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They brought his chariot from above,
To bear him to his throne;
Clapp'd their triumphant wings, and cry'd,
"The glorious work is done.".

151. C. M. WATTS'S P.

Chrift's Kingdom and Priesthood. JESUS, our Lord, afcend thy throne,

And near thy Father fit:

In Zion fhall thy pow'r be known,
And make thy foes fubmit.

What wonders fhall thy gofpel do !
Thy converts fhall furpafs

The num'rous drops of morning-dew,
And own thy fov'reign grace.
God hath pronounc'd a firm decree,
Nor changes what he swore;
"Eternal fhall thy priesthood be,
"When Aaron's is no more.

"Melchifedek, that wond'rous prieft,
"That King of high degree,
"That holy man who Abra'm bleft,
"Was but a type of thee."

Jefus our Prieft for ever lives
To plead for us above;
Jefus our King for ever gives
The bleffings of his love.

God fhall exalt his glorious head,

And his high throne maintain;

Shall ftrike the pow'rs and princes dead,
Who dare oppofe his reign.

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OW fhall I my Savior fet forth?
How fhall I his beauties declare ?


O how fhall I fpeak of his worth,
Or what his chief dignities are!
His angels can never exprefs,

Nor faints who fit nearest his throne,
How rich are his treasures of grace;
No! this is a myft'ry unknown.

In him all the fulness of God,
For ever tranfcendently thines;
The Father's Anointed he stood
To finish his gracious defigns:
Tho once he was nail'd to the cross,
Vile rebels like me to fet free,
His glory fuftained no lofs,

Eternal his kingdom shall be.
His wifdom, his love, and his pow'r,
Seem'd then with each other to vie,
When finners he ftoop'd to reftore,
Poor finners condemned to die!
He laid all his grandeur afide,

And dwelt in a cottage of clay :
Poor finners he lov'd till he dy'd,
To wash their pollutions away.

O finners, believe and adore
This Savior fo rich to redeem !
No creature can ever explore
The treasures of goodness in him.


Come, all ye who see yourselves loft
And feel yourselves burden'd with fin,
Draw near while with terror you're toss'd,
Believe, and your peace fhall begin.


The Keys of the unfeen World in Chrift's Hand. & baA

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The fpacious world unfeen is his,

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And fov'reign pow'r becomes him mork

In fhame and torment once he dy❜d.;
But now he lives for evermore :

Bow down, ye faints, around his feat,
And, all ye angel-bands, adore.

So live for ever, glorious Lord,

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To crush thy foes, and guard thy friends; el o While all thy chofen tribes rejoice,

That thy dominion never ends.

Worthy thy hand to hold the keys,

Guided by wisdom, and by love; Worthy to rule o'er mortal life,

O'er worlds below, and worlds above. son ve When death thy fervants fhall invade,

When pow'rs of hell thy church annoy, an a Controul'd by thee, their rage fhall help

The cause they labour'd to destroy. (4) ne sa

For ever reign, victorious King:


Wide thro' the earth thy name be known; AN And call my longing foul to fing

Sublimer anthems near thy throne.

154. L. M.

The Interceffion of Chrift.

ESUS has fhed


his vital blood,


To bring my wand'ring foul to God And ftill to manifeft his love,

He lives, and pleads for me above.

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Father, I will," the Savior cries,

"That this poor foul at length may rise
"From all the depths of fin and woe,
"The riches of my grace to know.
"Now let his fins be all forgiv'n,
"And guide him in the path to heav'n;
tr I have redeem'd his foul from hell,
"With me he fhall for ever dwell.
"To fave his life, thy Son was flain,
"He is the purchase of my pain;
"I claim my right, and urge my plea,
"That he may reign in blifs with me.
"He shall behold me face to face,
"And dwell in this celeftial place,
"Far from the reach of foes, and fears;
My love fhall wipe away his tears.

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"His pains and toils fhall have an end; "His happy foul to God afcend;

"Soon he fhall reach the peaceful shore, "Where fin fhall wound his heart no more.

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Father, I will, that he should prove,

"The wonders of redeeming love;
"That he may all my glories see,
And fit upon thy throne with me."


155. C. M.

WATTS, altered.

The Glory of Chrift in Heaven.

H, the delights, the heav'nly joys,
The glories of the place,

Where Jefus fheds the brightest beams
Of his o'erflowing grace.

Sweet majefty and awful love
Sit fmiling on his brow,
And all the glorious ranks above
At humble distance bow.

Princes to his imperial name

Bend their bright fceptres down; Dominions, thrones and pow'rs rejoice To fee him wear the crown.

Archangels found his lofty praise
Thro' ev'ry heav'nly ftreet,
And lay their higheft honors down
Submiffive at his feet.

Those foft, thofe bleffed feet of his,
That once rude iron tore,
High on a throne of light they fland,
And all the faints adore.

His head, the dear majestic head,
That cruel thorns did wound,
See what immortal glories fhine,
And circle it around!

This is th' eternal Son of God,
Whom we, unfeen, adore:
But when our eyes behold his face,
Our hearts fhall love him more.

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