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to Dr. Hickes or Mr. Nelson, which might have rendered the Appendix still more agreeable and complete. N. B. Several incidental Things in the a

bovementioned Letters, which concerned particular Persons, whether living or dead, have been omitted, whilst other Passages, relating only to Principles or Parties of Men, have been suffered to go abroad, in order to fhew more fully what Opinion the Writer had of such Parties and Principles; and in this Light, it is hoped, the Reader will consider


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I. M R. Johnson's Life, Page i.

II. The Primitive Communicant, in three Discourses on the Sacrament of the EUCHARIST; in which the Sacrament of CHRIST and of the Church are fully explained,

Page 1.

III. Devotions for the ALTAR, 180. IV. A Sermon preached at Canter

BURY School- Feaft. With a Pre


face, hoewing that alphabetical
Letters were never used before
Moses, and he first learned an
Alphabet from God, from p.

209 to p. 288. Numb. xi. 29. Would God that

that all the Lord's People were Prophets, and that the LORD would put his SPIRIT upon them,


V. An Explanation of Daniel's Pro

phecy of the LXX Weeks, 289.

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OF THE Reverend Mr. JOHNSON, Late Vicar of Cranbrook in the County of Kent and Diocese of Canterbury.

YOHN JOHNSON was born Den

7 cember the 30th, 1662. He was the e Son of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Johnfon; Vicar of Frindsbury near Rochester, in Kent, by his Wife Mary the Daughter of the Reverend Mr. Francis Drayton, Rector of Little Chart in the same County within the Diocese of Canterbury.

His Father having been married about four Years died, leaving this Son and one Daughter to the Care of his Wife, with a small Estate, which lying near Canterbury, The settled in that City, where the continued :

a Widow

a Widow for above sixty Years, dying about the goth Year of her Age, about two Years after the Death of her Son. She put him to the King's School in that City, where he made such a Progress in the learned Languages, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, under Mr. Lovejoy, the then Master of that School, that when he was little more than fifteen Years of Age he was sent to St. Mary Magdalene College in Cambridge, where he was admitted under the Tuition of Mr. Turner, a Fellow of that House, March 4, 1675. And in Lent Term 1687 he took the Degree of Bachelor of Arts as a Member of that College. Soon after he was nominated by the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury to a Scholarship in Corpus Christi (commonly called Bennet) College, being of the Foundation of Matthew Parker, the first Archbishop of Canterbury, after the Settlement of the Reformation under Queen Elizabeth : To which he was admitted April 29, . 1682, under the Tuition of Mr. Beck, Fellow of that House. He took the Degree of Master of Arts as a Member of that College at the Commencement 1685. Soon after he entered into Deacon's Orders, and became Curate to Mr. Thomas Hardres at Hardres, near Canterbury. And was ordained Priest in King


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