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Page My Savionr and my king

62 My Saviour God, my sovereign privice... 40L My Savionr, my almighty friend.

98 My shepherd is the living Lord...

34 My shepherd will supply my need

35 My soul come meditate the day

350 My soul forsakes her vain delight.. 326 My soul, how lovely is the place

115 My son lies cleaving to the dust.. My soul repeat his praise...

145 My soul thy great creator praise..

146 My spirit looks to God alone..

83 My spirit sinks within me. Lord....

60 My thoughts on awful subjects roll... 300 My thoughts surmount these lower skies.. 413 My trust is in my heavenly friend..

9 Naked, as from the earth we came.. 232 Nature with all her powers shall sing... 321 Nature with open volume stands.

496 No, I shall envy them no more .........

353 No, Til repine at death no more........

382 No niore, ny God, I boast no more ....... 296 No sleep nor slumber to his eyes. ... 191 Nor eye has seen, nor ear has heard. 294 Not all the blood of beasts....

402 Not ali the outward forins on earth........ 290 Not by the laws of innocence...

251 Not ditterent food, nor different dress 304 Not from the dust affliction grows........ 283 Not the malicious or profane.

294 Not to condemn the sons of men.... 292 Not to our names thou only just and trie.. 163 Not to ourselves who are but dust ... 162 Not to the terrors of the Lord...

407 Not with onr mortal eyes ..

296 Now be my heart inspir'd to sing.

613 Now be the God of Israel bless d.

264 Now by the bowels of my God....

300 Now for a line of lofty praise..

345 Now from the roaring lion's rage

33 Now have our hearts embrac'd our God... 428 Now I'm convinc'd the Lord is kind... ICO Now in the gallries of his grace.... Now in the heat of yonthful blood.. 288 Now let a spacious world arise..

404 Now let oui lips with holy fear..

94 Now let our mournful songs record....... 33 Now let our pains be all forgot

429 Now let the father and the son....



Page Now let the Lord my Saviour smile..... 3449 Now may the God of power and grace.. 30 Now plead my cause, Almighty God.. 50 Now Satan comes with dreadful roar 410 Now shall my inward joys arise..

256 Now shall my solemn vows be paid.. 00 Now to the great and sacred Three.. 218 Now to the Lord a noble song..

347 Now to the Lord that makes us know... 270 Now to the power of God supreme....... 309 O all ye nations, praise the Lord........ 165 O bless the Lord, my soul.. O blessed souls are they. O Britain, praise thy mighty God

210 O for a shout of sacred joy

05 O for an overcoming faith..

999 O God my refuge, hear my cries..

78 O God of grace and righteousness.

6 O God of mercy, hear my call.. O God to whom revenge belongs.

131 O bappy man whose soul is fill d.

187 O happy nation where the Lord O happy soul that lives on high.

948 O how I love thy holy law...

171 o if my soul were formed for woe..... 384 O Lord, how many are my foes O Lord our heav'nly king

10 O Lord our Lord, how wondrous great.. 11 O that the Lord would guide my ways

175 o that thy statutes every hour.

177 o the almighty Lord....

318 O the delights, the heavenly joys...

374 O thou that lear'st when siuners cry. 76 O thou whose grace and justice reien. 184 O thou whose justice reigns on high.. 80 O what a stift rebellious house...

109 O'tis a lovely thing to see..

252 Of justice and of grace I sing

140 Often I seek my God by night.

276 Once more my soul the rising day.

394 Our days, alas! our mortal days.

343 Our God, how firm his promise stands. 3413 Our God our help in ages past..

194 Our sins, alas ! how strong they be.. 372 Our souls shall magnify the Lord

269 Our spirits join t' adore the Lamb

433 Out of the deeps of long distress.... 189 Plung'd in a gulph of dark despair.

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Pago Praise, everlasting praise be paid...

350 Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for thee.

88 Praise ye the Lord, exalt his name.

193 Praise ye the Lord, my heart shall join... 208 Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise. Preserve me, Lord, in time of need....... 20 Questions and doubts be heard no inore... 232 Raise thee, my soul, fly up and run....... 339 Raise your triumpbant songs....

383 Rejoice ye righteous in the Lord.

45 Remember, Lord, our mortal staté.. 129 Return, O God of Love, return..

126 Rise, rise, my soul, and leave the ground.. 330 Saints, at your heav'nly father's word.. 306 Salvation is for ever nigh

118 Salvation, O the joyful sound.

373 Save me, o God, the swelling floods

93 Save me, o Lord, fronı every foe See what a living stone

167 See where the great incarnate God... 260 Shall atheists dare insult the cross.

249 Shall the vile race of flesh and blood. 283 Shall we go on to sin-...

295 Shall wisdom cry aloud Shepherds! rejoice, lift up your eyes

231 Shew pity, Lord, O Lord forgive

75 Shine, mighty God, on Britain shine 01 Shont to the Lord, and let our joys.

375 Sin has a thousand treacherous arts 400 Sin like a venomous disease.

408 Sing all ye nations to the Lord...

90 Sing to the Lord aloud Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name..

132 Sing to the Lord that built the skies.. 328 Sing to the Lord with joyful voice..

1.30 Sing to the Lord ye distant lands..... 134 Sing to the Lord ye heav'nly hosts

357 Sitting around our father's board.... So did the Hebrew prophet raise.

997 So let onr lips and lives express....

307 So new-born babes desire the breast.. 312 Songs of immortal praise belong..

257 Soon as I heard my father say...

40 Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears .... 366 Stoop down, my thoughts, that use to rise. 337 Strait is the way, the door is strait........ 412 Sure there's a righteous God.. ......

109 Sweet is the mem'ry of thy grace.....

207 Sweet is the work, my God, my king.




Teach me the measure of my days........
Terrible God, that reign'st on high
Th' Almighty reigns exalted high
That awful day will surely come.
That man is blest who stands in awe.
The earth for ever is the Lord's.
The glories of my maker God...
The God Jehovah reigns,
Tlie God of glory sends his summons forth 73
The God of mercy be adord.
The God of our salvation bears...
The heavens declare thy glory, Lord....
The king of glory sends his son..
The king of saints, how fair his face ...




The king. O Lord, with songs of praise...
The lands that long in darkness lay.
The law commands, and makes us know.. 392
The Lord descending from above..
The Lord is come, the heav'ns proclaim... 135
The Lord, how wondrous are his ways...
The Lord of glory is my light.
The Lord of glory reigns, he reigns on bigh 130
The Lord the judge before his throne.
The Lord the judge his churches warns...
The Lord the sovereigu sends his summons
The mem'ry of or rdving Lord...
The mighty frame of glorious grace...
The praise of Sion waits for thee...
The promise of my father's love..
The promise was divinely free....
The true Messiab now appears...
The voice of my beloved sounds..
The wond'ring world enquires to know.
The wonders, Lord, thy love has wrought. 59
Thee will I love, O Lord my strength.
There is a house not made with hands...

There was an hour when Christ rejoic'd... 236


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137 218, 437

87 28 31 399

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69 145 388

1 429 253

86 421 398 327 274 278 359


296 pure delight...... 359

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Page These glorious minds,how bright they shine 256

Think, mighty God, on feeble man.. 103 This is the day the Lord hath made.

167 This is the word of truth and love.... 400 This spacious earth is all the Lord's...... 36 Thou art my portion, O my God..

170 Thou God of love, thou ever. blest..... 180 Thou whom my soul admires above . 273 Thrice happy man who fears the Lord.... 159 Thro’every age, eternal God...

103 Thus did the sons of Abraham pass....

393 Thus far the Lord has led me on..

282 Thus I resolv'd before the Lord...

56 Thus saith the first, the great command... Thus saith the high and lofty one..

285 Thus saith the Lord, the spacious tields.... 70 Thus saith the Lord, your work is vain..., 58 Thus saith the mercy of the Lord... Thus saith the ruler of the skies ...... Thus saith tie wisdom of the Lord..

289 Thus the eternal father spake

156 Thus the great Lord of earth and sea.... 156 Thy favours, Lord, surprise our souls...... 3411 'Thy mercies fill the earth, O Lord.

173 Thy name, almighty Lord....

165 Thy works of glory, mighty Lord..

154 Time what an empty vapour 'tis.

354 'Tis by the faith of joys to come..

396 'Tis by thy strength the mountains stand... 89 'Tis from the treasures of his word..

316 "Tis not the law of ten conimands

393 To God I cry'd with mournful voice ...... 106 To God I made my sorrows known

203 To God the father, God the son ...... 218, 4:38 To God the father's throne.

218, 440 To God the great, the ever blest.......... 150 To God the only wise...... To leaven I lift my waiting eyes..

181 To him that chose us first..

4 39 To our almighty maker God.

137 To our eternal God......

440 To thee, before the dawning light. 109 To thee, most boly and most high.

105 To thine almighty arm we owe..

26 'Twas by an order from the Lord

407 'Twas for thy sake, eternal God

96 'Twas from thy hand, my God, I came.... 200 "Twas in the watches of the night.. 'Twas on that dark that doleful night.

.... 420 Twas the commission of our Lord........ 265

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