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Course of Exchange, London, Dec. 10.-Amsterdam, 12: 2. Ditto at sight, 11:19. Rotterdam, 12 : 3. Antwerp, 12:3. Hamburgh, 37 : 0. Altona, 37: 1. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 15. Bourdeaux, 25 : 45. Frankfort-on-the-Maine, 1514. Madrid, 36. Cadiz, 35%. Gibraltar, 31. Leghorn, 48. Genoa, 44.. Lisbon, 51. Oporto, 514. Rio Janeiro, 48. Dublin, 95-Cork, 9£ cent.

Prices of Bullion, poz.–Foreign Gold in bars, £.3.,17.9.– New Dollars, 43. 104d.-Silver in bars, standard, 5.10 d.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey, 10s. 6d.—Cork or Dub. lin, 10s. 6d. a 12s. 60.--Belfast, 10s. 6d. a 12s. 6d.-Hambro', 7s. 6d. a 10s. Od.. Madeira, 20s.-Jamaica, 30s.--Hoine 40s, a 50. Greenland, out and home, 00 00,

IVeckly Prices of the Public Funds, from November 17, to December 8, 1824.

Nov. 17. Nov. 24. Dec. 1. Dec. 8.


Bank Stock..........
3 p cent. reduced.....
3 pcent. consols.....
34 pcent. do.........
4 pcent. do.........
Ditto New do.........
India Stock..........

2314 232 2305
95 95



Exchequer bills,......
Consols for account...
French 5 y cents.................

103) 1013 1004

1081 1083

98 98 99 97
58 55 56 53
96 951 951

102fr. 25c.[101fr.50c. 101fr.25c. 101fr.75c.

ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th of

Oct. and the 20th of Nov. 1824: extracted from the London Gazette. Abrahams, L. of Mansell-street, Goodman's-fields, Eade, C. Stourmarket, Suffolk, grocer merchant

Ellis, A. Hackney, carpenter Allison, J. Church-street, Camberwell, coach Fargues, F. P. Berwick-street, Soho, printer master

Fauntleroy, H. Berner's-street, banker. Badcock, J. St. John's-street, bootmaker

Foxton, R. Norton Grange, Durham, common Baker, C. Ratcliff-highway, grocer

brewer Banks, R. Paddington, Mary-le-bone, tailor

France, T. Paddington, timber-merchant Barness, T. and H. Wentworth, New Corn Ex Francis, R. Wellclose-square, hatmaker change, Mark-lane, millers

Gardner, C. Mile-end road, merchant Beech, J. Newcastle-under-Lyne, currier

Gibson, J. Cambridge, dealer Bennett, Blandford Forum, Dorset, wine-mer Greening, W. Hampstead, carpenter chant

Guyer, J. Woolwich, tailor Biggs, G. Bradford, Wilts, clothier

Hassall, W. Newgate-street, hatter Riggs, H. Blandford Forum, Dorset, mercer Haddon, T. South Burton-mews, Berkeley-square, Birt, G. Pickett-street, tea-dealer.

stable-keeper Boswell, F. S. Strand, shopkeeper.

Hickson, M. Manchester, tailor Brook, J. late of Choppards in Wooldall, Kirk Hide, R. High-street, Bloomsbury, bedsteadburton, York, clothier.

maker Browne, J. H, Clapham, linen-draper

Hill, W. Greenfield, Flint, paper-manufacturer Brown, J. Rochdale, Lancaster, innholder

Hippon, W. Earlscourt, Dewsbury, York, merBuncombe, R. Mile-end New-town, coal and

chant potato dealer

Hodgson, J. late of Bath, auctioneer Byers, E. Prince's-street, Soho, whalebone mer Holman, J. New Mills, Glossop, victualler chant

Hoskins, R. Manchester, merchant Capon, G. Oxford-street, upholsterer

Hunt, T. Heaton Norris, Lancashire, and Stock.. Chanceller, D. jun. Slowe Upland, Suffolk, malt port, Cheshire, cotton-spinner ster.

Huntingdon, J. Skinner-street, jeweller Chant, J. B. Somerton, Somerset, grocer

Hyatt, W. Dorset-street, Manchester-square, upClark, W. Speldhurst-street, Burton-crescent,coal holsterer merchant and lath-render

Ingham, J. Aldgate, woollen-draper Clark, W. Kingston-upon-Hull, seedsman and Jackson, S. G. Loughborough, Leicestershire, coal-merchant

corn-merchant Cooke, J. Bristol, brightsmith

Johnson, P. Woolwich, linen-draper Cooper, F. East Derham, Norfolk, grocer

Johnstone, T. o. Great Queen-street, Lincoln'sCraig, J. Austinfriars-passage, merchant

inn-fields, dealer in music Croose, J. Cheltenham, tallow-chandler

King, T. Crofton, Northumberland, ship-owner Dauncey, J. of Coaley Mills Uley, Gloucester Lee, P. C. and W. Ballard, Hammersmith, linenshire, woollen manufacturer

draper Dawes, J. Oxford-street, orange-merchant

Levy, H. Rathbone-place, glass-dealer Douglas, J. Blackburn, bookseller

Lewis, J. Bristol, merchant Dring, T. Bristol, brewer

Lloyd, F. Great Surrey-street, Blackfriars-road, Drury, R. and G. Thompson, both late of New malt-factor

Park-street, Southwark, but now of Luke Macmillac, J. Liverpool, merchant street, Finsbury.square, and Turnham-green, Mannall, W. Great Wild-street, Lincoln's-innbrewers

fields, baker

Marsdall, T. Basinghall-street, Blackwell-hall, fac- Soloman, M. Great Prescott-street, hardwareem tor

Sparks, J. M. Mount-place, Whitechapel, mer Marsh, W., J. H. Stracey, H. Fauntleroy, and chant

G. E. Graham, Berner's-street, bankers Spencer, J. M. Chipping Wycombe, Bueks, coach Marshall, W. Stepney, builder

master Matthews, T. and w. Bingham, Kingston-upon- Starling, T. Islington, bookseller Hull, drapers

Stevens, W. H. Išlington, dealer in earthenware May, N. Stepney, builder

Stewart, D. and w. M'Adam, Trowbridge, teaNeverd, W. Brunswick-street, Hackney-road, dealers baker

Strachan, A. Liverpool, master-mariner Oldfield, J. Westholm, Somerset, tanner

Stunton, G. Brighton, carpenter Oldham, J. Bristol, woollen-draper

Styring, C. jun. Sheffield, dealer Oliver, T. Park-place, Regent's-park, stage-master Tibbert, R. Stepney, cheesemgoger Parker, C. Bristol, tailor

Tickner, J. late of fitcham,

Surrey, and of BrighPilkington, W.G. Nford, victualler

ton, Sussex, now of Padnel-comer, Essen, Preston, W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, broker

horse-dealer Rackham, J. Strand, bookseller

Valle, W. Newington-causeway, draper Radclyffe, E. High Holborn, carver and gilder Vincent, J. Trowbridge, Wilts, clothier Ryall, W. and T. Upper Berkeley-street West, Warden, J. of New Sarum, Wilts, money seritener stone masons

Watson, G. Lancaster, innkeeper Sanders, W. Wood-street, Cheapside, ribbon ma- Wignall, C. Liverpool, turpentine dealer nufacturer

Winkles, R, sen, and R. W. Winkles, jun., IslingSeagrim, J. jun. Wilton, Wilts, carpet manufac- ton, coal-merchants turer

Wood, T. Birchid-lane, merchant Sell, J. George-street, Tower-hill, cheesemonger Woolley, H. sen. of Winster, Derbyshire, gTOCY Shepherd, W. Sloane-terrace, Chelsea, plumber

and draper Simpson, N. Shelton, Stafford, manufacturer of Wroots, R. and Joseph Adkins, Great Titchfield. earthenware

street, linen-drapers.


November 1824 ; extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.


Cochrane, Archibald, merchant in Fisher-row, Aitken, John, grocer and spirit-dealer in Hawick Gregg, James, writer, builder, printer, and pub

by D. Peterson, accountant in Edinburgh

Elliot, James, late merchant in Hawick; by R. Tisher in Kilmarnock Hardie, James, grocer in Kirkaldy

Anderson, writer there Mitchell, J. & A. merchants in Kilmarnock

Forrester & Buchanan, wood-merchants in GlasSwinton, Henry, merchant and ship-owner in

gow; by H. Paul, accountant there Grangemouth.

Gow, James, junior, merchant-tailor in Glasgor;

by Thomas Christie, writer there DIVIDENDS.

Henniker, J. & L. merchants in Glasgow; by H.

Paul, accountant there Clark, Robert, & Adam cattle-dealers in White- Sinclair, William, merchant in Lerwick; by Jame side ; by R. Kemp, writer in Duinfries.

Ogilvy, merchant there.



Nov. 13. At Ennis, Ireland, Mrs Farquharson, 1824. June 5. At Singapore, Mrs D. Napier, a 25th regiment, a daughter, son.

14. At Chatham, the Lady of Lieut. Colonel Aug. 23. At Malvern, Barbadoes, the Lady of Pasley, of the royal engineers, a son. Harbourne G. Straghan, Esq. M.D., a son.

At Woolwich, the Lady of Capt. H. W. Got. Oct. 21. At Logie Elphinstone, Mrs Dalrymple don, of the royal artillery, a son. Horn Elphinstone, a daughter.

17. At Parkhill, the Lady of Robert Warden, 22. At Revack, Strathspey, the Lady of Capt. Esq. of Parkhill, a son. James Gordon, a son.

- At Brighton-Place, Portobello, the Lady of 23. At Pinkie House, the Lady of Sir John Hope Major Davidson, a son. of Craighall, Bart. a son.

20. At Farme, the Lady of Hugh Mossman, Esq. - At Cultmalundie, the Lady of Lieut. Col. younger of Auchtyfardle, a daughter. Cunningham, of the Bombay army, a daughter. - At Glasgow, Mrs Thomas Hunter, Hope

28. Ai Edinburgh, Mrs Dr Sanders, a son. Street, of twin daughters. - At St. Andrew's, the Lady of Provost Alex. 21. At Maxpoffle, Mrs Scott, younger of Rae ander, a son.

burn, a daughter, Nov. 2. In Stanhope-Street, Mayfair, London, - At Tunbridge Wells, the Hon. Mrs Stuart the Lady of the Right Hon. Robert Peel, a son. Mackenzie of Seaforth, a son.

-At Kirkmay House, the Lady of Robert Inglis, 23. At Hythe, the Right Hon. Lady Greenock, Esq. of Kirkmay, a daughter.

a son and heir. 4. At his house in Charlotte-Square, Edinburgh. 24. At Weens House, Roxburghshire, No the Lady of Thomas Maitland, Esq. younger of Cleghorn of Weens, a daughter. Dundrennan, a daughter.

26. At 20, Windsor-Street, the Lady of Capt. 7. At Tayfield, Mrs Berry, a son.

Deans, R.N. a son. 8. At 18, Hill-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Dr Gaird- Lately, At Nairn Grove, the Lady of Colonel ner, a son.

Anderson, Knight of the Tower and Sword, and -In Prince's Street, Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Companion of the Bath, a daughter. Sinclair of Ulbster, a son. 9. At Yester, the Marchioness of Tweeddale, a


1894. June 2. At Culcutta, Captain Joseph Or. 11. At Hallrule, Roxburghshire, the Lady of chard, of the Hon. Company's Ist European reWilliam Filder, Esq. Deputy Commissary-General, giment, to Miss Maria Douglas, niece of Lieut Cel. a son.

John Lewis Stuart. - At Jersey, the Lady of Major Fyers, royal Oct. 23. At Banff, Mr Alex. Cromar, merchant, engineers, a daughter.

Aberdeen, to Jane Inglis, youngest daughter of - At No. 7, Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh, Mrs George Forbes, Esq. Banff. James Balfour, a son,

26. At Aston Rowand, Oxon, the Hon. William

wth Richardson, eldest daughter of Wism. Richardson,


Rodney, to Eliza Ann, youngest daughter of the

DEATHS. late Thomas Brown, Esq.

1824. April 9. At Calcutta, Mr Hall Jop, and on Oct. 28. At Kirkmichael House, Argyleshire, the 27th of same month, at same place, Mr Wm. George Cole, Esq. merchant, Glasgow, to Ann Sibbald Jop, both sons of the late Mr Mr Robert Campbell, daughter, of the late Humphrey Cole Jop, merchant, Leith. quhoun, Esq. merchant, Glasgow,

May 20. At Assam, of the cholera morbus, Nov. 1. At Kirkcudbright, Capt. Roxburgh, of while in command of the troops belonging to the the late Glengarry light infantry, to Miss Euphe East India Company sent to that country, Colonel mia Melville, daughter of Alex. Melville, Esq. of George M.Morine. Barquhar.

25. At Kandy, of a fever caught on an official - At Campbelton, Mr J. Ross, jun. merchant, tour in the Seven Korles, the Hon. Sir John D. Glasgow, to Ann, eldest daughter of Angus M'Cail, Oly, Bart, a member of his Majesty's Council in Esq. of Prospect, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Ceylon, a Resident, and First Commissioner of - David Smart, Esq. Inch Grundle, to Julia Government in the Kandyan Provinces

June 4. At the Cape-ot-Good-Hope, where he of his Majesty's customs, Leith.

had gone for the recovery of his health, Captain 2. At Edinburgh, James Glen, Esq. distiller, Thomas Mackenzie, only son of the late Donald Mains, Linlithgow, to Miss Ann Heriot, daughter Mackenzie, Esq. of Hartfield. of the late Mr Gorge Heriot.

26. At Salem, near Madras, Robt. John Hunter, - At Gosford, Capt. Wildman, of the 7th Hus Esq. son of the late Sir John Hunter, Consul sars, to Lady Margaret Charteris, daughter of the General in Spain; and at the same place, on the Earl of Wemyss and March.

30 July, Mrs Hunter. - At Hartshead Church, Yorkshire, Charles July 22. At St. Croix, in the eighty-third year of John Brandling, Esq. of the 10th Royal Hussars, his age, John Gordon, Esq.of Cane Valley to Henrietta, youngest daughter of Sir George Ar Sept. 1. At Kingston, Jamaica, Mr John M! mytage, Bart. of Kirklees, in the same county. Feat, son of Mr Walter M Feat, of Glasgow.

- At the English Chapel at Lusanne, in Swit In Dublin County, North Carolina, (America,) zerland, Thomas Medwin, Esq, of the late 24th Mr Jacob Matthews, aged 108 years. Until a few Light Dragoons, to Anne Henrietta, Countess de months before his death, he retained almost the Starnford,

vigour of youth; his sight was perfect, and he 5. At Lint House, Geo. Kinnear, Esq. banker, could walk ten or fifteen miles a day. Seven years in Edinburgh, to Euphemia, daughter of Robert ago his wife died, aged 100 years; they had been Watson, Esq. banker in Glasgow.

married eighty years. 10. At Edinburgh, James Hay, Esq. of Belton, 2. At St. Andrew's, Jamaica, Robert Lithan "Captain Royal Navy, to Miss Stewart of Physgill. Mowbray, eldest son of Mr Mowbray, W. S.

- At Auchtertyre, in the county of Forfar, Jas. 10. At Florence, Captain Donald Macalister of Anderson, Esq. Cupar Grange to Jessie, only Loup and Torresdale, in the 34th year of his age. daughter of William Watson, Esq. Auchtertyre. 12. At Black River, Jamaica, Alexander Bruce,

12. At the Protestant Church at Lusamme, in Esq. of St. Elizabeth's.
Switzerland, Capt. Wynne Baird, son of Robert 21. On board his Majesty's frigate Hussar, lying
Baird, Esq. of Newbyth, and nephew of General off Vera Cruz, Mr J. Hall, merchant, of that city.
Sir David Baird, Bart. &c. &c. to Miss Madeline Oct. 4. At his residence near Uttrecht, Nether-
Susan Cerjat, daughter of Henry Cerjat, Esq.. lands, John Louis Bosch, aged 71, senior Admiral

13. At George Street, Edinburgh, the Right of the Netherlands fleet, and the last survivor of Hon. the Earl of Glasgow to Miss Julia Sinclair, the officers who obtained gold medals for their daughter of the Right Hon. Sir John Sinclair, Bart

gallantry in the action off the Doger Bank. 13. At Arbroath, James Goodall, Esq. Provost, 14. At Losset, near Campbeltown, Capt, Nash, to Ann, eldest daughter of Bailie David Cargill. R.N.

- At Inverness, Donald MacQueen, Esq. of 15. At Glencroft, parish of Twynholm, Mary Corrybrough, Captain in the Madras Cavalry, to Milrea, aged ninety-six years, widow of the late Margaret, daughier of Jas. Grant, Esg. of Bught. James Magee, Esq. of Glencroft.

At Edinburgh, John Taylor, Esq. attorney 16. At Edinburgh, Mr Wm. Cockburn, writer. in Exchequer, to Dorothea Judith, fourth daugh 17. At his house, York-Place, Edinburgh, John ter of the late Lieut. Col. Lewis Hay, of the royal Pitcairn, Esq. of Pitcairn. engineers.

- At Aberdeen, Dr Ross, one of the Ministers 16. At Greenock, Quintin D. Ninian, Esq. mer of the East Church of that city. He preached on chant, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr the Thursday previous at the Ordination of his John Muir, writer.

colleague, Mr Murray. He rose on Sunday morn. 17. At York, George Cholmley, Esq. of How ing, although he felt himself not very well, and sham, to Hannah, daughter of John Robinson di ed about

eight o'clock. It is little more than Foulis, Esq. of Buckton, in the county of York. two months since his late colleague, Mr Doig,

18. Alexander Macduff, late of the 100th foot, died. The sudden death of the Doctor, which to Mrs Macdonald, widow of John Macdonald, was known by few till they arrived in church, ex. Esq. of Plantation Kintyre, Berbice.

cited the surprise and grief of his congregation, by -.At Edinburgh, Edward Platt, Esq. to Miss whom he was greatly beloved. He has been Sibella Morrison, second daughter of George Dun about thirty years minister of the East Church. can, Esq.

He was much respected, and he had both the 19. Wm. Horne, Esq. barrack-master of Newry, ability an the inclination to relieve the needy, by to Hopewell, daughter of Isaac Will. Glenny, Esq. whom his loss will be severely felt. Immediately after the ceremony, the happy bride 18. At Culcaigrie, parish of Twynholm, aged groom was presented with a superb gold snuff 74 years, Margaret Halliday, wife of John Hallibox by the officers of his late regiment (the 86th day, Esq. of Mayfield. or Royal County Down,) in token of the highes - At Edinburgh, Mrs Agnes Dickie Crawford, timation in which they have held him, as a soldier wife of Samuel James Douglas, Esq. surgeon, and a gentleman, nearly twenty years that he has North St. David Street, served in that distinguished corps.

- The Rev. Peter Young, one of the ministers 29. At Greenock, James Stevenson, Esq. mer of the Secession Church in Jedburgh, in the 50th chant, Glasgow, to Jane Stewart, daughter of the year of his age, and 27th of his ministry. late Alexander Shanon, Esq. merchant, Greenock. 19. At Aberdeen, Mary Forsyth, widow of the

- At Greenbank, John Greig. Esq. manufac. late Henry G. Forsyth, Esq. turer, Glasgow, to Isabella, second daughter of 20. At Kenmore, Mr James Macnaughton, surThomas Baird, Esq. of Greenbank, and present geon. Provost of Pollockshaws.

- Mr Richard Blackwell, of the George Inn, 23. At Musselburgh, Capt. Win. Walker, 85th Haddington, and one of the Magistrates of that regiment of foot, to Miss Catherine, eldest daugh burgh. ter of the late G. C. Ogilvie, Esq.

21. In his 80th year, Robert Pollock, Esq. of 24. At Haddington, Alexander Fyfe, surgeon, Crossbank. St. Patrick Square, Edinburgh, to Ann, second - At Bath, Captain Menzies Duncan, of the daughter of the late Mr Andrew Matthew, Had Hon. East-India Company's service. dington.

- At Pittmeddan, Andrew Landale, Esq. of Lately. At West Grinsteau Park, Sussex, Ga Pitmeddan. briel Shaw, Esq. to the Hon. Frances Erskine, - At Sainte Adressse, in Normandy, aged 70, cldest daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Erskine. Robert Charles Dallas, Esq. formerly of the island

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of Jamaica, and the author of the History of the nings, accumulated a fortune, said to amount to Maroon War, Percival, Aubrey, &c.

£.0,000! Oct.:22. At Glasgow, Mrs Mary Smellie, relict Nov. 7. At Mount Bothwell Cottage, the ipfis of George M.Coll, merchant, Glasgow.

son of Captain Louis Campbell, R. N. -- At St Quivox, Mrs M.Quhae, relict of the - At Crescent, near Dundee, Miss Brown, Rev. Dr M Quhae, late minister of that parish. daughter of the late Professor Brown, St. Az

- At Greenock, Mr Thos. Stewart, bookseller. drew's, and sister to the present Principal Brown,

- At Glasswood, Berwickshire, in his 70th year Aberdeen. James Hill, Esq. of Walthamstow, near London.

At Stockbridge, Mr Charles Manson, late & - At Portobelio, William Caldwell, Esq.

Tobago. 23. Edward Stanley, Esq. aged 90, for many 8. At the manse of Annan, the Rev. William years hrs Majesty's Consul-General at Trieste. Hardie Moncrieff, minister of that parish.

At Kerse, Mrs Greenshields; and on the 26th, 9. Major-General Thomas ety, of the 3d reIsabella. youngest daughter of John Greenshields, giment of guards. Esq. of Kerse.

The Hon. Francis Howard, youngest dangt- At Queen's Elm, Brompton, Lieut.-Colonel ter of Lord Howard of Effingham. Reginald Jas. Iate of the 37th regiment, aged 51. - At Dublin, Richard Earl of Annesley, Vis

At Boarhills, Mary Bell, relict of the late Jas. count Gerawly, and Baron Castlesillan. Philp, Esq. of Boarhills.

10. Mary Anne Maxwell, wife of Jas koosles, 24. At Glasgow, Mr George Wingate, manu- Esq. eldest daughter of the late William Masil, facturer there.

Esq. of Yaxley, Huntingdon, and niece of the - At Edinburgh, Isabella, eldest daughter of late George Maxwell, Esq. of Flitton Lodge, LinDr John Thomson.

coln-shire. - At Edinbnrgh, Mrs Marion Mansfield, widow .- At Tarbes, south of Franee, Mrs Hodgson, of James Mansfield, Esq. of Midmar.

wife of Captain Hodgson, R. N. 25. At Aberdeen, Francis Suther, Esq. factor 11. At Annan, Mrs Irvine, relict of Robert Irto the Most Noble the Marquis and Marchioness vine, Esq. of Woodhall, aged 87. of Stafford, on the estate of Sutherland.

Suddenly, the Rev.J.shapslie, of Campse. At Strathtyrum, James Cheape, Esq. of At Kensington, near London, aged 61, Mrs Strathtyrum.

Isabel Lister, widow of the Rev. David Wilkie, - At Montrose, Mrs Aberdein, senior, in the late minister of the parish of Cults, Fifeshire. 83d year of her age.

13. At Hendon, Thomas Nicoll, Esq. formerly - John Hamilton, Esq. of Broomfield, aged 86 Lieutenant-Colonel of the 70th regiment. - At Dupplin Castle, the seat of the Earl of - At Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, Miss CleKinnoull, of a brain fever, Miss Hammond, the mentia Cleghorn. only child of Lieut.-General Sir Thomas and 14. At Dalkeith, Mr John Bruce, son of the Lady Hammond, aged sixteen years and three late Mr Alexander Bruce, upholsterer. months.

- At Lanark, John Mackenzie. Esq. Sheriff - At Ditton, near London, George Alexander

Substitute there. Wylie, eldest son of the late Dr Wylie.

15. William Thomson, Esq. of Thornbark, 37. Át Glasgow, Ann Bolling Buchanan, daugh- near Stranraer, aged 68. His death was quite ter of James William Alston, Esq.

unexpected; he left his own house during the 30. Near North Queensferry, William Gurley, day in usual health, to take his accustomed Esq. of Petershope, St. Vincent's, Captain in the walk in the fields, but not returning according 55th or Aberdeenshire regiment of militia.

to expectation, his family made inquiry at the - At Dublin, after a protracted illness, the houses of their neighbours, but learned nothing; Rev. C. R. Maturin, M. A. Curate of St Peter's search was then made in the direction which he

Nov. 2. At Irvine, William Snodgrass, Esq. in had taken, when his body was found lying beside : his 84th year.

a dyke, from the top of which it appeared he had - In the 720 year of his age, John Craig, Esq. been precipitated by a heavy gale of wind. of Kirkton.

- At Edinburgh, aged 93, Mrs Anna Foggo, - Mrs Ann Welsh, relict of Mr Alex. Tweedie, widow of the late Rev. James Watson, one of late in Dreva.

the ministers of Canongate. - At her house, Leith-Street, Edinburgh, Mrs 16. At Killermont, Miss Laura Colquhoun, Ann Donaldson, relict of the late Mr Thomas youngest daughter of the late Lord Clerk ReDonaldson, merchant there.

gister. - At Aberdeen, Widow Primrose, aged 103.

17. At Moffat, Mrs Elizabeth Lochead, formerly 4. At Mouswald manse, the Rev. Jacob Dick- of Glasgow, and relict of the late Rev. John Johnson, minister of that parish, in the 88th year of ston, Ecclefechan. his age, and 55th of his ministry.

- At Transy, near Dumfermline, John Wilson, - At Dalkeith, in his 74th year, Dr Andrew Esq. late Provost of Dunfermline. Graham, physician.

18. At Edinburgh, Hugh Fraser, Esq. younger 5. Near Salisbury, Captain Kenneth Mackenzie, ot Eskadale. R. N., only surviving son of the late James Mac- 19. At Edinburgh, Emily Jane, fifth daughter kenzie, Esq. of Forret. It is but justice to the of Ceneral Sir John Hope. memory of this brave and distinguished officer - At Edinbnrgh, Mrs Ann Christie, aged 71, to say, that he was an ornament to his country. widow of the late Captain James Christie, of the He fought in many of her battles, in which he city guard, much and justly regretted. was repeatedly severely wounded. The conse- 20. At Edinburgh, Mrs Harriet Mitchelson, requences attending a wound in his head put a pe- lict of Dr Daniel Rutherford, Professor of Boriod to his valuable life, and left his friends to tany in the University of Edinburgh. mourn their sad and severe loss.

23. At Cupar, Catharine Buist, wife of John - At Edinburgh, Wm. Russell, Esq. advocate. Inglis, Esq. of Colluthie.

- At Brechin, Mrs Hill, in the 88th year of Lately. At the Island of New Providence, in her age.

the West Indies, Captain W. R. Dawkins, Cem6. Åt Glasgow, Mrs Ann Blair, aged 91, relict mander of his Majestys ship. Helicon. of the deceased Æneas M.Pherson, Esq. of Fli- - At Woodbridge, aged 62 years, Charlotte chity, Inverness-shire.

Skinner. She was letter carrier in that place up- At Dunfermline, the Rev. Dr Black, one of wards of 80 years, and is supposed to hare walk. the ministers of the Chalmers's Street, congrega- ed a distance of nearly 80,000 miles in that caps. tion there, much and justly regretted.

city, being more than three times the circumie - At Ecclefechan, James Miller, Esq. of Castle- rence of the globe. bank, in the 82d year of his age. By his indus- In the Alms-houses, Cupar, Agnes Young, witry and activity, he had, from very low begin- dow, aged 90 years.

J. Ruthven & Son, Printers.


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Street and Parliament Square of Edin-
Baxter, the Rev. Andrew, and Francis burgh, 120, 755
Halliday, History of, 34

Controversy regarding Coal and Oil Gas,
Bay Leaves, review of, 547

Bills of Exchange, &c. remarks on Glen's Convention of Royal Burghs, meeting of
Treatise on the Law of, 355

the, 246_Extraordinary meeting of,
Birman Empire, war between the East 758

India Company and the, 239, 366, Corn Markets, 123, 249, 378, 507, 634,

Births, 126, 254, 381, 510, 638, 766 Cromwell, Henri Quatre, Louis XIV.,
Boutourlin, Colonel, review of his history Buonaparte, comparison of, 569

of the campaign in Russia, 641 Cursory notices of several works on Elo.
Brazil, accounts from, 624

cution, 097
Brewster, Dr, letter of, respecting Oil Daniel M‘Millan, the Covenanter, ac-

Gas, and Professor Leslie's Photome. count of, 201
ter, 741

Death, 151
Brougham, Mr, assaulted in the lobby of Deaths, 127, 255, 382, 511, 639, 767
the House of Commons, 502

Defence of the Literary and Scientific
Bullock, Mr, review of his work on Institutions of Scotland from the term
Mexico, 218

“ Illegitimate,” 184
Buonaparte, Henri Quatre, Louis XIV. Defence of a letter on Miracles, 257, 550

and Cromwell, comparison of, 569 Dialogue between Byron and Burns, 699
Burghs, chief magistrates of, 631

Documents in the Coal and Oil Gas Con.
Bursting of an internal lake in Yorkshire, troversy-Statement of Professor Les.

lie, 736_Letter of Roderick M'Kenzie,

5 D

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