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was committed on the North Bridge on since been sentenced to twelve months the night of the 24th of March, and Mr confinement in Bridewell.] Brown having misssd the pocket-book Daniel Mackenzie was found Guilty, immediately, seized the two women, and upon his own confession, of theft and held them till taken into custody by two housebreaking, but the libel having been police officers. They had thrown the restricted, and circumstances favourable book over the bridge, and it was found to the prisoner pleaded by his counsel, immediately under the spot where they he was sentenced only to hard labour in had been standing. The Court continued Bridewell for eighteen months. the diet against the prisoner. [She has



June 2.-George, Earl of Morton, to be Lord. Lieutenant of the County of Mid-Lothian.

- John William Robert, Marquis of Lothian, to be Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Rox. burgh.

II. ECCLESIASTICAL. May 25.- Mr William Nay ordained to the pestoral charge of the Relief Congregation, TollCross, Glasgow.

June 2.- Rev. Alexander Stewart présented by the King to the Church and Parish of Cromarty, vacant by the death of the Rev. Robert Smith.


III. MILITARY. Brevet Capt. Colthurst, 97 F. Maj. in the Ar

12 Aug. 1819 RH. Gus. Hon. G. W. Forester, Cornet by purch. vice Sir R. Hill, ret.

27 May 1824 2 Dr. G. F, €. Griffiths, Cornet by purch. vice

Duncombe, Gren. Gds. 17 June 6 Lieut. Hume, from 15 Dr. Capt. by

purch. vice Langley, ret. 10 do. 7 Dr. Ensign Edwards, from 46 F. Cornet vice Aird, h. p. 10 F.

do. Capt. Shirley, Maj. by purch. vice • Keane, prom.

17 do. Lieut. Williams, Capt.

do. Cornet Pringle, Lieut.

do. 15 Cornet Garnier, Lieut. by purch. vice Hume, 6 Dr. G.

do. H. T. Lord Pelham, Cornet do. Gren. Gds. Cornet Duncombe, from 2 Dr. Gds.

Ensign and Lieut. by purch. vice Dou.
glas, prom.

do. IF. Lieut. Smith, from h. p. 27 F. Lieut.

vice Rafter, cancelled 27 May Lieut. Irving, Capt. by purch, yice Spink, 92 F.

3 June Ensign Heedly, Lieut.

do. D. W. I. L'Irdý

do. 10 Capt. Vandeleur, from 3 Vet. Bn. Capt. vice Blane, 90 F.

do. 11 Assist. Surg. Chernside, from h. p. 7

Vet. Bn. Assist. Surg. vice Stewart,
Afr. Corps.

do. 16 Capt. Kemp, from 55 F. Capt. vice Straker, h. p. York Chass.

27 May IS Bt. Lieut. Col. Gorrequer, Maj. by

purch. vice Percival, ret. 10 June Lieut. French, Capt.

do. 21 Hosp. Assist. Ewing, Assist. Surg. vice Freer, removed from the Service

3 do. 27 Lieut. M.Pherson, Capt. vice Waldron, dead

25 March Ensign Carroll, Lieut.

do. J. F. Lonsdale, Ensign 27 May Lieut. Dyer, Adj. vive Langc, res. Adj.

do. 10

Capt. Moore, from h. p. 10 F. Paym.

vice Phillips, dismissed 10 June 46 W. Edwards, Ensign vice Swetonham,

3 do. Ensign Keiley, from h. p. 10 F. Ensign vice Edwards, 7 Dr.

10 do VOL. XV.

18 F. Ens. M.Kenzie, from h. p. Afr. Corps,

Ens. vice Grant, 58 F. 27 May 1824 54

Lieut: Moore, from h. p. 71 F. Lieut. vice Hawkins, 91 F.

20 do. 55

Capt. Verity, from h, p. York Chass.

Capt. vice Kemp, 16 F. 27 do. 58 Ensign Grant, from 18 F. Ensign vice Lett, h. p. Afr. Corps.

de. 60

Hosp. Assist. Lamond, Assist. Surg. vice
Melvin, prom.

do. Lieut. Tempest, from 98 F. Lieut. vice Cornwall, 76 F.

19 June 62 Ensign Lane, Lieut. by purch. vice Butler, ret.

27 May J. W. Fisher, Ensign

do. 63 Capt. Hill, from h. p. 28 F. Capt. vice Lynch, 3 Vet. Bn.

3 June Lieut. Jordan, Adj. vice Duport, res. Adj.

20 May Surg. Bohan, from h. p. 23 F. Surg. viee Macnish, h. p.

do. Lieut. Forster, from hi p. Rifle Brig. Paymaster, vice Jones, dismissed

10 June 71

Lieut. Pennington, from late 5 Vet. Bn.

Paym. vice Mackenzie, h. p. 20 May Quart. Mast. Serj. Agnew, Quart. Mast. vice Herring, ret. on full pay,

17 June 16 Lieut. Cornwall, from 60 F. Lieut. vice Grubbe, h. p. 74 F.

10 do. 90 Capt. Blane, from 10 F. Capt. vice Bt.

Maj. Williamson, h. p. 28 F. 3 do. Assist. Surg. Whitney, froin 85 F. Surg. vice Morrison, dead

17 do. 91

Lieut. Hawkins, from 54 F. Lieut. vice

Berkeley, h. p. 71 F. 20 May 97 Surg. Conolly, from h. p. 5 W. I. R. Surg.

17 June 98

Capt. D. Campbell, from 1. p. 94 F.

Capt. vice Fox, cancelled 27 do. Lieut. Freebaim, from h. p. 74 F. Lieut. vice Tempest, Go F.

10 June Lieut. Dunlevie, from h. p. 65 F. Paym.

doo 99 Surg. Hibbert, from h. p. York L.1. V. Surg.

17 do. Rifle Brig. Ist Lieut. Felix, Capt. by purch. vice Travers, ret.

20 May 2d Lieut. Irton, 1st Lieut.

do. 1. F. Beckwith, 2d Lieut.

do. 1 Vet. Bn. Capt Scott, from h. p. 26 F. Capt. vice

Strangeways, ret. list 27 do. 3 Bt. Maj. Lynch, from 63 F. Capt. vice Vandeleur, 10 F.

3 June Ensign Douglas, from h. p. 2 Gar. Bn. Ensign vice Boreham, ret. list do.

Unattached. Major Keane, from 7 Dr. Lieut. Col. of Inf. by purch. Lieut. Gen. Stovin, ret. 17 June 1824.

Lieut. Nunn, from 59 F. Staff Adj. vice Gourlay,

27 May 1824
Hospital Staff
Assist. Surg. Stewart, from h. p. 38 F. Assist.
Surg. vice Hosp. Assist. Chambers, 64 F.

20 May 1824 P


Assist. Surg. M.Leod, from h.p.78 F. Assist. Surg. Lieut. Bourke, 7 F.

7 June vice Hosp. Assist. M'Niece, dead 25 May 182 1 Cuthbertson, 48 F. drowned at Macquarrie

Caldwell, from h. p. 31 F. Assist. Harbour, Van Diernen's Land 24 Dec. 1823 Surg. vice Lamonde, 60 F.

25 June

Roy, 69 F. Wallajahbad, Madras
Assist. Morgan, Assist. Surg.

27 Jan. 1824 J. Young, Hosp. Assist. vice Blair, dead 18 do.

Mallet, late Invalids, Plymouth 1 June
Watt, late 3 Vet. Bn. Jersey

4 do. Exchanges.

Ingleby, h. p. I Dr. Lancaster 10 April
K. Campbell, h. p. 74 F. Inverness

29 March Lieut. Col. Sir T. N. Hill, K.C.B. from Gren. Gds. with Lieut. Col. Ellison, h. p. Unatt.

Pyne, h: p. 2 Gar. Bn. Dublin 22 Jan, Cassidy, from 1 W. I. R. with Lieut.

Noble, h. p. 95 F. Rothsay 21 April Col. Browne, h. p. 6 W. I. R.

Cauchi, hip. R. Reg. of Malta, France

15 Jan. Major Sweney, from 1 Dr Gds. rec. diff. with Major Delancey, h. p. 2 Ceylon Regt.

Ordioni, h.


Corsican Rang. Corsica
Nicolls, from 96 F. with Major White,

23 Sept. 1823 h. p. 24 F.

- De Vaux, b. p. Chass. Britain, Nantes Bt. Lieut. Col. Sir T. Reade, from 27 F. with

23 Feb. 1824 Capt. Franklyn, h. p. 24 F.

Mackenzie, h. p. 1 Lieut. Dr. Ger. Leg. Capt. Paterson, from 8' Dr. with Capt. Knight,

drowned at Hanover

9 June 63 F.

Ensign Woodbum, 46 F.

1 Feb. -- Dashwood, from Gren. Gds. with Capt. Dou. Lisle, 83 F. Trincomalee, Ceylon glas, h. p. Unatt.

26 Nov. 1823 Lieut. Deacon, from 16 F. with Lieut. Murray,

Cumming, late 3 Vet. Bn. Edinburgh Ceylon Regt.

28 May 1894 Warren, from 41 F. with Lieut. Logan, Macpherson, late 3 Vet. Bn. Stromness, Rifle Brig.


2 June Ashe, from 41 F. with Lieut. Barnes, 63 F.

Newman, h. p. 40 F. 22 Feb. 1822 Giffard, from 92 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Bornemann, h. p. 8 Line German Leg. Forbes, h. p. 18 F.


15 April 1821 Harvey, from Cape Corps (Inf.) with Lieut. Adjutant Perry, h. p. 21 Dr.

24 May Ross, h. p. 60 F.

Quart. Mast. Paul, 87 F. on board the Abberton Ensign Nixon, from 44 F. with Ensign Dodgin,


14 Feb 66 F.

Holmes, late of Coldst. Gds. HolloEnsign Kellett, from 48 F. with Ensign Smith, way

18 April h. p. 24 F.

Coleman, h. p. 4 Dr. Gds. Carlow, Paym. Chitty, from 2 Dr. Gds. with Capt. Hay,


5 do. h. p. 43 F.

Hill, h. p. Depots

23 Feb Surg. Shorland, from 31 F. with Surg. Callow, 96 F.

Medical Department.
Jones, from 44 F. with Surg. Daunt, 58 F.
Assist. Surg. Campbell, from Rifle Brig. with

Staff Surg. M'Glashan, h. p. Glasgow May 1824 Assist. Surg. Armstrong, h. p.

Power, h. p. Bere Island

18 April

Staff Assist. Surg. Dr Wharrie, Ceylon 8 Jan. Hosp. Assist. Farmer, with Hosp. Assist. Blackwood, h. p.

Assist. Surg. Hoatson, Ceylon Regt. Ceylon

7 Nov. 1823

Dr Menzies, h. p. 21 Dr. India
Resignations and Retirements.

25 Dec. Lieut. Gen. Stovin, from 17 F.

Meyer, h. p. 4 Vet. Bn. France Major Percival, 18 F.

5 Nor. Capt. Langley, 6 Dr. Gdy.

Apoth. Fox, h. p:

May 1894 Travers, Rifle Brig.

-- Price, h. p. London

do. Lieut. Butler, 62 F.

Hosp. Assist. Picton, Africa

5 March Cornet Sir R. Hill, Royal Horse Gds. Ensign Sweetenham, 16 F.

Chaplain's Department.

Rev. Archdeacon Owen, Chaplain General to the Appointments Cancelled.


4 June 1824 Capt. Fox, 98 F.

Killed, Wounded, and Missing, of the Re.
Lieut. Rafter, 1 F.
Lieut. Ker, 30 F.

gular Force in Action with the Ash.

antees on 21st January 1824, in the Removed from the Service.

West Wassa Country, Cape Coast
Assist. Surg. Freer, 21 F.

Castle, West Coast of Africa.

General J. Murray, of late 96 F. Paris.
Lieut. General Farley, late of 68 F.

Brig. Gen. Sir Charles M'Carthy, wounded, taken Major General Du Plat, h. p. late Germ. Leg.

prisoner, and afterwards killed.
19 March 1824

Wounded (slightly.)
Lieut, Col. Johnston, h. p. Corsican Rang.
Lee, Royal Marines, Chathani May

Capt. Rickets, 2 W. I. R. Maj. of Brig.
Capt. Mackay, 48 F. Sydney, New South Wales

Ensign Erskine, R. African Colonial Corps.

2 Dec. 1823 L'Estrange, R. Afr. Col. Corps, in Africa,

Missing, and supposed to have been afterfrom excessive fatigue 24 March 1824

wards killed.
Quentin, h. p. 2 Dr. Germ. Leg. Hanover

Ensign Wetherell, 2 W. I, R.
20 May Dr. Beresford Tedlie, Surg. of 2 W. I. R.

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Wheat, 240 lbs.
Oats, 264 lbs. Barley, 320 lbs.

Bns. & Pse.' Oatmeal Flour,

280 lbs. Irish. Dantzic For, red British

140 lbs. British, English. Scots. Stirl. Meas, S. S. 6. S d. s. d. s.d. s. d. s.d. s. d. 8. d. s. d. & d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. . d. s. d. S. 4. d.

30 0 36 621 0 250 25 0 29 0 31 0 330 27 0 29 01 230 260 21 0 24 053 55 0 30 0 360 21 0 240 250 970 31 0 33 0 270 31 0 23 0 26 0 21 0 24 653 55 0 30 0 36 0 200 240 25 0 27 0 30 0 33 0 27 0 31 01 22 0 250 21 0 24 0 53 55 0 300 34 619 0 22 0 250 270 300 32 627 0 31 o|| 22 6 250 18 0 23 0 53 55 0

June 24 July 1

8 15

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8. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. 8. d. June 92

29 4 0 10 0 36 3 10 4 3 54 July 6 4 6 10 0 3 6 40 3 5 6

38 42
42 44




48 44 52 42 50 21 23 30 57
42 50 52 16 50 22 23 35 38

England & Wales.


Wht. Rye. Barley Oats. Beans. Pease. Oatm.

s d.

8. d. s. d.

S. d. s. d. s. d. 8. d.
June 12 63 2 38 9| 33 6 26 11 391 39 1

1962 142 4 32 8 26 9 39 11 38 1

26 61 101 41 10 32 9 27 238 239 11 July 3 61 6 10 8 33 8 26 738 739


Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.B.—The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock forenoon and four o'clock after

noon. The second Observation, in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.

Ther. Baro.
Wind. Weather. 1824. Ther. Baro.

Wind. Weather.


.769 A. 51E.



.450 A. 62 E.

54. 14


21 A. 42

.907 A. 64W.

22 { A. 131

A. 42 29.890 A. 58

Fair, sunsh.

A. 44 29.587 A. 57)
June 1{M.55 30.103 M.59}


Dull, and

and warm.

M.52 .603 M.56) cold.
A. 45
.225 A. 63

Ä. 43
Fair, sunsh.

Foren. dull, 2

M.55 .131 M.63

very warm.

M.48 .794 M.57) sunsh.aftern.
A. 39 .112 A. 65

Fair, dull

A. 39
.810 A. 60

Morn dull,

M.60 .176 M.67

mid. of day.


.648 M.60 day sunsh. A. 49 952 A. 69

A. 38

Foren.sunsh. 19 Cble. Ditto. M.62 .229 M.64

M.54 .303 M.57

dull aftern.
.225 A. 62
Morn. foggy,

A. 45
.303 A.58

Rather cold

.225 M.60
day sunsh.
M.52 .285 M.55

and dull
.142 A. 58

.302 A. 55

Dull, with 6{M.49' 29.965 M.39} Cble.

even. foggy,

M.52 .338 M.57 slight shrs.
A. 42
Morn. foggy.

.389 A. 60

Dull morn. 7 M.58 .907 M.66 ) Sunsh, day.


.108 M.56) day sunsh. .907 A. 70 Cble.

Sunsh. foren.

Dull,but fair
.910 M.63 S
dull aft. cold.

.340 M.56S
A. 43
.850 A. 60
Morn. cold,

.325 A. 54


.8.30 M.69)
day sunsh.

A. 485

.37. A. 58 NE.


23{ A. 44



24A. 13

.325 M.57 )

day fair. A. 44

Rather dull, 10

,383 A. 61

Cble. Day fair,dull M.49 .932 M.55 S

.529 M.61

rain evening. Day cold and

.692 A. 62

Rain morn. .985 M.55S dull.

.299 M.63

and aftern.

.715 A. 61
•925 A. 59 Cble. Fair, with

Warm, with

SE. sunshine.

.628 M.61

showers rain. Foren. suns.

.602 A. 64


Mom, rain Idull aftern.

.550 M.63

sunsh.aftern. Rain morn.

.429 A. 62)


Showers rain M.50 and aftern.

.275 M.64 during day. A, 37 Dull inorn.

,317 A, 61

Fair, with

sh. rain aftn.

312 M.61


.880 A. 56

very cold.

.968 A. 56 NE.


11{ A. 39

UM.19 12 A, 39

M.52 13 | A. 39

A. 43


A. 16

M.32 26

A. 15

M.58 27 A. 154

M.60 28 / 4. 19

SA. 50

I A.17


.812 A. 59 Cble.
.560 M.61 S
.575 A. 58 E.
,256 M.33 )
79 A. 53
.475 M.53 )


30 M.61

Average of rain 2.109 inches.

AGRICULTURAL REPORT. The dry weather, which had produced such pernicious effects on the growing crop at the date of our last, continued (with the exception of a shower on the 15th) till the 24th, at which period serious apprehensions were entertained for every thing connected with vegetation. A moderate shower fell on the 24th, and less or more rain fell on each of the ten succeeding days, accompanied with a temperature averaging about 58° Fahrenheit. The depth of rain during that time amounted to two inches ; since our last, to two inches and seven-tenths. As might have been expected, the effects of the rains on the growing crop has been particularly favourable. Wheat had the ear previously formed, and on light lands it was short but a luxuriance is now communicated to the plant that will insure a well-filled car. Lateral shoots of oats, that began to languish, have acquired fresh vigour ; early varieties are in full ear, and promise well. Barley that was early sown is in many instances rather thin, but shews a fine ear with dark green foliage. Beans have elongated considerably ; and pease are now in full flower, and promise a bulky crop: Potatoes shew healthy spreading foliage ; early varieties swell rapidly. Turnips were for the most part sown before the rains, and a fair braird has been obtained; but an unusual number of annual weeds appear in every turnip field. The hay harvest commenced about the last week in June. The crop is light, and the weather has been rather unfavourable for getting it secured. A great breadth still remains in the small cock. The second cutting of clover comes forward boldly, and pastures now afford a full bite. Vegetation is about eighteen days earlier than at this period last year. In the corn market, sales have been rather dull of late, and prices begin to retrograde. A good deal of wheat is still on hand, and indifferent samples are almost unsaleable. In barley there is little do. ing. Oats continue to command a brisk sale, but prices are looking down ; and bonded oats are now sure to meet the current crop in the market by the end of next month. The price of cattle has improved since the rains. Horses are not purchased with the same avidity as in the spring months. Sheep go off well, and wool is ex. pected to rise a little higher in price than last year.

Perthshire, 14th July 1824.

Course of Exchange, London, July 13. -Amsterdam, 12:1. Ditto at sight, 11:18. Rotterdam, 12 : 2. Antwerp, 12 : 4. Hamburgh, 37 : 3. Altona, 37 : 4. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 45. Ditto at sight, 25: 75. Bourdeaux, 25 : 75. Frank-fort. on-the-Maine, 155. Madrid, 36%. Cadiz, 354. Gibraltar, 30%. Leghorn, 474. Genoa, 44. Lisbon, 514. Oporto, 504. Rio Janeiro, 47$. Dublin, 91-Cork, 94 P cent.

Prices of Bullion, y 02.-Portugal Gold in coin, £.010.10.-Foreign Gold in bars, £.3.17.6.–New Doubloons, £.0.0.0.—New Dollars, £.0.4.194.- Silver in bars, Standard, £.0.5110.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey, 10s. 6d.-Cork or Dub. lin, 10s. 6d. a 12s. 6d.-Belfast, 10s.: 6d. a 12s. 6d.-Hambro', 7s. 6d. a 10s. 6d... Madeira, 20s.-Jamaica, 30s.-Greenland, out and home, 6 gs. a 8 gs.

975 93%

Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from June 23, to July 14, 1824.
June 23. June 30. July 7.

July 14.
Bank Stock.........

2381 237 2371
3 pcent. reduced........... 954 95 94
3 cent. consols........

3 pcent. do.............. 1015 102 1013 1015
4 cent. do........

101 101 1015 101)
Ditto New do.........................

106% 1065 India Stock...........

2893 Bonds.........

80 83


83 Exchequer bills, (£. 1000).... 21

32 34

41 Consols for account............ 953 96

943 French 5 ¥ cents.................... 103 f.25c. 103fr.50c./101f.37c. 101 fr.3c.

ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTs, announced between the 20th

of May and the 20th of June 1824: extracted from the London Gazette. Ashbon, T. Canton-place, Poplar, underwriter. Hill, J. Carlisle, mercer. Austin, C. Luton, Bedfordshire, banker.

Hilder, J. Lime-street, victualler. Austin, J. B. Cheapside, druggist.

Holmes, T. Nottingham, corn-factor. Beale, C. Salisbury, oilman.

Hooman, J. Great Queen-street, Lincoln's InnBird, W. Liverpool, merchant.

fields, carpet-manufacturer. Bliss, E. Freernan's-court, Cornhill, scrivener. Humble, J. Manchester, shopkeeper. Booth, P. Gee Cross, Cheshire, cotton-spinner. Huntriss, W. Northowram, Yorkshire, cottonBulmer, G. D. Liverpool, money-scrivener.

spinner Campion, R. Horsleydown, cooper.

Jackson, E. York, goldsmith. Castell, J. Blackman-street, Newington, wire James, Cath. Horsham, innkeeper. worker.

Jameson, W. Pancras-lane, provision-merchant. Caulfield, P. Monkton, Pembrokeshire, auctioneer. Joyce, H. S. and J. Freshford, Somersetshire, and Clark, R. and J. Jobling, jun. Trinity-square, T. Joyce, Bucklersbury, clothiers. cal-factors.

Kain, F. Fore-street, Limehouse, coal-merchant. Courteen, R. Size-lane, dealer.

Lewis, J. Bristol, grocer. Courthorpe, T. Rotherhithe, boat-builder.

M'Carthy, D. Shadwell, coal-merchant. Crooke, W. Burnley, Lancashire, iron-merchant. M.Kenzie, A. Lime-street, merchant. Drabwell, J. Great Russell-street, victualler. Makepeace, H. Bristol, coach-maker. Drew, T. Exeter, linen-draper.

Marshman, M. Trowbridge, clothier.
Duke, J. Basinghall-street, warehouseman.

Meybruch, F. Old Cavendish-street, tailor.
Edwards, G. and T. Hoggart, St John's-street, Moore, J. Bristol, timber-merchant.
West Smithfield, stationers.

Moore, J. sen. Burnley, Lancashire, cotton-spinner. Edwards, W. Bleinham-street, merchant.

Naish, J. Bristol, auctioneer. Evans, W. Albany-terrace, Old Kent-road, mer. Noyes, J. Tooley-street, oilman. chant

Pacey, T. Lincoln, mariner. Everitt, J. Stamford Baron, horse-dealer.

Parke, J. Liverpool, druggist. Fairmaner, J. Alfred-mews, Tottenham-court road, Pine, T. and E. Davis, Maidstone, millers. horse-dealer.

Pomeroy, R. jun. Brixham, Devonshire, banker. Fatton, F. Maddox.street, Bond-street, watch Prestwidge, S. Drury-lane, grocer. maker.

Purchas, s. Yeovil, draper.
Finch, R. and J. Ensham, Oxfordshire, glovers. Raney, J. Whitehaven, banker.
Fishwick, W. Habergham, Eaves, Lancashire, Rawlings, R. and J. Frome Selwood, Somerset-

shire, card makers.
Gaskell, F. Glossip, Derbyshire, cotton-spinner. Roberts, J. Cheltenham, coal-merchant.
Giani, A. New Cavendish-street, music-publisher. Rossiter, T. Bristol, bottle-liquor merchant.
Gibson, R. J. P. Great Bell Alley, merchant. Sanders, T. A. Penkridge, surgeon.
Griffiths, W. Beaumaris, currier.

Sherwin, J. and J. Drane, Gould-square, Crutched Hale, W. Church-street, Spitalfields, cabinet Friars, comb-makers. maker.

Sheriff, W. Liverpool, dealer. Hall, W. Laytou's-buildings, Southwark, mer. Skaife, J. S. Tokenhouse-yard, hatter. chant.

Smith, J. Church-passage, Fenchurch-street, moHalliwell, W. Bunhill-row, hatter.

ney-scrivener. Harrison, S. New Sleaford, Lincolnshire, mercer. Smith, T. Chepstow, cabinet-maker. Hiffernan, J. N. Alphington, Devopshire, starch Smith, F. B. A. and D. Old Trinity-house, corn. manufacturer.


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