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NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. Communications have been received from Messrs. B. H. Draper, J. Beisher, S. Hillyard, T. Sturges, P. Perter, John Fry, James Wright, W. Rhodes, R. Tomkinson, J. Reynolds, E. Lewis, T. C. Edmonds, Enoch Crook, Wm. Hattersley, J. C. Gotch, Esq. Joseph Kinghorn, E. Shenfield, and J. Wilks, Esq. Also from U. J.-S. A. P.-J. L. H.-A. Observer, and a Well-wisher.

Several Papers have been sent us during the past month, on the subject of Religions Revivals, for which we are obliged; but our limits will not afford room for more than one article in a single Number.

We have also received accounts of the opening and enlargement of Chapels, the insertion of which we have been obliged to defer.

Fen Court, April 22, 1829. Subscriptions received during the month for the Aged and Infim Baptist Minis

ters' Society. L. Salter, Esq.

£1 1 0 Rev. M. Kent, Shrewsbury

1 1 0 D. Cook, Oswestry

1 1 0 Mr. Keay, Wellington.

1 0 Jas. Payne, ditto



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LONDON. 1. Friday Evening.-Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. J. Elvey. New.

court, Old Bailey, Rev. C. Carpenter. 3. Lord's Day Morning.-Bury-street, St. Mary Axe, (removed from Artillery

street) Rev. Mr. Wake. Carter-lane, Rev. R. Davis. Lord's Day Evening. - Lower-street, Islington, Rev. J. Yockney. Shakes

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. C. Hyatt. Robinson's-row, Kingsland, Rev. J. Campbell. Union-street, Borough, Rev. J. Arundel. Stepney Meeting,

Rev. Dr. Smith. High-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. Richards. 8. Friday Evening.-- Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. W. H. Mureh. New.

court, Old Bailey, Rev. C. Morris. 10. Lord's Day Morning.--Bury.street, Rev. Mr. Stodhart. Carter-lane, Rev.

J. Upton, jun.
Lord's Day Evening.- Lower-street, Islington, Rev. Mr.

Shakespear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. Dr. Newmau. Robinson’s-row, Kingsland, Rev. W. Jones. Union-street, Borongh, Rev. B. Rayson. Stepney Meet

izg, Rev, Mr. - High-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. Knight. 15. Mriday Evening.- Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. T. Wood. New.

court, Old Bailey, Rev. H. J. Rook. 17. Lord's Day Morning.-Bury-street, Rev. Mr. Upton. Carter-lage, Rer.

J. Irons.

Shortly will be Published, THE FALL of a GREAT MAN CONTEMPLATED; a Sermon occasioned by the death of the Rev. W. Winterbothain, late Pastor of the Baptist Church, Shortwood, Gloucestershire, preached at Wellington, Somerset, on Sabbath evening, April 12th, 1829. By JOSEPH BAYNÈS, formerly assistant Minister at Shortwood.

London: Wightman and Cramp, 24, Paternoster Row, and Wm. Porter, Priuter, &c. Yeovil.

In 1 val. 18mo. with a beautiful Frontispiece, Third Edition, corrected and en.

larged, price 33. 6d. boards. CHRISTIAN RECORDS; or a short and Plain History of the CHURCH of CHRIST: containing the Lives of the Apostles, an account of the Sufferings of Martyrs, the Rise of the Reformation, and the present State of the Christian Church. By the Rev. THOMAS SIMS, M.A.

“We cordially recommend it to the notice of Christian families and the conductors of Sanday and other schools. It is also well suited to the cottage library. Extracts from this volume have already been published in Modern Greek avd in Italian, under the superintendance of Mr. Jowett of Malta : and it has had the still rarer good fortune to be partly translated by the late Dr. Milne into Chinese."-Eclectic Review, Jan. 1829.

Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row.

This day is Published, vol. 1. price 5s. 6d. STURTEVANT'S PREACHER'S MANUAL. Lectures on Preaching designed as a Comment and Illustration of Claude, and the Author's Letters, &c. on Preaching; and a respectable Address to Young Ministers of all denominations.

“We hesitate not to say that the educated student as well as the Lay-Preacher may derive great assistance from this Manual. It abounds with matter which cannot be found elsewhere, without a laborious search, and some things appear original and judicious."-Christian Recorder, No. 7.

The Second Volume in June.
London : R. Baynes, 28, Paternoster Row.

In one large vol. 8vo. 3d edition, price 24s. boards, or the Lexicon may be had

separate, price 18s. the Grammar 6s. boards, A GREEK and ENGLISH LEXICON; for the Greek Classics in general, but especially for the Septuagint, Apocrypha, and New Testament. By the Rev. GREVILLE EWING, Glasgow.

“ From its size, cheapness, and laudable brevity (in most respects) this book is capable of becoming generally useful."--British Critic and Theological Review.

“ The student who is not neglectful of his own benefit in the most essential respects, will possess himself of the book, it in his power. Its cheapness is only equalled by the beauties and clearness of its typography; and in the graud point of accuracy it is exemplary."-Eclectic Review.

Pripted for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row.

New Works lately published by WIGHTMAN & CRANT,

24, Paternoster Row.

In the Press, and will be published in a few days, with a Portrait of Mrs. Jod.

son, and a Map of the Burman Empire,

1. A MEMOIR OF MRS. ANN H. JUDSON, Wife of thc Rev. ADONIRAM JUDSON, Missionary to Barmah : including an Account of the Commencement and Progress of the American Baptist Mission in that Empire.

By JAMES ). KNOWLES, Pastor of the second Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts. 2. SIX LECTURES on POPERY ; delivered in King Street Chapel, Maidstone. By WILLIAM GROSER. 12mo. price 3s. 6d. published at 5s.

“ These Lectures contain a clear and well digested exposure of Popish errors, and are highly calculated to prepare the mind for other more elaborate works. They are six in punber, and very ably discuss the following snbjects :-—First, The Principles of Popery-Secondly, Its Worship and anthorized CustomsThirdly, Its Tyranny-Fourthly, Its Rise - Fifthly, Its Tendency-Sixthly, The means which should be adopted to subvert it."-Evan. Mag.

To our readers generally, and especially to the young, we beg leave to recommend a careful perusal of this volume. It abounds in interesting information and sound argument, expressed in perspicuous and forcible language. Though avowedly a controversial work, it has the merit of being entirely free from disingenuousness, asperity, and slander; and is of decidedly practical tendency. Mr. G. is well entitled to the thanks of the Protestant community," Bap. Mag.

“ As an Elementary Treatise, it stands unrivalled by any thing we know ; and glad should we be, could it find its way into the bands of the rising generation universally, as an antidote against the seductive artifices of the Catholic priesthood."--New Bap. Mag.

2. DR. WILLIAMS'S LIBRARY, and the DEBATE on the ROMÁN CATHOLIC CLAIMS, January 20th, 1829; with the History of the adjourned Meeting of the 27th : containing Extracts from “ The Manchester Socinian Controversy," Laws relative to Dissenting Trusts, and a Copy of the Will of Dr. Williams, first published in 1717; and “ Papers relating to Dr. Williams and the Trust established by his Will.". The whole intended to shew the necessity of an immediate separation between the Trinitarian and Socinian Members of the General Body of Dissenting Ministers in London ; and as an Appeal to the Evangelical Dissenters throughout the kingdom to support, by their pecnniary Contributions, a Sait in Chancery, to recover the Library, &c. from the soci. nians. With an Engraving of Dr. Williams's Library, Redeross Strect. By JOSEPH IVIMEY. Svo. boards. Price 4s.



Messrs. WIGUTMAN and CRAMP respectfully inform those MINISTERS who intend visiting London on the approaching Anniversaries of the Baptist Denomination, that a Book will be kept at their House, No. 24, Paternoster Row, in which they may insert their Names, temporary Residences, &c. It is not attended with any 2. pence, and may save much trouble and inconvenience.

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The Profits will be given to Baptist Ministers' Widows.

Memoir of the Rev. W. Winterbotham 225 Protestant Society for the Protection of
Introduction to the Parable of the 'Ten Religious Liberty

228 London Hibernian Society

252 On Fasting

232 British and Foreign School Society.. 252 Anticipation of the Annual Meetiugs.. 236 Society for Promoting Ecclesiastical Poetry.

239 Knowledge, to be conducted by Evan-
gelical Dissenters


Baptist Home Missionary Society. 253 Irving's Sermons, &c.

*240 Prescot-street Auxiliary in Aid of the Dr. Grier's Epitome of the Church Baptist Missiovary and the Baptist Councils 241 Irish Societies

255 Pamphlets on Catholic Emancipation 243 Cambridge Building Fand.

255 Memoir of the Rev. W. Goode... 244 Leicester (Harvey-lane) Building Fund 255 Memoir of Mrs. Judson...



Lake Lane, Portsea


Public Meetings.


History of the Baptist Churches in
Nova Scotia




Calcutta Recent Death 248

261 Colombo

264 Wesleyan Missionary Society...... 218 Church Missionary Society...... 248

Home PROCEEDINGS. British and Foreign Bible Society.... 249 Anniversaries, &c.

265 London Missionary Society. 250 Contributions

267 Religious Tract Society .... 250 To Correspondents..


The Widows of Baptist Ministers who intend upplying for assistance from the Profits of this Magazine, must forward their applications to Wm. Burls, jun. Esq. 56, Lothbury, London, on or before the 13th of the present month.

Published by WIGHTMAN & CRAMP, 24, Paternoster Row.
Sold by MARPLES, and GRAY, Liverpool; WILKIN, and KITTON, Norwich; Par-

SONS & Co., Bristol; Brown, Wigan; İNKERSLEY, Bradford; BUTTERWORTH,
Birmingham; BENNETT, Nottingham; PORTER, Ycovil; Toms, Taunton;
S. & S. Horsey, Fortsmonth; RUSHER, Reading; Dash, Kettering; HALL,
Maidstone; WuITTEMORE, Brighton; WAUGH & INNES, Edinburgh; and

Printed by Liltewood & Co. Old Builey.

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. Communications liave been received from Messrs. Pellatt and Wilks, J. Rey. nolds, R. Winterbotham, Enos Welsford, W. Walton, J. Yockney, W. Paxon, Edward Steane, J. Keightley, Dr. Rippon, J. G. Fuller, James Mursell, J. Snelgar, and T. Bickham. Also from J. B. and A Friend to Order.

The Paper “on the Work of the Holy Spirit,” was received too late for this month's arrangement, but will be given in our next Nymber.

If onr juvenile Friend at Diss would exercise his pen on subjects a little more within the reach of his years, and in a less poleinical strain, perhaps some of his future productions may be entitled to a place in our Miscellany.

Cronch End Anniversary will be held on Whit Tuesday, June 9. The Rev. Isaac Mann, A.M. Dr. W. Harris, and T. Lewis, have engaged to preach.

Fen Court, May 22, 1829. Subscriptions received during the month for the Aged and Infirm Baptist Minis

ters' Society. Mr. Scarlett ..

£1 1 0 Rev. Mr. Hinmers, Oakham, 2 years.

2 2 0 Thos. Miller, Qadby

1 0 J.J. Douglas, London

1 1 0

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LONDON. ... 5., Friday Evening.- Eldov-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. G. Pritchard. New

court, Old Bailey, Rev. C. Carpenter. 7. Lord's Day Morning.-Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Stonell, from Swanwick, Der

byshire. Bury-street, St. Mary Axe, (removed from Artillery-street)

Rev. Mr. Irons. Carter-lane, Rev. S. Bligh. Lord's Day Afternoon.-Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Stouell. Lord's Day Evening.–Lower-street, Islington, Rev. J. Yockney. Shakes

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev.J. Denton. Robinson's-row, Kingsland, Rer. J. Campbell. Union-street, Borough, Rev. G. Browne. Stepney Meeting,

Rev. W. Wright. High-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. Hally. 12. Friday Evening. - Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. W. Shenston. New.

court, Old Balley, Rev. T. Stevenson. 14. Lord's Day Morning.--Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Stowell. Bury-street, Rev.

Mc. Coomb. Carter-lane, Rev. G. Rogers. Lord's Day Afternoon.--Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Stonell. Lord's Day Evening.-Lower-street, Islington, Rev. J. Blackburn. Shaker

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. T. Harper. Robinson’s-row, Kingsland, Rev. Dr. J.P. Smith. Vnion-street, Borough, Rev.J.E. Richards. Stepney Meeting, Rev. R. Davis. High-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. Griffin,

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