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92. C. M. WATTS'S H.


The Robe of Righteousness.

WAKE, my heart, arise my tongue,
Prepare a tuneful voice,

In God, the life of all my joys,
Aloud will I rejoice.

'Tis he adorn'd my naked foul,
And made falvation mine;
Upon a poor polluted worm
He makes his graces fhine.

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And left the shadow of a fpot,
Should on my foul be found,

He took the robe the Savior wrought,
And caft it all around.

How far the heavenly robe exceeds,

What earthly princes wear!

These ornaments how bright they fhine!, How white the garments are!

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The Spirit wrought my faith and love,
And hope, and ev'ry grace;
But Jefus spent his life to work
The robe of righteousness.


Strangely, my foul, art thou array'd
By the great facred Three!

In fweeteft harmony of praife.
Let all thy pow'rs agree.

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93. C. M. TOPLADY'S Col.


[ESUS, my Life, thyfelf apply,
Thy quick'ning Spirit breathe:

My vile affections crucify,
Conform me to thy death.

Conqu'ror of hell, and earth, and fin,
Thy work in me revive:

Poffefs my foul, and reign within,
And kill, and make alive.

More of thy life I wish to have,
And thirst for freth supplies:
Bury me, Savior, in thy grave,
That I with thee may rife.

Rule in me, Lord; thy foes controul,
Which would not own thy fway :*
Diffuse thy likenefs through my foul,
Shine to the perfect day.

O fave me from the pow'r of fin,
And feal me thine abode ;


Thine Image ftamp, and make me fhine A temple meet for God.

My inward holiness thou art,
Almighty to refine :


With all thy, fulness fill my heart, "Till all my heart is thine!

94 S. M. MORTON'S Col...


THO earth and fatan rage,

Chrift doth their pow'r controul;

His wifdom, love and truth engage
Protection for the soul.

Believers ne'er fhall yield,
But fhall prevail at length;
For Jefus is their fun and fhield,
Their righteoufnefs, and ftrength. 77
Their Captain and their King
Will put their foes to flight-.
Ye ranfom'd, 'midft the battle, fing
And triumph while you fight.

95. S. M. WATTS'S H.


O God, the Only Wire,

Our Savior and our King,

Let all the faints below the kies

Their humble praifes bring. 'Tis his almighty love,

His counfel and his care,

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Preferves us fafe from fin and death,

And ev'ry hurtful fnare.

He will present his faints Unblemith'd and complete, Before the glory of his face, With joys divinely great.




Then all the chofen feed

Shall meet around his throne, Shall blefs the conduct of his grace, And make his wonders known.

To our redeeming God Wisdom and pow'r belongs; Immortal crowns of majesty, And everlasting fougs.

96. C. M.

The Sheep of Chrift, given by the Father and guarded by Omnipotence.


N one harmonious cheerful fong,
Ye happy faints combine;

Loud let it found from ev'ry tongue,
The Savior is divine.

The leaft, the feebleft of the sheep
To him the Father gave;

Kind is his heart the charge to keep,

And strong his arm to fave.


That Hand, which heav'n and earth fuftains.

And bars the gates of hell,

And rivets Satan down in chains,

Shall guard his chofen well.

Now let th' infernal lion roar,

How vain his threats appear ! 7 When he can match Jehovah's Power We will begin to fear.


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Y foul with joy attend,


While Jefus filence breaks; No angel's harp fuch mufic yields, As what my shepherd speaks.

"I know my fheep," he cries,

My foul approves them well:

"Vain is the treach'rous world's disguise, "And vain the rage of hell.

"I freely feed them now "With tokens of my love, "But richer paftures I prepare, "And fweeter ftreams above.

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"Unnumber'd years of bliss
"I to my theep will give;

And, while my throne unthaken ftands, "Shall all my chofen live.

"This tried Almighty band

"Is rais'd for their defence:

"Where is the pow'r thall reach them there? "Or what fhall force them thence?"

Enough, my gracious Lord,

Let faith triumphant cry;
My heart can on this promife live;

Can on this promife die...

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