour's Service without Wages, and giveth him not for his Work.

He that troubleth his own House fhall inheb Fit the Wind. * Servants, be obedient to them that

Servants. are your Masters, according to the Flesh; not with Eye-service, as Men-pleasers, but in Singleness of Heart, fearing God: And as the Servants of Christ, doing the Will of God from the Heart; with Good-will doing Service, as to the Lord, and not to Men; knowing that whatsoever good Thing any Man doth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be Bond or Free.

• Servants, obey your Masters in all Things, and please them well in all Things; not answera ing again, not purloining, but thewing all good Fidelity.

Servants, he subject to your Masters with all Fear, not only to the Good and Gentle, but also to the Froward : For this is thank-worthy, if a Man for Conscience-fake towards God endure Grief, suffering wrongfully.

9 Be content with your Wages.

• They that have believing Masters, let them not despise them because they are Brethren ; but rather

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do them Service, because they are faithful and beloved, Partakers of the Benefit.

• Let as many Servants as are under the Yoke, count their own Masters worthy of all Honour, that the Name of God and his Doctrine. be not blasphemed. The Duties of MAGISTRAtes and SUBJECTS. Magiftrates


i The Judges and Officers that shall

be Rulers over you, shall be able Men, such as fear God, Men of Truth, hating Covetousness. And they shall judge the People at all Seasons, and hear the Causes between their Brethren, and judge righteoully between every Man and his Brother, and the Stranger that is with him.

They shall not wrest Judgment;, they shall not respect Persons in Judgment; but they shall hear the Small as well as the Great. They shall not respect the Person of the Poor, nor honour the Person of the Mighty; neither take a Gift; for a Gift doth blind the Eyes of the Wise, and pervert the Words of the Righteous. They Mall not be afraid of the Face of Man, for the Judgment is God's.

w Take heed what ye do, ye that are Judges; for ye judge not for Man, but for the Lord, who is with you in the Judgment. Wherefore let the Fear of the Lord be upon you; and judge not unjustly, nor accept the Persons of the Wicked,

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nor overthrow the Righteous in Judgment: Defend
the Poor and Fatherless; do Justice to the Afflicted
and Needy, and deliver them out of the Hand of
the Wicked.
* And what Cause soever shall come to you

of your Brethren, between Blood and Blood, between Law and Commandment, Statutes and Judgments, ye shall even warn them, that they trešo pass not against the Lord, and so Wrath come upon you and upon your Brethren.

y Thus shall ye do in the Fear of the Lord, faithfully and with a perfect Heart.

z If there be a Controversy between Men, and they come unto Judgment, that the Judges may judge them, then they fhall justify the Righteous, and condemn the Wicked. And if the wicked Man be worthy to be beaten, the Judge fhall cause hiin to be beaten before his Face, according to his Fault, by a certain Number of Stripes; leit if he exceed, and beat him above these with inany Stripes; then thy Brother should seem vile unto thee.

a The Father shall not be put to Death for the Children; neither thall the Children be put to Death for the Fathers: Every Man fhall be put to Death for his own Sin.

• Wo unto them that decree unrighteous Decrees, and that write Grievousness, which they have prescribed; to turn aside the Needy from Judginent, and to take away the Right from the Poor, the Widows, and the Fatherless.

c He that ruleth over Men must be just; ruling in the Fear of God.

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b lla.

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