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To the Right Honourable

CHARLES Earl of Monmouth,&c.


My Lord,

Should not have presumd to

inscribe to Great a Name R S in the Front of so mean a

A Discourse, had not your Lordships Signal Loyalty to his present Majesty King William, your constant Zeal for the Liberties of England, and your extensive Candor to all True Proteftants, confpir'd to encourage the Attempt.

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For as our Late Common Deliverance, by the merciful Providence of God, was the Occasion of this Sermon ; To I persuade my self your Lordship is too much affected with this great Blesing, to be displeasd at the weakest Effort that any one can make, with a sincere and honest Design to celebrate it.

That your Lordship and your Noble Family may enjoy the Blessings both of this Life, and of that which is to come, is the earnest Prayer of,

(My Lord):
Your Lordship's

very Humble and

Obedient Servant,


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Thanksgiving Sermon

ON THE Discovery of the Late Plot.

PSA L. cxliv. 10. It is He that giveth Salvation unto Kings:

who delivereth David his Servant, from the hurtful Sword.

20mm Presume that upon the very read

| ing these Words, you are convinc'd

that they are not unsutable to the Work of this Day; who are here

before the Almighty, to acknowlędg that he hath eminently given Salvation to our King, and hath miraculously deliver'd him from tbe hurtful Sword; by bringing to light the hidden Works of Darkness, by baffling and

B 3 defeating

defeating the late barbarous Conspiracy of wice ked Men to assassinate his Royal Perfon, and to rob his Subjects of their establish'd Liberties, by encouraging and afisting an Invafion from France.

Especially considering that this Pfalm, of which my Text is a part, is thought to have been compos’d after the Death of Saul, and in the beginning of David's Reign. Whenever it was, it certainly follow'd some extraordinary Deliverance, which David had receiv’d, and does in the Text, acknowledg to be given by a special Hand of God: and it is not improbable that it was in the beginning of his Reign ; for

tho David was at first anointed by a special i Sam. 16. Command of God, (while Saul fway'd the Scep. 12, 13. ter of Israel) to signify that God had chosen

him to govern his people, and that upon Saul's Death he was immediately to fill up the throne,

yet after he was anointed King over the House 2 Sam. 2.4. of Judah, it was a long time before he subdued

the Rebellions of those that adher'd to Ilbosbeth the Son of Saul, who made fome Pretences to the Crown, and was accordingly assisted by Abner the chief Captain of Saul's Hoft, and so made King over Gilead, and over the Alhnyikes, and over Jezreel, and over Ephraim, and over Bénjamin, and over all Israel, except Judah, as the next Verfe informs us, ver. 10. But the House of fudah followed David.''

So that the greatest part of the first leven Years of David's Reign was spent in the Fatigues of a hazardous War; hazardous it must needs be, when he had rebellious and unnatural Subjects at Home, and cruel Ercmies Abroad. Yet God was pleas'd by his remarkable Protection and Defence, to disappoint wicked Men in their Designs against him. Which

Ver. 8.
Ver, 9.

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