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of outlawry pronounced against them. ment and hard labonr ; and a boy, ap. Archibald MacLean, accused of house. parently about twelve years of age, to, breaking and theft, was found Guilty, and seven years' transportation for the same sentenced to transportation for fourteen offence. A trial for robbery was gone years. John M.Alpin, accused of having through before the Court adjourned on assaulted Ann Clark, a widow woman, Monday, and the verdict of the Jury, within her own house, at the Bridgend. Not Proven, was given in on Tuesday. street of Rothesay, pled Guilty to the Tuesday.-Wm. Burns, Jas. Hartley, crime of assault, but denied the charge of and James MacKirdy, were charged with hamesucken, and having adhered to that murder. James MacKirdy was outlawed plea before the Jury, he was found guilty for non-appearance, and Burns and Hart. in terms of his own confession, and sen. ley pleaded Not Guilty. The Jury found tenced to imprisonment for nine months the libel against Wm. Burns Not Proven, in the tolbooth of Rothesay. Daniel Spreul - James Hartley guilty of culpable homi. and Agnes Spreul, accused of an aggra. cide, but recommended to mercy, vated assault on the person of John M“- account of his former good conduct. He Gowan. Daniel Spreul having failed to received sentence of nine months' im. appear, sentence of fugitation was passed prisonment in Bridewell. Martha Steven. upon him, and Agnes Spreul having pled son, and James Harkin or Harkins, were Guilty before the Jury, had sentence of charged with robbery. Harkins was out. nine months' imprisonment in the tol. lawed for non-appearance, and Stevenson booth of Campbeltown passed upon her. pleaded Guilty, when Lord Succoth, on

Stirling. On the 23d, Lord Hermand account of this being her first offence, opened the Court here. Fortunately this sentenced her to six months' confinement proved what is termed a maiden Circuit, in Glasgow Bridewell. Elizabeth Guthrie, there being no criminal case on the roll. alias Betty Burnet, was accused of theft. His Lordship stated, that it was now On account of a legal objection to the ci. many years since he had entered on the tation of the prisoner, urged by her coun, duty of presiding at Circuit Courts, but sel, the diet was deserted pro loco et tem. that this was the first time he opened a pore, and she was recommitted on a new Court without a criminal. For this, un. warrant. der the Providence of God, the country Wednesday.-John M'Ausland, accused was in a great measure indebted to the of assault, was found guilty, and sentenced activity and care of the Sheriffs and to be publicly whipped through the streets Magistrates of the county, whilst it re- of Glasgow, on Wednesday the 13th Oc, flected highly on the peaceable and con. tober, and to be confined for two years in tented dispositions of the people. After Bridewell. Wm. Taylor, David M‘Coll, the business of the Court was closed, the Thomas Cumming, Thomas Davies, alias Provost and Magistrates presented the Roberts, alias Eccles, and Wm. Caldwell, Judge, Sheriffs, and other members of charged with attacking Robert Murphy, Court, with white gloves--a compliment on the 22d May, near the Tron Church, usually paid when there is no criminal Glasgow, and robbing him of two onecase before the Bench.

pound notes, five numbers of the Old Glasgow. The business of the Circuit Testament, and a cotton-handkerchief, commenced here on Monday the 27th pleaded Not Guilty. The diet was conSeptember, and finished on Saturday the tinued against Caldwell, and he was re20 October. Lords Hermand and Suc. committed. Evidence was then led as coth Judges.

to the other prisoners, after which the Of five men charged in one indictment Jury retired, and, in the meantime, the on Monday with theft, one was outlaw- Court proceeded with the following cases : ed for non-appearance, a verdict of Not James Dougherty, and Edward Prunty, Guilty given with respect to two, and of alias Prentice, charged with cutting the Not Proven with respect to the other cover of a cart belonging to a carrier, betwo, one of whom was recommitted on twixt Kirkintulloch and Glasgow, and a new warrant.--Of two young women taking therefrom a quantity of goods, tried for uttering a forged note, one was pleaded Guilty, and were sentenced to six sentenced to seven years' transportation ; month's imprisonment in Bridewell. John a verdict of Not Proven returned as to M“Millan, alias Melholland, and Mary the other.-Another person was found Paterson, alias Milnhollum, alias MelGuilty of the same crime, in terms of his holland, accused of breaking into a house own confession ;-sentence not given. in Main-street, Anderston, and stealing Two men, for housebreaking and theft, several articles. Paterson was outlawed were sentenced to fourteen, and one for for non-appearance, and the diet against reset to seven years' transportation ; two, M‘Millan deserted simpliciter, and he for theft, to twelve months' imprison. was dismissed from the bar.



Thursday. The jury gave in their and after several witnesses were examin. written verdict in the case of Taylor, ed, the Jury returned a verdict of Not M'Coll, Davies alias Roberts alias Eccles, Guilty. David Parkinson, Rosanna Birrel and Cumming, finding Taylor and Da. or M Farlane, Mary Parkinson, and Jean vies Guilty, M-Coll Not Guilty, and the M'Limont or Perrat, charged each with libel, as it regarded Cumming, Not Pro. having resetted a portion or part of the

The libel against Taylor was re- goods stolen in the previous case, pleaded stricted, he being only sixteen years of Not Guilty. It was satisfactorily proven age. Taylor was sentenced to transpor. that the goods found in the panels' house tation, after a suitable admonition, and formed part of those stolen from the ware. Davies was sentenced to be executed on house at the Broomielaw, and the Jury re. Wednesday the 17th November.


turned a verdict, finding Birrel or M Far being taken from the bar, the unfortu. Jane, Paterson or Parkinson, and Jean nate man protested his innocence in the M'Limont or Perrat, Guilty; and the libel most solemn manner. (He has been as it regarded David Parkinson, Not Prosince respited.) David Watt, accused of The women were sentenced to se. robbing Jas. M'Gibbon of a silver watch, ven years' transportation. David Park. pleaded Guilty. Owing to some misun- inson, charged with having resetted or rederstanding, the case was certified to the ceived a number of silver watches, ear. High Court of Justiciary. James Hill rings, finger-rings, seals, keys, gold. and Philip Donnelly, accused of theft and chains, &c. which had previously been breaking open lock fast places. Donnelly stolen from John Douglas, watchmaka pleaded Not Guilty, and Hill Guilty. in Dumbarton, pleaded Not Guilty, bat After the examination of several witnes. after two witnesses were examined, he ses, who clearly brought home the charge retracted his plea, and pleaded Guiltyto Donnelly, the Jury found Hill Guilty, Sentence, seven years' transportation. in terms of his own confession, aud Don. Margaret Campbell, Rosannah or Rosie nelly also Guilty. The libel having been M'Credie or M'Gregor, and Marion or restricted, Hill was sentenced to four. May Rankine, were charged with houseteen years' transportation, and Donnelly breaking, and Campbell and Rankine with to seven years.

James Kerr, accused being habit and repute thieves. Campof shopbreaking, pleaded Guilty, and bell pleaded Not Guilty ; M'Credie pleadwas sentenced to transportation for life. ed Guilty to one charge of theft, and RanWalter M'Adam alias John Davidson, kine Guilty of another, and of being habit accused of stealing, pleaded Guilty, and and repute a thief. The Jury found was sentenced to seven years' transpor- Campbell Guilty of the second charge of tation. Alexander Napier, accused of theft, and of being habit and repute a stealing a silver watch, and of being ha. thief ; and M'Credie and Rankine Guilty bit and repute a thief, pleaded Not Guilty. in terms of their own confession. Lord From the testimony of the gentleman Succoth then sentenced Campbell and who had been robbed, corroborated by Rankine to seven years' transportation, all the other witnesses so far as their and M'Credie to twelve months in Brideevidence went, it was clearly proven that well. the panel committed the crime of which On Saturday, a case in which six boys, he was accused ; and the Jury having apparently between nine and thirteen years returned a verdict of Guilty, the prisoner of age, were accused of carrying off clothes was sentenced to 7 years' transportation from a washing-green, was remitted to

Friday.John Robertson, accused of the Sheriff. Three women, Ann Rae, robbing Isobel Cassils of a bundle con- Janet Campbell, and Ann Carruthers, taining cloth, and a variety of other articles, were charged with theft, their guilt prov. pleaded Guilty. Sentence delayed. Ro- ed, and sentence of fourteen years' transbert Alexander, James Dick, and John portation pronounced against them. John M‘Farlane, accused of theft and house M'Lean, accused of stealing £.28.15s. breaking. The diet against M-Farlane from a drawer which he opened by a false was deserted, and he was dismissed from key, was also found Guilty, and sentenced the bar. The others pleaded Not Guilty, to transportation for the same period.


British Revenue.-Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain in the Years and Quarters ended 10th Oct. 1823, and 10th Oct. 1824, showing the Increase and Decrease on each head thereof :

Years end. 10th Oct. Increase. Decrease.
1823. 1824.

Quars. end. Toth Oct.

Increase Decrease.

£. 107,985

£. £. £. £. £. £. Customs... 9,959,323 10,278,243 318,920

3,348,257 3,240,272 Excise 24,401,243 24,319,852

81,391 6,834,118 7,113,017| 278,899 Stamps. 6,256,797 6,673,874 417,077

1,611,945 1,759,680 117,735 Post Office 1,350,000 1,439,000 89,000

363,000 375,000 12,000 Taxes..

6,788,024 4,880,106 1,907,918 749,614 481,968 Miscellaneous. 460,665 309,017

151,648 154,616

79,113 Repayt. by Austria

2,500,000 2,500000



49,216,052150,400,092 3,3249972,140,957||13,061,550 13,049,0501 138,631 451,154
Deduct Decrease ..2,140,957

Deduct Increase......

138, 634 Increase on the Year 1,184,010

Decrease on the Quar.


Death of Mr Sadler the Aeronaut.-On its occupants, rose rapidly to a consider Wednesday the 29th ult., Mr W. W. able height, and again descended near Sadler made his thirty-first ascent, from Whalley, about three miles from the Bolton, in Lancashire, in company with place of the accident, and the car coming a man servant. Whilst over Church Pa. in contact with some rails, the man was rish, about four miles east of Blackburn, thrown out, and had his left arm fracthe aerial voyagers prepared to descend, tured, and received other injury. The and threw out a grappling.iron, which balloon again rose rapidly into the air, caught a tree, and the sudden jerk threw and disappeared. It is something remark. Mr Sadler out of the car and broke the able, that Mr Blenkinsop, the landlord of cord. The balloon then dragged the car, the public-house to which Mr Sadler was and knocked down a chimney, shortly af. carried, on his return from Acerington, ter which Mr S. (who was suspended to

where he had hastened for a surgeon, fell the car by one leg) fell to the ground from down dead in an apoplectic fit, a few yards the height of about thirty yards ! A from his house, about the time Mr Sadler crowd immediately assembled, and he was brought there. On the same day a was conveyed to a public-house adjacent, balloon, no doubt that of the unfortunate where it was discovered that his skull was Mr Sadler, was observed by Captain Femuch fractured, several ribs were broken, gen, of his Majesty's revenue cruizer Lapand he was otherwise so materially inju. wing, to fall into the sea about eight red, that he expired next morning. After leagues north-east by east of Flam. Mr Sadler had fallen from the car, the borough-head, and totally disappeared in balloon, lightened of the weight of one of about five minutes afterwards.

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Chief Magistrales of Scottish Burghs.
Aberdeen-Gavin Hadden

Old, Principal Jack
Andrew's, St-William Haig of Leggie
Airdrie-James Graham of Broomfield
Arbroath James Goodall
Auchtermuchty-John Gilmour
Ayr-David Límond of Dalblair
Bathgate-Alex. Marjoribanks of Marjoribanks
Brechin James Speid
Burntisland-Robert Ferguson of Raith
Campbeltown-Charles Campbell of Bellegrove
Culross_James Gibson Craig of Riccartoun
Cupar-FifeJohn Stark
Dumbarton-Jacob Dixon
Du mfries-William Thomson
Dumbar-Christopher Middlemass of Underedge
Dundee David Brown
Dunfermline-James Blackwood

Dysart-William Bell
Edinburgh-Alexander Henderson
Gatehouse of Fleet James Credie
Glasgow-Mungo Nuter Campbell
Greenock-Archibald Bain
Hawick-Alexander Purdom
Helensburgh Jacob Dixon of Rockbank
Inverary-Duncan Campbell
Inverkeithing-James Stuart jun. of Dunearn
Inverness James Robertson of Altnaskiach
Inverary-William Robinson of Pitmedden
Irvine-Archibald Montgomerie of Stair
Jedburgh-George Hilson, jun.
Kilmarnock-William Wallace
Kintore-Charles Bannerman of Kirkhill
Kirkaldy-George Miller, jun.
Kirkcudbright-William M.Kinnel
Kirkintulloch James Wallace
Lanark-Robert Hutehinson, senior
Linlithgow-John Boyd of Woodside
Maxwelltown James Shortridge
Montrose-James Burncs


Jory and

Dari Petal British Ranc-dismut if the vehicle Hlaze, May fis in the years and Quarters ended the detais at a fas Increase and Decrease in each Bend

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-ring si Death of Mr Sadler the domestie
which is Walsesday the 29th Mr . .
Jahn Danga Balle made his bites entral
place . Baltra, in Lancashire, is

dit nie
Tea Bansen Wesore Cud to
pla, altid, alat for mila est of Sales,

the serial roagers prepared apella and threw out a grupong the V Gregt, geht a tres, sed the saddenjat times in

Mr Radler out of the came to the site, the les Sample si curd. The balloon the draged the recome

and knocked down a chimies, shri. Gest; Il lawhich Mr S (who was sesented to the

the car by one leg) fell to the good fim do miel altrowd immediately asseblied, and be the rotte,alue the height of about it us! Suni og hale where it was discovered that is of the tascaveyed to a publicat als de dos meso fractured, several ties were taken the and he was otherwise 50 days wing,

so vindt , that be expired Den ene 18 bis set

Me SB had fallen fra tie, the brugt-
hallo, lightened of the rest of one of those ir

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