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but his Blood to be drank; or that, if he could, Bila the Benefit of eating, and drinking them, of To could be so great as he had promised; therebeefore they went away, and walked no more with lit: him, Ver. 66. Christ foreknew what corrupt and Glosses Men of latter Ages would put upon this is his Words, and how difficult it would be for Sare private Christians to break through Prejudices, fans and Mistakes, made current by the CounteMus nance and Traditions, of great Men. And pat perhaps there is no one Point in our Religion, het that requires more Labour, and Study, to be e rightly informed in, at this Day, than this of and which I am now speaking; I mean the true

difcerning of our Lord's Body in the Holy would Sacrament, and the Benefits promised to them Ten who receive it, in this fixth Chapter of 'St. her Fobri's Gospel. Let me prevail with any sen

lible Christian to read this Chapter with Serithe ousness and Attention, and especially from the en ene 26th to the 36th Verse, and again from the

goth to the 64th Verse, and to permit his own Reason to be judge of the Meaning and In

tention of our Saviour in this place; let him i hear the Voice of his Blessed Mafter speaking on him, and not be drawn afide by the artful ffes zf Popith, or mistaken Protestant Comordain such a Sacrament. Though when our Saviour fpake them, the Apostles themselves were thocked with them, because they were not yet acquainted with his Intention.

į ind I judge it impossible for him Ĉ tand such plain Declarations as kes, concerning the Sacrament

lood. They are plain to our Lord did afterwards



Certainly it is a Matter of great Importance rightly to understand Christ's Words in this Place. It does not appear that he did ever, in the whole Course of his Ministry, preach with more Earnestness and Emotion : He never used fuch Repetitions, and Inculcations of the fame Thing, in Variety of Phrases to the fame Purpose, as he does upon this Occasion. These are no vain Repetitions, but evident Demonstrations, that he spake concerning a Point of the greatest Consequence, and in which a Mistake would prove very dangerous. He was speaking of the only Sacrifice, the peculiar Worihip of his Church, the most sablime Ordinance that ever had been, or could be delivered to Men.. And this was a just Reason why he should insist on it with an unusual Warmth. Let others then labour for the Bread that perisheth, for the transitory fading Enjoyments of this Life: But let all honest Christians exercise their Care, and Industry, to work in their Hearts a just Notion of this sublime Mystery, and a fincere Faith of what Christ hath taught us concerning it ; and then let them reform their Thoughts, and Words, and Actions, so as to render them hienos 3


suitable to the End, and Design, of the Christian Sacrifice. This will indeed be a Work, but it is a Work well befitting a Christian. It is a Labour that shall not be in vain. For be who eats Christ's Fles, and drinks his Blood, bath eternal Life. To him, with the Father, and the Holy Ghost, be ascribed all Honour, Glory, &c. World without End. Amen.

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Devotions for the Altar.

I. Such Afts of Faith in Christ, as are necef

sary to make us good Communicants.

| BOW my Heart and Knees to thee, o

merciful God, and Father of our Lord 1 Jesus Christ, acknowledging that I am not by Nature able or worthy to offer up any Devotions to thee, with Assurance of being accepted; and confessing at the same Time thy Grace and Goodness, by which thou haft granted us Access to thee, through thy belova ed Son Christ Jesus, and encouraged me to confide in him, as the only Mediator and Advocate. I earnestly desire fo to consider the Miracles of his Birth, Life, Death, Relurrection, and Ascension, that I may grow and abound in the Faith of him, as the great Prophet that was to come into the World ; that by this Means I may be disposed to make a proper Use of his Mediatorfhip, by being constant and zealous in all the holy Duties and Services, which he demands of us, and to which he doth so strongly invite us, and in which he doth so powerfully afsift us, and


for which at last he will so plentifully reward us.

Above all the publick Services which I owe to thee, I desire not to be defective in that which is the most perfect of all, the Ordinance of thy Son's own. Institution, the receiving the Bread, and Cup, which he himself first blessed, and by which we are commanded to shew forth his Death, till his second coming to judge the World. And to the end that I may be fit and worthy to eat that Bread, which endureth to everlasting Life, do thou enable me to perform that Work, and Labour of Faith, which is necessary to

this Purpose. May I every Day more and ; more firmly believe Jesus Christ to be that

Lamb of God, who was offered as a Sacrifice to thee, O Heavenly Father, for taking away the Sins of the World ; that was offered in Mystery, under the Symbols of Bread and Wine. O may I, on all Occasions, so eat this Bread in the Kingdom of God here on Earth, that I may discern and perceive it to be the Seal of my Pardon, and of my future Resurrection to eternal Life. May I relish and digeft it by Faith, as the Bread of God, as enriched and consecrated by the Divine Spirit, through whom our Saviour offered himself to God for us.

Thou, O Jesus Christ, hast the Words of į eternal Life, and thou thyself hast said, My Flesh is Meat indeed, my Blood is Drink in




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