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9 July

1 F.


72 F. H. Gordfrey, Ensign 26 Aug. F. 1894

73 Major Bamford, from 97 F. Major viee Sept. 2. Mr George Smith ordained Assistant

Cameron, h. p. York Chass. 12 da and Successor to his father, the Rev. Jos. Smith, Minister of the Parish of Birsie.

Ensign Ansell Adj. vice Ramsden, res.
Adj. only

17 da 4. The Rev. Thomas Nelson presented by the

77 King to the Church and Parish of Little Dunkeld.

J. Lomax, Ensign by purch. vice England, 12 Dr.

19 de, 7. The Rev. Mr Hart of Paisley was unani.

79 mously elected Minister of the Old Relief Chapel,

Lieut. Brown, Capt. by purch. viæ

Marshall, pron: Shiprow, Aberdeen.


Ensign Maule, Lieut. 16. On the presentation of his Grace the Duke

T. Crombie, Ensign

12 Aug. of Portland, Mr George Smith was ordained

82 Minister of the second charge of the Low Church

Lieut. Mortimer, Capt. vice Field, deed

9 March Parish, Kilmarnock.

1: Aug,

Ensign Greene, Lieut. - The Rev. Thomas Grierson ordained Minis


J. Trollope, Ensign ter of Kirkbean.

86 23. The Rev. Mr Hoyes inducted Minister of

Lieut. Grey, Capt. by purch rice logi,

ret. the Town and Parish of Forres,


Ensign Close, Lieut. - The Rev. Alexander Stewart, late Minister


P. Le P. Trench, Ensign of the Chapel of Ease in Rothsay, admitted to the

95 pastoral charge of the Parish of Cromarty.

Lieut. Straith, Capt. vice Yorke, dead II. MILITARY.

Ensign Mayne, Lieut.
Brevet. Major M.Donald, 91 F. and late Port.

C. Henry, Ensign
Serv. Lieut.-Col. in the Army

Licut. Dickens, Adj. vice Straith
4 Sept. 1817. 97 Major Paterson, from h. p. York Chass
Capt. Bentley (Staff Capt. at Chatham)

Major, vice Bamford, 15 F. 19 do. Major in the Army 4 June 1811. Rifle Brig. Lieut. Boileau, Capt. by purch. rice 12 Dr. Lieut. lallisar, Capt. by purch. vice

Hallen, ret.
Craufurd, Cape Corps 12 Aug. 1821.

2d Lieut. Frampton, 1st Lieut.
Ensign England, froin 77 F. Lieut. do.

Gent. Cadet E. L. Gower, from R. MiL 15 Troop Serj. Major Chettle, Quart. Mast.

Coll. 2d Lieut. vice Jenkins, h. p.

9 Sept. :2 W. I. R. Ensigu and Adj. Carry, rank of Litut. Lieut. Campbell, from h. p. 58 F. Lieut.

6 Aug. vice Smith, cancelled


Ensign Sutherland, Lieut. rice Dunn, 5 Ensign Hill, Lieut. vice M.Kenzie, dead


7 da. 8 June E. E. Nicolls, Ensigu

do. J. W. King, Ensign

12 Aug.

Staff Serj. Major Whitty, Quart. Vast. 15 Ensign Thorold, from 38 F. Ensign

vice lughes, Lieut.

96 do. vice Maunsell, h. p. 63 F. rec. diff. 2 Vet. Bn. Ensign Stewart, from h. p. 27 F. Ensign

9 Sept.
vice Edgelow, ret. list

do 17 Lieut. Peevor, Capt. vice Rotton, dead

Shaw, from h. p. 31 F. Epign 2 do.

vice Raynes, 12 F. Ensign Boscawen, Lieut.


2 Vet. Co. Ensign and Adj. Ward, froth h. p. 37 St. G. L. Lister, Ensign

F. vice Walker, ret. list

do. 18 T.C. Graves, Ensign vice Young, 20 F.

Vet. Corps Capt. Mackenzie, from h. p. York 12 Aug.

at Newf. Light Inf. Vol. Capt. 25 July 19 Ensign and Adj. Tydd, rank of Lieut.

Lieut. Abbot, from h.p. 1 W.I.R. Lieut. 2 Sept.

vice Campbell, cancelled 20 Ensign Young, from 18 F. Lieut. více R.E.1. V. C. Mills, jun. Maj. vice Raikes, res.

Church, dead 26 Ensign Babington, Lieut vice Roberts,

Unattached. dead

do. R. J. E. Rich, Ensign

do. Maj. M'Laine, from 21 F. Lieut. Col. of Inf. by 38 Ensign Lowth, from 18 F. Ensign vice p. vice M. Gen. T.W. Kerr, ret. 9 Sept. 18 24, Thorold, 15 F.

9 Sept: 59 Bt. Lieut. Col. Lindesay, Licut. Col. by

purch. vice Col. Sturt, ret.

Lieut. Col. Belford, of late 3 Vet. Bn. Fort Major
Bt. Major Macpherson, Major do. of Dartmouth Castle, vice Wright, deal
Lieut. Caldicott, Capt.

12 Aug. 187L Ensign Leckie, Lieut.

G. C. Borough, Ensign

Ensign Raynes, from 2 Vet. Bn. Ensign Capt. Bentley, of late 1 Vet. Bn. Staff Capt, at
vice Clark, h. p. 81 F.

Chatham, vice Dalgety, ret. list. 18 Ward, from h. p. 83 F. do. pay

19 Aug. 11 ing diff. vice Lowth, 38 F. 9 do.

Bt. Ma or Ebhart, from 72 F. Staff Cape vice Jer50 Major Wodehouse, Lieut. Col. by purch,

vis, ret, list. vice Harrison, ret.

2 do.

Capt. Brutton, from 82 F. Sub.Inspect. of Militia, Capt. Custance, Major

do. lonian Islands, vice Lord Hay, 72 F. 27 do. Lieut. Serjeantson, Capt.

Ordnance Depart.-Royal Engineers. Ensign Foy, Lieut.

2 Sept

12 Aug.

13 Aug

12 Aug.


2 Sept.


do. G. Deedles, Ensign

do. 1st. Lieut. Clavering, from h. p. lst. Licut rice 60 Serj. Major Liddeel, from 2 F.2d Lieut. Hayter, dead

42 March ]SL and to act as Adj.

Gent. Cadet St. A. Molesworth, 2d Lieut. 28 Aug. 62 Ensign Power, Lieut. by purch. vice

Medical Department.
Spiller, ret.
Gent. Cadet Cotton, from R. Mil. Col. Assist. Surg. Reid, from h. p. York Light Inf.

do. Vol. Assist. Surg. vice Caldwell, canc.
Ensign Connor, Lieut. vice Coates,

18 June 181. dead

Hosp. Assist. Young, Assist. Surg. vice Law, dead Ensign Seymour, Ensign do.

14 Aug 72 Capt. Brownlow, Major by purch. vice E. J. Bultcel, Hosp. Assist.

do. Lieut. Col. Fitz Gerald, ret.

26 do. Lieut. Markham, (apt.


Capt. Lord E. Hay, from Staffin Ionian
Íslands, Capt. vice Ebhart, Staff

Bt. Colonel Ross, from Cape Corps with Lieut.

Col. Hutchinson, h. p.

Si f. with Capt. Coletube
27 do. Bt. Major Tonson, from
Ensign Frith, Licut.

26 do h. p.37F.

19 Aug.

2 Sept.

19 Aug.

[blocks in formation]

Flour, 280 lbs.

Wheat, 240 lbs.
Oats, 261 lbs. Barley, 320 lbs.

Bns. & Pse. Oatmeal
Dantzic. For. red. British.

110 lbs.
British English. Scots.

Stirl. Meas.
s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d.

Is. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d.

8. d. s. d. 24 0 30 0 27 0 290 20 0 206 270 28 0 25 0 30 0 160 210 15 0 200 30

240 30 6 150 19 6 20 0 20 6 270 280 25 0 320 160 210 150 900 Oct. 7

25 0 31 0 15 6 190 200 20 6 ||29 30 0 32 0 35 0 170 220 150 200
260 32 0 15 6 19 6 20 0 206 310 30 6 34 0 38 0

18 6 230 150 200

Sept. 23

S. S. 46 47 46 47 16 47 16 17

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]


Wht. Rye. Barley Oats. (Beans. Pease. Oatm.

S. d. s. d. S. d. S. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Sept. 11 54 6 29 130 10 22 7 35 4 35 1

18 53 11 29 7 31 5 21 11 35 434 6

25 55 2 31 8 35 1 21 5) 36 101 36 3 Oct. 2 56 5 30 10 33 1 20 837 10 37 6


Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock forenoon and four o'clock afternoon.—The second Observation, in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer. Attach.

Attach. 1824. Ther. Baro.


Wind. Weather.

Ther. Baro.


A. 64


A. 71
A. 65

M.70 .728

A. 68

A. 55
A. 51

-272 M.C2
204 A. 60

21 M.15


Sept.1 KM.51 29.702 M.63 l

SW. Dull.but fair Sept. 16{M.18 29.891 M.€I Fair, with .750 A. 63)


A. 60 and warm.

.899 A. 60

2S M.571
.735 M.70


M.49 •965 M.621

17{ .725 A. 72 )

Fair, sunsh.


Á. 59 rain night.

.982 A. 63

very warm .745

Dull, warm,


775 M.63


Day dull rain night. A. 60 .714 A, 61

rain night

Fair, with


.719 M.59 A. 69

Foren. dull.

.126 A. 63
A. 55 .838 A.59

aft. sunsh. 5/ M.45)

Rain inorn.

M.10 .652 M.49

Dull, with

SW. day fair.

.691 A.52 A. 44

.126 M.57

Thu.& light

.795 M.54
.150 A. 55 )

Morn. b.rain

aftern. rain.
UA. 50 .904 A. 55

day showery
M.48 28.999 M.60


A.54 29.271 A. 59 )

M.49 30.116 M.56

Fair, with

day showery.
LA.55 .191A.57


Cold, with

SM.162 29.975 M.56

Dull, but
.464 A. 52

NE .999 A, 55

.305 M.51

Dull, but

.924 M.54

S M.45
A. 47

.419 A.53)

Dull, fair,

E. fair.

.976 A. 54

foggy even .481 M.55 1

Fair, with

.684 M.55

Foren.h.shrs .414 A. 59 sunshine.

Cble. .684 A. 52

hail, coleil .352 M.61

Day fair,

.760 M.50

Morn. frost. .175 A. 60

NE, h. rain night.

.410 A.53 M.47

rain night .206 M.CO

Fair, with

.972 M.44
A. 57

Morn. frost, .175 A. 59 suushine.

A. 40

NE. .279 A. 43

Snowon hulk
.556 M.59
Dull. with


.458 M.42
A. 55 .620 A. 60)

Morn. frost, sh. rain.

A. 34

.535 A. 44 )
.280 M.63

day cold. Shry most


,175 M.42
A. 63

Mom, frost. .615 4. 59)

A. 39

.315 A. 43

dayshowers. .628 M.61

Dull, with


.192 M.19 A. 59 .750 A, 60

Rain aftern 30 showers.


A. 50

A. 55

9{ 104 M.39 11 M.18

S M.35

26 { M.32

A. 43

A. 59



13 M.47


14 M.17

of day.


A.51 28.999 A.52

and night

Average of rain 1.666 inches.

AGRICULTURAL REPORT. From the middle of September till the end of that month there was little inter. ruption to harvest operations, and a great breadth was cut down and secured, in good condition, by the 30th. On the evening of that day a heavy rain fell, which was followed by still heavier rain on the 1st of the present month. Loud winds, on the 2d and 3d, was hurtful to standing oats, and much of the best grains were beat out, but a considerable quantity was carted to the barn-yard on the 3d and forenoon of the 4th. On the afternoon of that day a shower fell; the 5th was misty and warm, The temperature continued high, with almost incessant warm rain, till the 9th. Loud winds prevailed on the 10th, 11th, and, on the 12th, snow showers were frequent, the temperature approaching to frost at night, and very low throughout the day. This morning, the wind, which had been for some time easterly, shifted to the north-west; a shower of snow fell in the morning, and it has continued warm ever since. The quantity of grain still exposed in the northern districts will account for being so minute in the above statement of the weather. In the early districts, the ground, with very few exceptions, is clear, and some potatoes are got up. In the higher districts, the greater part is cut, but much remains in the stock, and some has sprouted. By recent accounts from the remote Highlands, a great part of the crop is still standing, and much has been whitened by frost. The crop, as far as it has been secured, is abundant. Oats were universally thin ; where they have been threshed out, the return is far beyond expectation ; but the return at the meal-mill is various, according to the nature of the soil on which they grew. Fallow wheat was, for the most part, sown by the end of September, and the braird is regular. Much clover. ley, bean-stubble, and potatoe-ground, still remains to be sown with wheat. Turnips have improved by the late rains, but still the return is light.

Notwithstanding the importation of foreign oats, the price has not yet fallen much, and wheat and barley rise in price.

Good new wheat brings from 26s. to 28s. ; good barley nearly the same. Oats from 16s. to 195. Cattle are in request, and prices are improved.

Perthshire, 12th October 1824.

Course of Exchange, London, Oct. 12. -Amsterdam, 12:3. Ditto at sight, 12:0. Rotterdam, 12 : 4. Antwerp, 12 : 4. Hamburgh, 37 : 2. Altona, 37 : 3. Paris, 3 days sight, 25: 30. Bourdeaux, 25 : 60. Frankfort-on-the-Maine, 1534. Madrid, 36). Cadiz, 35). Gibraltar, 31. Leghorn, 471. Genoa, 441. Lisbon, 504. Oporto, 50). Rio Janeiro, 47. Dublin, 94-Cork, 94 pcent.

Prices of Bullion, poz. -Foreign Gold in bars, £.3.17.6.New Doubloons, £.3.15:10.-New Dollars, £.4.105.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey, 10s. 6d.Cork or Dub. lin, 10s. 6d. a 12s. 6d.-Belfast, 10s. 6d. a 12s. 6d.—Hambro', 7s. 6d. a 10s. 60.Madeira, 20s.-Jamaica, 30s.--Hoine 40s. a 50s.-Greenland, out and home, 00 00

Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from September 22, to October 13, 1824.

Sept. 22. Sept. 28. Oct. 6. Oct. 13.

[blocks in formation]

Bank Stock..........
3 pcent. reduced......
3 cent. consols..........
34 pcent. do.........
4 + cent. do.........
Ditto New do..........

India Stock............

[blocks in formation]


85 Exchequer bills,..

Consols for account......... 95)
French 5,7 cents..................100 f.-


47 50
953 964
101fr.50c. 103fr.25c.

ALPHABETICAL LIST of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th

of Aug, and the 20th of Sept. 1824: extracted from the London Gazette. Anderson, A. Lloyd's Coffee-house, master-mari. Manley, D. Southampton-row, "Russel-square, ner.

wine-merchant. Barlow, R. Claremont-place, New-road, bill-bro Mardall, W. Water-lane, Tower-street, brandy. ker.

merchant. Bartlett, A. and R. Bristol, ship-builders

Marsh, W. and Co., Berner's-street, bankers. Carter, J. Downing-street, victualler.

Mayell, W. Exeter, jeweller. Cato, W. W. Little, and w. Irving, Newcastle Morris, J. jun. Stingo-lane, St. Mary-le-bonne, upon-Tyne, drapers.

stage-master. Duncombe, J. jun. Little Queen-street, bookseller. Nicholls, R. Ruthen, Denbighshire, druggist. Ellison, J. Keighley, Yorkshire, cotton-spinner. Parker, W, Oxford-street, ironmonger. Foster, J. Abchurch-lane, merchant.

Peck, J. Andover, linen-draper. Grist, J. Midhurst, Sussex, bricklayer.

Peel, J. Rochdale, shoe-dealer. Harvey, H. S. Oxford-street, hosier.

Perks, J. Monkton Combe, Somersetshire, brewer. Hatfield, W. and J. Morton, Sheffield, cutlers. Pennan, A. Batson-street, Limehouse, masterHazard, D. Hackney, merchant.

mariner. Helm, G. Worcester, linen-draper.

Poor, J. Wapping, Bristol, victualler. Hewett, J. Mitcherm, butcher.

Richardson, J. Manchester, cooper. Hirst, G. Manchester, clothier.

Rickards, J. Dursley, Gloucestershire, cloth-maHopkins, G. and J. St. Philip and Jacob, Glou nufacturer. cestershire, timber-merchants.

Roughton, L. Noble-street, Foster-lane, wholesale Humble, S. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, stationer.

druggist. Hyde, N. Nassau-street, Soho, jeweller.


J. Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, wine-merchant. Ilsley, J. Wyfold, Court-farm, Henley-upon Scrivener, H. H. Scrivener, jun. and J. Wilson, Thames, farmer.

Kentish-buildings, Southwark, hop-factors. Jackson, E. Uley, Gloucestershire, clothier. Simmons, A. Strand, tailor. Jackson, J. Gerrard-street, Soho, picture-dealer. Smith, J. R. North Audley-street, upholsterer. Johnson, R. Burslem, earthenware manufacturer. Smith, T. Derby, nail-manufacturer. Jarvis, W. G. Penton-place, Newington Butts, Stott, S. and J. Road-lane, Spotland, Lancashire, coal-merchant.

woollen manufacturers. Jones, R. Westbury Leigh, Wilts, clothier. Tappenden, T. Cumberland-street, MiddlesexJones, W. Ratcliff Highway, grocer.

hospital, victualler. Lees, J. Matbank, Lancashire, cotton-spinner. Walthew, J. Liverpool, linen-draper. Lewis, T. C. and C. Bevan, High Holborn, linen Want, G, S. Skinner-street, cabinet-maker. drapers.

Wilkins, S. Holborn-hill, stationer. Liddard, W. Charlotte-row, Bermondsey, coal Wooding, M. Ducket-street, Stepney, baker. merchant.

Woollett, J. Queen's-Head Inn, Southwark, taLond, T. Dover, corn-dealer.

vern-keeper. M'Cormick, J. Jubilee place, Commercial-road Wren, J. Great Titchfield-street, Portland-place, victualler.


ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES and DiviDENDS, announced

September 1824; extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette,

SEQUESTRATIONS. Buchanan, John, miller at Glenmill. Combe, George, tenant at Redheughs Fife, John, cotton-spinner in Johnston Finlayson, Robert & Alexander, merchants and

fish-curers in Lybster
Gilmour, William, spirit-dealer in Paisley
Hodge, W'm. flesher and cattle-dealer in Glasgow,
Honeyman, Robert, lately miller and coal-mer-

chant at Port-Allan, Perthshire
M'Gregor, John Murray, merchant in Leith
M‘Robie, James, mason and builder in Paisley
Murdoch, Patrick, merchant in Hamilton
Orr, Andrew, bookseller in Cupar, Fife.

Brown, James, ship. buider in Perth ; by P. West,

accountant in Edinburgh


Cowan, R. & Sons, grain-merchants in Glasgor;

by Allan Fullarion, agent there
Douglas, William, merchant in Glasgow; by J.

Walker, merchant there
Hamilton, John, & Co. Greenock, and William

Hamilton & Co. Liverpool; by C. Campbell,

87, Great King-Street, Edinburgh M'Ewan, James, rope-maker in Perth ; by Law

rence Robertson, banker there
Robertson, John, (deceased) mason and wright in

Shannon, Stewart & Co. Greenock, and Shannon,

Livingston & Co. Newfoundland; by J. Dun.

lop, writer in Greenock Williams, & Hughes, canal contractors; by the

trustee, 34, St. Andrew's-Street, Edinburgh.

Sept. 20. At Frankland, Mrs Murray, a son.

- At Sandyford, Mrs Wm. Murray, of her fifth daughter and fifteenth child.

23. Mrs Patrick Robertson, a daughter.

Lately. At her residence, at Tunbridge Welk, the Right Hon. Lady Cochrane, a son.


BIRTHS. 1824. April 7. At the Retreat, near Auringabad, the Lady of D. S. Young, Esq. Madras Medical Establishment, and Surgeon to his Highness the Nizam's cavalry brigade, a daughter.

July 28. At Concordia, Tobago, the Lady of Dr Kennedy, a daughter.

Aug. 3. At Florence, the Lady of John Crau. furd, Esq. of Auchenames, a son.

20. At Holkham, Norfolk, Lady Anne Coke, & son.

22. At Beaufort Castle, the Hon. Mrs Fraser, of Lovat, a daughter.

25. At Park House, Mre Gordon of Park, a daughter.

27. At Eildon Hall, the Lady of the Hon. J. E. Elliot, a son.

- At No. 1, Fettes Row, the Lady of Captain Pearson, R. N. of twin sons.

29. At Dean House, near Edinburgh, the Lady of General Sir Thos. Bradford, K.C.B. a daughter.

30, In Queen-Street, Edinburgh, the Lady of John Archibald Campbell, Esq. a daughter.

- At 26, Heriot Row, Edinburgh, Mrs More son, a daughter.

31. At Pittencrieff, Mrs lunt of Pittencrieff, a daughter.

- At Invermoriston, the Lady of James Mur. ray Grant, Esq. of Glenmoriston and Moy, a daughter.

-- In Conaught Place, London, the Lady of Walter S. Davidson, of Inchmarlo, Esq. a daughter.

Sept. 1. At Bralgar House, Kent, the Lady of J. D. Boswall, Esq. of Wardie, Captain in the royal navy, a son and heir.

2. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Stair Stewart, Esg. of Physgill and Glasserlin, a son and heir.

3. At Leven Bank, Mrs Balfour, a son,
5. At Dun, the Lally Anne Baird, a daughter.

6. At Dumbarnie House, Mrs Craigie, of Dumbarnie, a son.

9. At the Dowager Viscountess Duncan's, Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Dundas, a son.

11. At Stobo Castle, the Lady of Sir James Montgomery of Stanhope, Bart., a son,

- Mrs John Brougham, Edinburgh, a daughter.

12. At Dundee, the Lady of Dr John Maxwell, a son.

- The Countess of Minto, a daughter. 13. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Major Menzies, 42d Royal Highlanders, a son.

- At Crescent, Perth, Mrs George Seton, a daughter.

11. At Kirkaldy, Mrs J. L. Cooper, a son.

15. At Ruchill, near Glasgow, the Lady of Major Stephenson, 6th dragoon guards, a son.

18. At Ramornie, Mrs Heriot of Ramornie, a daughter.

MARRIAGES. 1823. Nov. 5. At Montreal, Roderick Mathe son, Esq. Paymaster late Glengarry light infantry, to Miss Mary Fraser Robertson, daughter of Captain Robertson, of Inverness.

1824. Aug. 17. At Glasgow, Thomas Paul Mae gregor, Esq. late Lieutenant in the Bengal auxiliary cavalry, eldest son of Col. J. A. P. Macgregor, Auditor-General of the Bengal forces, to Miss Katherine Livingstone, eldest daughter of William Livingstone, Esq.

18. At Parkhead, near Perth, Mr Wm. Bruce, merchant, Edinburgh, to Agnes, daughter of Ro. bert Morison, Esq.,

20. At Dublin, Anthony P. Marshall, Esq. of Edinburgh, to Frances, fourth daughter of the late Smollet Holden, Esq. of Dublin.

27. At Merton Hall, Wigtonshire, James llal. dane Tait, Esq. Captain royal navy, to Miss Ma. rion Yule, youngest daughter of the late Benjamin Yule, Ésq. of Wheatfield, near Edinburgh.

-- At Traprain, James Murray, Esq. to Clarissa, daughter of the late Rev. George Goldie, Athelstoneford.

50. At the manse of Crailing, Mr Robert Stra: chan, London, to Elizabeth, fourth daughter of the Rev. David Brown,

- At Heatherwick House, East Lothian, Samucl Anderson, Esq. wine-merchant, to Anne, eldest daughter of the late James Milnes, Esq. and niece to Lieutenant-General Hardyman.

31. At Dolls, Stirlingshire, William Haig, Esq. Bonnington, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of John Philp, Esq.

Sept. 1. At St George's, Hanover Square, London, 'Lieut.-Colonel Allen, of the late 230 landen, to Miss Mitchell, eldest daughter of the late Co lonel Campbell Mitchell, niece to Lady Fletcher, of Ashley Park, and Lady Leith. 2. At St. James's Church,

Piccadilly, London, Lord Elliot, only son of the Earl of St. Germain, to the Right Hon. Lady Jemima Cornwallis, third daughter of the late Marquis Cornwallis.

- At Bonnington, John Adair, Esq. of Geniach, Wigtonshire, to Christina, eldest daughter of the late John Haig, Esq.

- At the manse of Daviot, the Rev. Henry Simson, minister of Chapel of Garioch, to Mary, second (laughter of the Rev. Robert Shepherd, minister of Daviot.

3. At Kirkmichael, James Crawford, Esq. M.D.,

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