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m. This is the glorious Gospel of the Blessed God, which is not after Man, neither was it re. ceived of Man, neither was any Man taught it but by the Revelation of Christ; who taught ihe Way of God truly, and enabled his Apoftles and Minifiers to declare unto us all the Counsel of God.

. And that we might know the Certainty of those Things wherein they were instructed, to zubom the Gospel was first preached, there is set forth, in order to us, a Declaration of those Things which were most surely believed among them, even as they were delivered by those which from the beginning were Eye-witnesses and Ministers of the Woul, and had perfect Understanding of all Things; who kept back nothing that was profitable unto us.

We ought therefore to receive with Meekness and all Readiness of Mind the ingrafted Word; which is able to save our Souls; believing all Things which are written in the Law and the Prophets, and more especially holding fast that Forin of sound Words, and that Faith which was once delivered unto the Saints in the Writings of the New Testament.

p Arid that we may nat err concerning the Faith; Let us take Care that we do not think of Men above that which is written; that we are not curious about the Times and Seasons, which we have no Need to know; that we avoid foolish and unlearned Questions, profane and vain Babblings, and Oppo

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m 1 Tim. 1: 111 Gal, *). 11; 12. Luke 20. 21. I Tim. 1. 12. Ads 20:27

n Luke 'I. 4, I.

Luke 1: 1, 2, 3: Acts 20. 20. • James 1. 21.

Acts 17. 11 Acts 24.. 14 2 Tim. 1. 13. Jude 30 - pr Tim. 6.21.


1 Cor. 4. 1 Tbeff. 5. 1.

2 Tim. 2. 23.
B 3


fitions of Science, falsely so called; that we do not give Heed to Jewish Fables, and Command. ments of Men that turn from the Truth; and that we strive not about Words to no Profit; nor fuffer ourselves to be misled by Philosophy and vain Deceit, after the Tradition of Men, after the Rudiments of the World, and not after Christ.

9 As in the Epistles of St. Paul, fo in the other Scriptures also, there are some Things hard to be understood ; but we must be both unlearned and unstable, if we wreft these to our own Destruction ; fur, generally, the holy Writers have used great Plainnefs of Speech; and they have never handled the Word of God deceitfully; so that whoever will do his Will, inay know of the Doctrine whether it be of God.

For all that is needful for us to know of the common Salvation, is to plainly set forth to us, that he may run that readeih; But if the Gospel be hid, it is hid to shein only that are lost, in whom the God of this World hath blinded the Minds of them which believe not, lest the Light of the glorious Gospel of Christ thould thine unto them,

$ The Scriptures then being plain and easy, , far as is necessary to inake us wise unto Saivation, through Faith which is in Christ Jefus; we ought to read them with the same Sincerity with which they were written, not corrupting the Word of God, or pervertingihe Gospel of Christ, after ourown Lufts, which make us unwilling to endure found Doctrine.


1 Tim. 6. 20.

Col. 2. 8. Titus 1. 14;

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Hab. 2. 2.
2 Cor. 4. 3, 4.

sa Tim. 3. 15. Cor. 2 17. Gal. 1. 7. 2 Tim. 1. 3.


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. And having consented to wholesome Words, even the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the Doctrine which is according to Godliness, we ought to continue in the Things which we have learned and have been assured of; without regard ing what is said, either by such as teach Things that ihey ought not, for filthy Lucre's Sake, or by unt ruly and vain .Talkers and Deceivers, who being puffed up by their flethly Mind, intrude into those Things which they have not seen, or by such as make the Word of God of none Effect through their Tradition.

Having therefore received of the Apostles, by the Lord Jesus, how we ought to walk, and lo please God, let us receive ihat which we have heard of them, not

, as the Word of Men, ont (aş it is in Truth) the Word of God, which effectually worketh in them that believe. The Power und Demonstration of which is such, that, whófi)ever will not hear Mofes and the Prophets, Chrif and his Apoftles, yet speaking to us in the Scriptures, neither will he be perfuaded any other way of the Truth of Religion, though one rose from the Dead to affure him of it.

* The Gofpel of Jefus Christ, which, according to the Comandment of ihe everlasting Gol, was made known to all Naljonis for the Obei dience of Faith ; This is the Word of Godt, which liveth and abideth for ever: This is that Wisdon froin above, which all the Adverfaries of it thal

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t i Tim. 6. 3
2 Tim. 3. 14.

Titus 1. 11. Titus 1. 10.
Col. 2. 18.
Mark 7. 13.
Thelf. 4:1, 2, 3:

i Theft
1 Cor. 2. 4. Luke 16. 36. Heb. 18. 4. w Rom.
1 Pet. 1. 23:

jaines 3. 17. Luke 21. 15.

2. 13

25, 26,


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not be able to gainlay or relist; by, which also we are saved, if we believe, and obey from the Heart, that Form of Doctrine, which is delivered to us in the holy Scriptures.

* And as there is none other Name under Hea. ven given among Men whereby we must be saved, but the Name of Jefus Chrilt; fo neither is there any other Doctrine to be taught, but what is declared unto us in the Gospel which we have recived, and wherein we land.

y If any Man preacheth another Jesus; or if any Man, or an Angel from Heaven, preach any other Gospel unto us than that which the Apoltles have preached unto us, let him be accursed.

Ye shall not add unto the Word which God commandeth you, neither shall you

diminish ought from it.

* Add thou not unto his Words, left he reprove thee, and thou be found a Liar; for every Word of God is pure.

• If any Man shall add unto the Words of this Book of the New Covenant, God shall add unto himn the Plagues that are written in this Book : And, if any Man shall take away from the Words of this Book, God shall take away his Part out of the Book of Life.

Wherefore let us mark that which is noted in the Scripture of Truth, and lay up the Words of this Book in our Heart and in our Soul; and let


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Luke 21.15. i Cor. 15. 2.

Rom. 6. 17.

* Acts 4. 12, 10. i Cor. xv. I.

y 2 Cor. 11. 4. i Tim. J. 3..

Gal. 1. 9, 8. z Deut. 4. 2. a Prov. 30. 6, 5.

bq Rev. 22, 18, 19. c Dan. 10. 21.

Deut. Deut. 11. 1€, 19. 2 Kings 22. 13. '18: 18, 19.


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с алу pol ed. Go

us teach them our Children, speaking of them
when we sit in ourHouses, and when we walk by
the Way, when we lie down, and when we rise up.

For the Commandment which the Lord thy
God commands thee this Day, it is not hidden
from thee, neither is it far offi - His not in Hea-
ven, that thou shouldst say, Who should go up for
is to Heaven, and bring it unto iis, that we may
hear it and do it? Neither is it beyond the Sea,
that thou shouldit say, Who shall go over the
Sea for us, and bring it unto us, that we may hear
it and do it? But the Word is very inigh unto
thee, in thy Mouth and in thy Heart, that thou
mayest do it. And this is the Word which by
the Gospel is preached unto us.,

* Secret Things belong unto the Lord our God,
but those Things which are revealed belong unto
us and to our Chiļdren for ever, that we may de
all the Words of this Law,

If therefore thou shalt ask, saying, What shall
I do to inherit eternal Life? the plain Anfuer is,
What is written in the Law ind in the Gospel?
How readeft thou? Seek ye out of the Book of
the Lord, and read therein all the Days of your
Life ; that ye may Icarn to fear: the Lord your
God, and to keep all the Words of shis.Law; and
these Státutes to do thein:

8 Bleffed is he that readeth, and they that heat,
the Words of this Book, and keep those Things
which are written therein.

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Deut. 11. 18, 19. Deùt. 30. 1ï, 12, 13, 14.1 Peta si 250
Deut. 29.-29. __ { Luke 10.. 259 26. .lf...34. 16. Deut.
17. 19. 8. Rev. I. 3. AD


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