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fact is certain, and the reason will then proceed to sell these certifibe evident to those who know that cates to such persons, as, although confessors hold the keys of heaven immoral in their conduct, are not and of hell.

sufficiently impious to attend this When Charles IV. succeeded to sacred ordinance. Is it possible to the throne, in the very commence conceive a more horrid profanation ment of his reign, by the advice of than such a sacramental test? his favourite, he issued a decree Should the present struggle beseparating for ever the employments tween France and Spain, terminate of inquisitor and confessor to the in the restoration of the constitution crown: and he took for his confes- to its original integrity, there can

an ecclesiastick, named Cama- be no doubt that the Cortes will cho, a person universally esteemed find it expedient to abolish the infor his moderation and his prudence. quisition, and to invite foreigners,

This was a good beginning, and of all religious persuasions, to settle had the times been favourable, I have in the country. no doubt that he would have proceed As a friend to Spain, and a warm ed to restrain the power of that tri. wisher for her prosperity, I please bunal, or would have abolished it. myself in the anticipation of her fuAs long as the inquisition shall re ture felicity, when good government main, neither arts, manufactures, shall give security to person and to commerce, religion, nor morality, property; and, by establishing pubcan prosper. The Moors in Spain lick credit, promote agricultural imwere the principal agriculturalists, provements through every part of and the only manufacturers. The the peninsula. Happy will it be for Jews were merchants. These were her, if, in the wisdom of her counall expelled or burnt by that perse- cils, she shall close her eyes against cuting court. The good bishop of the false glitter of distant conquest Oviedo, when he was lamenting the and dominion, cultivate the arts of immorality which universally pre- peace,gfinish her canals, give vent to vailed in Spain, comforted himself her commodities, and find true in the reflection, that his country- wealth in the industry of her inha

were wholly free from the bitants, instead of seeking imaginary charge of infidelity. I did not think wealth in the gold and silver of it expedient to remind him that, Peru. whilst the French ran riotously after With the extensive territory, vaphilosophick infidelity, other nations ried climates, and highly productive might quietly remain with all their soil, which she commands at home, faculties benumbed by the torpid should she abandon her foreign posinfidelity of ignorance, and that sessions, by which she has been, is, both species were. equally produc- and ever will be, enfeebled and tive of inmorality.

impoverished; should she 'carefully In Spain, the inquisition requires avoid offensive war, and confine all that all, who are come to years of her views and efforts to internal imdiscretion, shall receive the sacra provement, she will rapidly double ment at Easter, and every person is and quadruple her inhabitants, she obliged to deliver in a certificate of will increase in wealth, she will bethe place where the confession was come invulnerable, and will enjoy taken, and the sacrament administer- uninterrupted peace. cai to him.

In these circumstances, she will What is the consequence ? Com- be resorted to, for traffick, by all the non prostitutes, at Easter, hasten nations of the earth, and will be, in from church to church, to confess, Europe, what China has been from and to receive the sacrament, and remote antiquity in Asia.



lish, in quarto, with the numerous
Sir_The preceding pages were highly finished drawings I made in
intended as a preface to a new edi. Spain; and the addition of such ma-
tion of my Spanish travels, and will terials as I have since received from
be introduced if I should live to my Spanish friends.
publish another edition of that work.

I am, sir,
This I, probably, shall never do, Your obedient humble servant,
unless the times should be more fa-

JOSEPH TOWNSEND. vourable, in which case I shall pub

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INSTINCT OF ANIMALS. THE late John Barlow, esq. of calling off the dog; which she did, Rhodes, near Middleton, Lancashire, and so, through the courage and had a fine Newfoundland dog in his fidelity of her canine friend, she keeping, which, for many years, was escaped whatever wickedness the a domestick in the family; the guar- villains had concerted. dian of their property, and the con

The fondness and affection of this stant companion of his master. The animal for his master, was almost general hour of Mr. B's return in unparalleled. If, in Mr. B's absence, the evening, was known to T088, any of the family would say: “ Toss, who, on some occasions, was not your master is coming,” he would permitted to accompany his master; immediately abandon even a delicate yet as soon as the clock had struck bone, in hopes to meet him; and if, nine, the anxious animal would no at the time, he found himself cheatlonger be confined, nor indulge him- ed or deceived, he would growl, and self on a warm hearth, but go in show by his looks, that he was afsearch of his master, and seldom fronted. During Mr. Barlow's last failed to find, and to conduct his sickness, the faithful creature could charge back one or two miles on the not be prevailed on to quit the bedroad. On week days, nothing was so

side; and when he saw the coflin, gratifying to this sensible brute, as which contained the remains of his a walk with some of the family; par- beloved master, taken out of the ticularly with Mr. Barlow. But, on house to be put into the hearse, his Sundays, T088 knew his place, as, grief was inconsolable. This he well as the day. No artifice or temp- manifested by howling, and by every tation could then induce him to sign of real grief. After this, Tos: leave the house. His business was to could never be so far deceived, as guard the premises in the absence to be prevailed on to go and seek of the family; whether at home or his master; and when told that he abroad, by night or by day, the pro was coming, or desired to go and tection of Tos: was considered as meet him, he would gently move equal to a guard of armed men. his head, and, with a melancholy, Once, when Mrs. Barlow's maid was significant look, silently reprove his sent on an important errand, late in deceiyers. To88 never overcame this the evening, she was attacked by shock. The rest of his short and distwo brutal wretches, who might consolate life was spent in going the have accomplished their horrid pur same rounds, in the neighbourhood, poses, had not Tos8 immediately he had, in happier days, so freseized one of the ruffians, and held quently trod with his master; when, him in extreme torture, till the as it is supposed, and as I firmly other offered to desist from rifling believe) grief put an end to his px's the young woman, provided she istence. would rescue his accomplice, by


And grew so coy, and nice to please,

As women's lookes are often soe, He might not kisse, nor hand forsooth,

Unlesse I willd him soe to doe.

THE ORIGINAL BALLAD, " GENTLE HERDSMAN, TELL TO ME.” From which, it is presumed, Dr. Goldsmith

derived the Idea of his

Edwin and Angelina." GENTLE herdsman, tell to me,

Of courtesy I thee pray~ Unto the towne of Wallsingham

Which is the right and ready way:

Thus being wearyed with delayes,

To see I pityed not his greeffe, He goes him to a secrett place,

And there he dyed without releeffe.

And, for his sake these weedes I weare,

And sacrifice my tender age; And every day I'll beg my bread,

To undergoe this pilgrimage.

s« Unto the towne of Walsingham,

The way is hard for to be gone, And very crooked are those pathes

For you to find out all alone.”
Were the miles doubled thrise,

And the way never so ill,
It were not enough for mine offence;

It is so grevous, and so ill. " Thy yeares are young, thy face is faire, Thy wits are weake, thy thoughts are

greene; Time hath not given thee leave as yet

For to commit so great a sinne!

[blocks in formation]

Yes herdsman, yes, soe wou’dst thou say,

If thou knewest so much as I; My wits, and thoughtes, and all the rest,

Have well deserved for to dye.

I am not what I seeme to bee,

My clothes and sexe doe differ faire; I am a woman, woe is mee!

Born to greeffe, and irksome care. For my beloved, and well beloved,

My wayward cruelty could kill; And though my teares will nought avail,

Most dearely I bewail him still.

[By T. Chatterton.]

1. O GOD! whose thunder shakes the sky,

Whose eye this atom globe surveys; To Thee, my only rock, I fly,

Thy mercy in this justice praise. The mystick mazes of thy will,

The shadows of celestial light, Are past the power of human skill, But what th' eternal acts in right.

2. O teach me, in the trying hour,

When anguish swells the dewy tear, To still my sorrows, own thy power,

Thy goodness love, thy justice fear. If in this bosom aught but Thee

Encroaching sought a boundless sway, Omniscience could the danger see,

And mercy take the cause away.

He was the flower of noble wights,

None ever more sincere colde bee Of comelye mien and shape he was,

And tenderlye he loved mee.

When thus I sawe he loved me well,

I grew so proude his paine to see, That I, who did not know myselfe,

Thought scorne of such a youth as hee.

[blocks in formation]

Forbid the sigh, compose my mind,

Nor let the gush of misery flow.
The gloomy mantle of the night,

Which on my sinking spirits steals,
Will vanish at the morning light,

Which God, my east, my sun, reveals."

3 Then why, my soul, dost thou complain?

Why dropping seek the dark recess?
Shake off the melancholy chain,

For God created all to bless.
But, ah ! my breast is human still,

The rising sigh, the falling tear.
My languid vitals' feeble rill,
The sickness of my soul declare.

But yet with fortitude resigned,

I'll thank th' Inflictor of the blow;

Who that, recollects the dreadful fate of this astonishing boy, can feel less than an agony of sorrow, to think that these admirable sentiments did not ultimately prevail in his mind?

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. O COMMUNICATIONS for this head, from authors and booksellers, post paid, will be inserted free of expense. Literary advertisements will be printed upon the covers at the usual price.

Articles of literary intelligence inserted, by the Booksellers, in the United States' GAZETTE, will be copied into this Magazine without further order. RECENT AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS. pitals and lecture rooms of the metropolis:

explained by the clearest rules, for the By Hopkins & Earle, Philadelphia,

use of students, &c. To this American Republished-Nubilia in Search of a

edition is added, The Ruyschian Art and Husband.

Method of making Preparations to exhibit Letters and Reflections, of the Austrian

the structures of the human body, illus. Field Marshal Prince de Ligne.

trated with a representation of the QuickMarmion; a Tale of Floddenfield. By silver Tray and its Appendages. Walter Scott, Esqblish Edition, Elegant, miniature.

By M. Carey, Philadelphia, Beattie's Works, complete together with

Republished—The Cabinet of Momus; the Life and Poems of James Hay Beattie. being a choice selection of humorous

Beattie's Moral Science, a school edi. poems from Pindar, Freneau, Ladd, tion.

Swift, Penwarne, Humphreys, Taylor, Lectures on Natural Philosophy. By Colman, Hopkinson, Harrison, Pitt, &c. &c. the Rev. John Ewing, D. D. Revised and Embellished with engravings. corrected by Robert Patterson.

The Foundling of the Forest; a play in Travels in Russia, and Sweden, in 1805, three acts. By Dimond. 1806, 1807, and 1808. By Robert Ker Medical Inquiries and Observations. By Porter.

Benjamin Rush, M. D. A new edition in 4. A Letter on the Genius and Dispositions

vols. of the French Government; including a

Published-Nos. 1 and 2, of the Thes. View of the Taxation of the French Èm- pian Monitor and Dramatick Mirror. By pire, and addressed to a Friend. By an Barnaby Bangbar, Esq. American recently returned from Europe.

Weems's Life of Gen. Washington. The Principles of Midwifery; including By Bradford and Inskeep, Philadelphia, the Diseases of Women and Children. By Published A History of New York, John Burns, Lecturer of Midwifery, and from the beginning of the World to the Member of the faculty of Physicians and end of the Dutch Dynasty; containing, a. Surgeons, Glasgow. With Notes, by N. mong many surprising and curious matChapman M. D. Honorary Member of the ters, the Unutterable Ponderings of WalRoyal Medical Society, Edenburgh, Mem ter the Doubter, the Disastrous Projects ber of the American Philosophical Society, of William the Testy, and the Chivalrick and of the College of Physicians, Philadel. Achievements of Peter the Headstrong, phia, Lecturer on Midwifery and the dis- the three Dutch Governours of New Ameases of Women and Children, Philadel. sterdam; being the only authentick history phia, &c. &c.

of the Times that ever hath been, or ever By A. Finley & W. H. Hopkins, and others, will be published. By Diedrich KnickerPhiladelphia.

bocker. Embellished with a view of New Republished–The London Dissector; or Amsterdam, now New York, as it apSystem of Dissection, practised in thc hos peared about the year 1640.


By W. W. Woodward, Philadelphia. for which title Page and Index are inclu. Republished–The Posthumous Works ded, together with a beautiful likeness of of the late Rev. John Newton.

Mrs. Wignell (late Mrs. Warren) drawn By C. & A. Conrad & Co. Philadelphia. by Dunlap, and engraved by Edwin.

Published-American Artillerist's Com. By E. F. Bacchus, Albany, New York, panion, or, Elements of Artillery. Treat Republished Hooper's Vade Mecum. ing of all kinds of fire arms in detail, and By Thomas Day, Esq. Hartford, Conn. of the formation, object and service of the Published-An Essay on the Law of Flying or Horse Artillery: In two octavo Usury, by Mark Ord, Esq. Barrister at volumes. Accompanied with a quarto vo Law. Third edition: comprising the later lume containing sixty seven plates, with decisions in England, Ireland, and Ametheir explanations. (The volumes embel- rica. By Thomas Day, Counsellor at Law. lished with portraits of Gen G. Washing. 8vo. pp. 160. 1 dol. 25, boards. ton and the author.) By Louis De Tousard, By Samuel Avery, Boston, member of the society of the Cincinnati; Published-Fun for every day in the late lt. col. adjoint to the general staff in year!-Or, Food for all Palates. A choice the armies of H. I. and R. M. late lt. col. collection of the best Jest's and Witticisms. commandant of the second regiment, and Price 25 cents. inspector of artillery of the United States. By T. B. Wait, and Co. Boston. Price sixteen dollars, handsomely bound Published-Remarks on the Honourable and lettered.

John Q. Adams's Review of Mr. Ames's

Works; with some Strictures on the Views By J. Milligan, Georgetown, Col.

of the Author. Republished The Parents Assistant or Stories for Children. By Maria Edgeworth.

By Lincoln and Edmunds, Boston, Author of Practical Education, and Let

Published-Memoirs of Mrs. Eleanor ters for Literary Ladies. In 3 vols. price Life, with some of her writings. To which

Emerson. Containing a brief Sketch of her $2 50 bound. By Philip H. Nicklin & Co. Baltimore,

is added, the Rev. Mr. Worcester's Ser. Published–The American Law Journal mon, occasioned by her death. Price 25 and Miscellaneous Repertory, containing adjudged cases in the Supreme Court of

By Thomas & Whipple, Newburyport, the United States; adjudged cases in the

Published--A NasiSystem of Modern Circuit, District, and State Courts of the Geography; or, awqneral Description of

all the considerable Countries in the United States, opinions of eminent counsellors, notices of new publications, essays

world. Compileıl from the latest European

and merican Geographies, Vogages, and on legal questions, biographical memoirs of eminent judges, lawyers and statesmen, mies. By Elijah Parish, D. D. Minister of

Travels. Designed for Schools and Acadecongressional and parliamentary debates, on momentous questions, legai informa: Byfield, Massachussetts, author of " A tion respecting the most important laws of Compendious System of Universal Geograthe different States. By John E. Hall, of phy;" &c. &c. Ornamented with Maps. Baltimore. Vol. II.

Though Geography is an earthly subject, Seu linguam causis acuis, seu civica jura

it is a heavenly study." Burke.

Price one dollar.
Respondere paras.
By E. Sergeant, New York,

Also-A Compendious System of UniRepublished-Hints on the National

versal Geography, designed for Schools. Bankruptcy of Britain; and her resources

Compiled from the latest and most dis, to maintain the recent contest with France. tinguished European and American Tra. By John Bristed.

vellers, Voyagers, and Geographers. By Also, in one neat pocket volume, price Elijah Parish, D. D. Second edition, with one dollar, in extra boards, The Letters many Improvements. of Junius.

PROPOSED AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS. By John Teibout, New York, Republished-A Classical Dictionary.

M. Curey, Philadelphia. Containing a copious account of all the Proposes to republish-Don Sebastian, proper Names mentioned in ancient Au. or the House of Braganza; a Romance, 4 thors, with the value of coins, weights, vols. in two. By Miss Porter, authoress of and measures used among the Greeks Thaddeus of Warsaw, &c. &c. and Romans, and a Chronological Table. The Criminal Recorder; or Select Cri. By J Lempriere, D. D. The first American minal Trials. edition. Price 4 dolls. 50 cents.

Sterne’s Sentimental Journey, through By D. Longworth, New York, France and Italy. Published-No. III. of The Rambler's W. W. IT godward, Philadelphia. Magazine; completing the first volune, To republish-A Defence of a Treatise,

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