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Then in the history o 98, The patient soul, th 199 Then in the Lord let 189 The peaceful gates o 35 Then I repent and ve 332 The pity of the Lord 145 Then let his pride a 23 The plants of grace $ 1.99 Then let me make th 53 The pleasures that al 381 'Then let my soul m 366 The powers of hell a 241 Then let our faith gr 250 The present momen 351 Then let our bumble 301 The proud bave fra 179 Then let our songs a 335 There all the leaven 361 Then let our souls ad 237 There are no acts of S6 Then let our souls in 355 There as in some pro 10 Then let the childre 299 There lound in cliai 373 Then let the king on 31 There David's great 13 Then let the last lou 323 There endless crowd 300 Then let the Name o 350 There everlasting sp 359 Then let the soverei 390 There from the boso 327 Then let the world f 144 There grow thy sain 199 Then let the world f 150 There vuilty shosts o 346 'Then man to daily la 147 There his full glories 371 The noble and the b 1.3 There I behold with 413 The northern pole, a 120 There's a new hear'n 23 Then shall he muke 300 There's an heritan 245 Then shall I love the 174 There is a stream w 65 Then slial! I see, an 129 There's full redempt 189 Then shall I see thy 233 There's none can kn 237 Then shall my cheer 7 There's none of all m 119 Then shall my heart 169 There I would vie wi 361 Then sball my soul 20. There, mighty God, 115 Then shall our active 335 There's not a sparró 390 Then shall our love a 204 There's nothing roun 327 Then shall the flocki 87 There on a green an 351 Then shall the Lord 13 There on a righ mai 310 Then shall the natio 114 There on the cursed 425 Then shall they ride 217 Tlcre our exalted s 366 Then shall thy neigh 29: There Perzia gloriou 10 Then shall we shine 190 Tere Satan the first 3:6 Then should tive eart 356 Tbere shall his sacie 13) Then should we see 397 There shall I bathe 3.9 Then spake the Savi 50 rbere shall I offer m Iben switt and dread 3924p shall I wear a 366 Then they might fig 34: There shall we drin 330 Then to his new cm 301ibere si ali me sil, a 372 Then to the Lor 152, 154 There shed thy choi 313 Then to thy throne, 395 There ships divide th 143 Then was the greats

There streams of en 29 Then, while ye hear 2:1 There the dark eart 19

Then why, my soul, 341 There the great mo 115 Then whal my thoug 280 There the Redeemer 371 Then will he own my 293 There the rich boun 426 Then will I make thy 77 There they could fin 151 Then will I raise my 50 There the young see 200 Then will I say, “ M 127 There to fulfil his sw 372 Then will I teach th 27 There shall we see h 338 The oath and promis 310 There were my bless 365 The opening i eavens 352 'l bere would i tind a 35 The orders of thy ho 67 The rich have statue 163 "The pains, the groan 339 The righteous Lord 1 15 The pangs of our ex 96 The righteous, with a 155 The passions of my h 42 The rising God iors 259 Tie pastures smile i 88


Tlie ri ing morning 325 The terror oi one fr 82 'rlie Rockot racis 17 The testimonies of t 170 The rolling cur, thec 29 .ne thing so long fo 3 The root of Davidh 23 The thirsty ridges dr 89 Tie royalsiorers bo 17 The threatenings of: 254 The sacrei irti h 10 The thunder of that 3-5 The saints 10m his 389 Toe thuiler of biss 106 The saints on earth, a 203 The thunders of his 417 The saints shall four ! The tongae, that mo 412 The saints slut mou 2:9 The tree of life ador 432 The saints unable to 191 The tiee of l te, that 424 The saint that trium 250 The trees of life imm 329 The scaly flocks ami 2 The troubled consci 38 The scoffer own th 186 The tunult of my th 38 The scribe and angr 168 The tumults of any th 103 The sea and sky mu 330ine types bore witne 399 These are the joys h 290 The unbeliezing wor 270 These are th: inen, t 37 The unvail'd glories 257 The second Adam sh 28 t'he vail of night is n 200 The seeds of joy and 137 The various months 90 These are a portion 419 The vengeance tu yo 287 These are the wound 433 Cie rices of the min 143 These lesser glories 12 The Virgin's promis' 237 These lively hopes w 38+The virtue of his sov 9 These on my lieart a 201 The vital savour of h 301 These on my heart 3 The voluine of my F 391 These sacred words i 302 The want of sight sh 395 Trese temples of his 66 The watcimen join t 236 These weapons of th 403 The waters stw thee, 108 The shadow of thy w 85 The waves lay spread 11 The shining worids a 219 The waves ot swellin 371 The smilings of thy f 375 The Faves of trouble 372 The softest couch th 409 Tile wealthy sinnerli 90 The soft'ned ridges o 89 The whole creation c 314 The sons of earth an 34 The wlole creation j 271 The sons of good old 108 The whole chiscourse 16 The sons of violence 8 The wicked borrow3 54 The sorrows of them 338 Tie wicked shall his 159 The soul that seeks 299 The wicked shail sin 14 The sovereign Kingo 317 The widow and the f 92 The sovereigo will o 20 The will young lions 48 The sparjous earth, 317 The King of every n 206 The Sparrow build's 115 The woinar's seed sh 295 The sparrow chuses 114 The words of his ext 298 The sparrow, for her 116 The work, O Lord, i 168 The Spirit takes deli 212 The works and wond 407 The Spirit like a pea 306 he world beheid th 186 The Spirit like some 290 The world is manag’ 207 The Spirit shall desc 59

The world's foundati 146 The Spirit wrought 241 The worlds of natur 2:29 The starry curtains o 142 The world to come, 13 The starry heaven th 171 The wretch that dea 140 The strings that iwin 381 They broke the cove 109 The sun shall see his 122 Tbey can't releem o 69 The sun supplies the 195 They die in Jesas, an 240 The sure provisions o 35 They dread thiy glitt 89 The swallow near th 314 The year rolls round 352 The swelling billows 146 They find access at 313 The swelling tide ha 184 They first their own 314 The sword, the pesti 127 They fly like chaff b 50

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They give a loose to 287) 'This is the Man, th' 375
They go from streng 116 This is the man whos 188
They groan'd; and c 51 This is the pillar of 250
They hate me, Lord, 179 Tbis is the sense that 249
They hate my soul w 94 This is the spouse of 284
They hate the appea 252 This is your portion 409
They have drawn out 54 This life's a dream, 24
They know not, Lord 113 This man at humblé 307
They leave their nat 153 This mortal life dec 57
They love the road t 50 This northern isle, o 321
They mark'd the foo 401 This remedy did wis 300
They mourn their fo 43 This shall be known 142
They plant their sua 50 This shall his humbl 96
They put thy judgme 14This shail invite thy 44
They saw him cleave 109 This Sodom felt, and 333
They saw the plague 109 1 his soul-reviving w 430
They saw thy wonde 151 This the old rebel-a 333

They say, The Lord 131 This was compassio 422
They scorn to seek o 354 This was my comfort 174
They shall be seiz'd' 78 Those are the praye 229
'They shall be taken 261 Those heaps of wrat 257
They shall find rest t 305 Those holy gates for 294
They sow the fields, 155 Those mighty orbs p 261
They taste of all thé 353 Those sott, those ble 375
They that would gro 158 Those that in wealth 284
They thirst; and wa 150 Those that on earth 129
They tread my hono 95 Those wand'ring cist 89
They tarn'd their ey 311 Those watchful eyes 415
They watch to do th 71 Thon art a God belo 8
They'li waft us soone 126 Thou art all fair my 277
They wrest my word 80 Thou art my everlas 98
They wound bis hea 34 Thou art my God, m 55
Thine ancient famil 427 Thou art the earnest 313
Thine anger like a p 63 Thou art the sea of I 377
Thine anger turns ou 125 Thou didst divide th 104
Thine arrows stick w 55 Though saints to sor 14
Thine arrows throt 108 Thou givest me thel 83
Thine eyes did all m 200 Thou great and good 85
Thine eye with nices 202 Thou hast begun to s 117
Thine hand shall find 32 Thou hast inclin'd t 170
Thinc honours crow 11 | Thou hast prepar'd t 429
Thine honour shall f 367 Thou bast redee 229, 245
Think of the tribes s 103 Thou last secur'd in 80
Think, O my soul, t 357) Tbou lovely chief of 384
Think on the covena 10. Thou spread'st the c 283
This awful God is ou 338 Thou sun with dazz 212
This flesh of mine m 381 Thou sun with golde 215
This golden lesson 255 Thou wilt arise and s 141
This holy bread and 421 Thou wilt display th 18
This infant is the mi 238 Thou wilt prepare o 15
This is my body bro 420 Thou wilt regard my 79
This is the comfort i 177 Thou wilt reveal the 22
'This is the field whe 391 Tho' all created ligh52
This is the folly of th 68 Tho' dragons all aro 61
This is the glorious 168 Tho' greedy worms 233
This is the grace tha 313 Tho' I have griev'dt 76
This is the Judge tha 391 Tho' in ourselves def 273
This is the sighi prep 240 Tho' in the dust i la 21
This is the man did o 34 Tho' I walk thro' the 34
This is the man may 36 Tho' once he bow'd 979

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Tho' seed lie buried 184 | Thus with my thoug
Tho'tis thy chief de 32 | Thy all-surrounding 201
Tho' while be treads 157 Thy awful glories ro 203
Thrice happy man ! 127 Thy body slain, swe 326

Thro' all his ancient 418 Thy changing seaso 211 Thro' all his works h 417 Thy chl'dren are sec 211 Thro' all the danger 325 Thy children, from 43 Thro' every age the 193 Thy church is in ti 111 Thro' fields, and tow 149 Thy counsels, Lord, 101 Thron'd on a cloud 69 Thy cruel thorns, th 434 Thro' seas and storm 386 Thy Father and thy 62 Thro' the wide air th 257 Thy foes in vain desi 358 Thro' the whole ear 157 Thy glories infinitely 373 Thro' this vain worl 198 Thy glorious deeds o 207 Thro' wat'ry deeps a 90 Thy goodness grants 31 Thus arm'd he sent t 403 | Thy goodness low d 42 Thus by thy judgmen 14 Thy grace shall dwe 207 Thus did eternal loy 266 Thy grace shall in th 16 Thus did our sufferin33 Thy hand in spite of 35 Thus doth th' eterna 400 Thy hand my heart 202 Thus doth the Lord 237 | Thy hands, dear Jesu 382 Thus Gabriel sang 231 | Thy band shall onr 258 Thus God the Father 436 Thy hands have mad 180 Thus glorious in the 405 Thy honours, o vict 247 Thus guarded by th' 150 Thy justice shall ma 52 Thus he supports his 410 Thy law is ever in m 58 Thus in the great Me 94 Thy laws, o God, ar 62 Thus in the Name of 23 Thy light and truth $ 61 Thus later saints, Ete 302 Thy mercy stretches 84 Thus let our flaming 322 Thy morning light, a 89 Thus, Lord, thy won 31 Thy Name is writ in 395 Thus Lydia sanctifie 302 | Thy noblest wonders 29 Thus might I hide m 326 Thy power and glory 398 Thus on the heavepl 192. Thy power assists the 12 Thus saith the Lord, 134 Thy power bath for 319 Thus shall their mig 256 Thy power the whol 375 Thus shall the men t 188 Thy praise, more co 166 Thus shall the natio 247 | Thy precepts make 171 Thus shall the venge 82 Thy precepts often I 172 Thus shall the wond' 88 Thy promises are tr 131 Thus shall they learn 109 Thy providence is ki 51 Thus shall this movi 328 Thy righteousness is 99 Thus shall we best p 308 Thy saints attend wit 435 Thus the appointed 109 Thy saints in all this 254 Thus the Redeemer c 425 Thy sceptre well be 99 Thus they are blest, 155 Thy scorn derides th 375 Thus till my last exp 84 Thy seed shall make 149 Thus to his son he's 119 Thy shining grace ca 376 Thus to the parents 299 Thy solemn vows ar 80 Thus we begin the la 355 Thy sure defence, th 31 Thus we engage ours 265 Thy sword shall give 85 Thus were the hosts 253 Thy threat'nings wa 30 Thus were the tribes 150 Thy throne eternal a 360 Thus when on Aaron 192 | Thy throne, o God 63,64 Thus when our first 152 | Thy thunder shall af 14 Thus when the night 282 Thy truth and justic 206 Thus wlien the saints 254 | Thy vict'ries and thy 373 Thus will he pour sal 236 Thy voice to me sou 275 Thus will the flesh an 403 Thy voice with terro 108 Thus will we mount 340 Thy walls are streng 356


Thy wife shall be a f 188 "ris thy own Son, an 112 Thy winged troops, 331 'Tis to his care we o 93 Thy won l'rous blood 344 Dis with a mournful 60 Thy wonders to thy s 126 'Tis written in thy gr 39 Thy word command 124 To all that's good av 48 Thy word I've hid wi 176 To all the isle his law 911 Thy word is everlasti 171 To briog the gloriou 230 Thy word, like silver 17 To Christ th' anointe 441 Thy word, o Lord, t 16 To craggy hills ascen 147 Thy words the ragin 120 To David and his ru 26 Thy word with light 103 To-day attend his vo 133 Thý works pronounc 88 To-day he rose and l 167 Thy works with sove 206 To fear thy power, t 159 Till the day break, a 276 To God I cry'd whe 199 Till God diffuse his g 301 To God the son belo 439 Till God in human R 406 To God the Spirit's 439 Till God's own son d 38 To heave. they listt 71 Till thou hast broug 281

to him be sacred all 321 Time like an ever-ro 125 To hin that wash'd 427 Tird with the burde 6 To him the poor lift 47 'Tis a broad land of 173 To humble souls and 48 'Tis all in vain, till G 187 To Jesus let our prai 391 'Tis a young heaven 424 To Jesus, our atonin 270 "Tis but a few whose 125 To Lebanon he turns 41 "Tis but at best a nar 313 To mcditate ihy pre 178 "Tis by the merits of 406 To our Redeemer Go 265 'Tis by thine aid our 26 To praise the Father 218 'Tis by thy death we 255 To praise the Father 438 'Tis Edom's blood ih 247 Tormenting thirst sh 257 "Tis faith that change 310 To sit one day benea 115 'Tis faith that conqu 310 To spend one sacred 117 'Tis tinish'd, our Im 389 To the dear fontain 374 "Tis from his wat'ry 8 To thee, and thee al 376 'Tis from the mercy 297 To thee, dear Lord, 367 'Tis God's inimitable 232 To thee I lift my han 85 'Tis God that brings 154 To thee my spirits # 377 'Tis God that lifts ou 232 To thee ten thousan 336 'Tis good for me to 179 To thee the voices o 12 'Tis he adorn'd my n 241 To thee, to thee, al 379 'Tis be by his almigh 297 To ihee we owe our 377 'Tis he forgives thy s 144 To the great One an 437 'Tis he, my soul, tha 143 To this dear cov'nan 421 "Tis he supports my 324 To this dear surety's 320 'Tis he that sirds me 25 To those that fear a 270 'Tis high as heaven, 418 To thy great Name, 364 'Tis his almighty lov 265 Touch'd with a syin 304 'Tis like the oil divin 192 Touch mine anointe 149 "Tis like the ointme 193 To vindicate my wo 235 'Tis like the sun, a h 171 To what a stubborn 364 "Tis love thai makes 343 Treasures of everlast 249 "lis no surprising thi 272 Tremble, my sou 331,346 "Tiz not by works of 297 Tremble, ye sinners, 33 'Tis not for such poo 336 Crities of nature or ó 332 "Tis not the blood wh 394 Triumph and reign v 258 'Tis pleasant as the 192 True, 'tis a strait an 263 Tis pleasant to belie 297 True to the solemn 252 "Tis fafer, Lord, to h 166 Trust bim, ye saints 83 'Tis sovereign merc 354 Trust in the Lord, fo 234 'Tis thro' the Lord m 166 Turn, turn thee to m 33 'Tis thro' the purcha 297 Turn, turn us might 365

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