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Chrift the Captain of bis People.

OES full of might and malice ftand


To each believer's view;

Lord, take thy conqu❜ring fword in hand;
Go forward, and fubdue.

And as the fight will day by day
With vigor be renew'd,

Lord, drive thy people's foes away,
And keep their fears fubdu'd.

And when the war is o'er they'll fing
The conqueft of thy fword;
And make the arch of heaven ring
With " Victory to the Lord."

162. C. M. PEACOCK, altered.
Chrift coming from Edom, &c.

EHOLD the mighty Savior comes
From Edom's hoftile plains!


A crimson vefture he affumes;
And blood his raiment ftains.
From Bozrah, glorious he appears:
His robes with vict'ry fhine:
Complete falvation, lo he wears,
With majefty divine!

Why thus array'd almighty God,
In vefts of purple glow;

With garments dy'd in ftreams of blood,
That from the wine-prefs flow?

"The wine-prefs I myself have trod ;
"And with me there was none :
"All ftrength, and all falvation flood
Complete in me alone."

When none around the throne could bear
The veng'ance of a God;
Then did the Son of Man appear

In garments dipt in blood.

Alone he flood, alone he fell,"
Alone the Conqu'ror rofe,
Alone he burft the bars of hell,
And trampled on his foes.


163. C. M.

Chrift the fure Foundation.

NHRIST is the fure Foundation-Stone,
Which God in Zion lays,

To build our heav'nly hopes upon,

And his eternal praise.

Chofen of God, to finners dear,

And faints adore his name;
They reft their whole falvation here,
Nor fhall they fuffer shame.

The fcribe, the pharifee, and priest,
Reject him with difdain;

Yet on this Rock the church fhall rest,
And envy rage in vain..

What tho' the gates of hell withfood,
Yet muft this building rife;

'Tis thine own work, Almighty God,
And wond'rous in our eyes.

164. L. M. MEDLEY, altered.

Chrift the Foundation-The Rock, Sc.


LL ye to whom the Savior's dear,

In fongs of love and praise draw near; Let ev'ry cheerful paffion wake,

While on your tongues his name you take.

On him, alone, his church is built,
He, only he, removes our guilt;
To him alone, our praise we bring,
And him the great Foundation fing.
In him falvation ftands fecure;
This ftrong foundation muft endure;
Stronger than death his love is known,
Nor can his church be overthrown.
In the eternal plan of grace

He undertook our wretched cafe,
Love, how amazing, how divine,
Doth thro' the whole transaction fhine!

He is the rock believers have,
Born to redeem and ftrong to fave;
He stoop'd to take our flesh and blood,
The wond'rous man, th' incarnate God.

In vain combined hofts affail,
Nor fhall the gates of hell prevail,

Nor force, nor fraud, the building fhock,
Founded on him th' eternal rock.

[Spiritual David, fee 70.]

To Jefus let our fongs abound,
And bless his name, in sweetest found;
Be this our fong till him we view,
And this our theme in glory too.


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HERE is a fountain fill'd with blood,
Drawn from Immanuel's veins ;
And finners plung'd beneath that flood,
Lofe all their guilty ftains.

The dying thief rejoic'd to fee
That fountain in his day;

And there have I, tho' vile as he,
Wash'd all my fins away!

Dear dying Lamb, thy precious blood
Shall never lofe its pow'r,
'Till all the ranfom'd church of God
Be fav'd to fin nq more.

Whene'er, by faith, I view the stream
Thy flowing wounds fupply,
Redeeming love is then my theme,
And fhall be till I die.

But when this lifping ftamm'ring tongue,
Lies filent in the grave,
Then in a nobler, sweeter fong
I'll fing thy pow'r to fave.-

Lord, I believe thou haft prepar'd
(Unworthy tho' I be)

For me a blood-bought free reward,
A golden harp for me.

'Tis ftrung and tun'd for endless years,
And form'd by pow'r divine,
To found in God the Father's ears
No other name but thine.

[Chrift a Friend, fee 127.]
[Chrift my Guide, fee 273.]

166. C. M.


Chrift our High Prieft.

JESUS, in thee our eyes


A thousand glories more,

Than the rich gems and polish'd gold

The fons of Aaron wore.

They firft their own burnt off rings brought
To purge themselves from fin ;
Thy life was pure without a spot,

And all thy nature clean.

Once in the circuit of a year,

With blood, but not his own, Aaron within the veil appears, Before the golden throne.

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But Chrift, by his own pow'rful blood,

Afcends above the fkies;

And, in the presence of our God,

Shews his own facrifice.

Jefus, the King of glory, reigns
On Sion's heav'nly hill;

Looks like a lamb that once was flain,"
And wears his priesthood ftill.


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