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C. M.


God on the fide of his People.


RE Chaos into order mov'd
Or Adam's faith was try'd;
The everlasting cov'nant proy'd
God on his people's fide.

With joy they recollect the day
The dear Redeemer dy'd ;..
For faints can view the fcene, and fay,
The Lord was on their fide.

Stopp'd in a mad career of fin,
For mercy they apply'd,

O what a change took place within!--
The Lord was on their fide.

Let doubts and fears, their peace affail,
Let foes their hope deride:

Doubts, fears, and foes fhall ne'er prevail-
The Lord is on their fide.

When wealth, when health, when frength

In God may they confide;

And fear no evil then, because

The Lord is on their fide.


Soon Jefus beauties they fhall view,
With all the glorified,

And find the facred record true,
"God's on his people's fide."

99. L. M. WATTS, altered.

Glory and Grace in the Perfon of Chrift.


TOW to the Lord a grateful fong! Awake, my foul, awake, my tongue : Hofannah to th' eternal name,

And all his boundless love proclaim.

See where it shines in Jefus' face,
The brightest Image of his grace;
God, in the perfon of his Son,
Has all his mightiest works outdone.

The fpacious earth and spreading flood,
Proclaim the wife and pow'rful God;
And thy rich glories from afar,
Sparkle in ev'ry rolling ftar.

But in his looks a glory ftands,
The nobleft labor of thy hands!
The pleafing luftre of his eyes,
Outfhines the wonders of the skies.

Grace! 'tis a fweet, a charming theme;
Exult, my foul, at Jefus' name !
Ye angels, dwell upon the found;
Ye heav'ns, reflect it to the ground!

Oh that we all may reach the place,
Where he reveals his lovely face!
There all his beauties to behold,
And fing his name to harps of gold!



100. C. M.


Sinners Invited.

H what amazing words of grace

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Are in the gofpel found!

Suited to ev'ry finner's cafe,

Who knows the joyful found.

Poor, finful, thirsty, fainting fouls

Are freely welcome here: Salvation like a river rolls, Abundant, free, and clear.

Draw near, with all your wants and wounds;

Your ev'ry burden bring:


Here love, unchanging love, abounds;

A deep celestial fpring.

This fpring with living water flows,
And living joy imparts:

Come, thirfty fouls, your wants difclofe,
And drink with thankful hearts.

Millions of finners, vile as you,
Have here found life and peace :
Come then, and prove its virtues too;
And drink, adore, and bless,

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HO! ev'ry one that thirfts, draw nigh;

Salvation fuits the finner's cafe ;

Mercy and free falvation buy;
Buy wine, and milk, and gospel grace.

Nothing ye in exchange may give;
Leave all ye have and are behind;
Freely the gift of God receive,
Pardon and peace in Jefus find.

For Sinners Jefus deign'd to bleed,
And finners in his kingdom fhare;
Who comes as fuch, and feels his need,
Shall find a kind reception there.

102. S. M.


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THE Lord on high proclaims
His Godhead from his throne;
Juftice and Mercy are the names,
"Whereby I will be known:

"Ye dying fouls, that fit
"In darkness and distress,
"Look from the borders of the pit
"To my recov'ring grace."

Sinners fhall hear the found;

Their thankful tongues fhall own,

"Our righteousness and ftrength are found "In thee, O Lord, alone."

In thee fhall Ifr'el truft,

And fee their guilt forgiv'n :
God thall pronounce the fioners juft,
And take the faints to heav'n...

103. Sevens. MORTON'S Col.


HRIST hath bleffings to impart,

O the love that fills his heart!-
Sinner, wipe away thy tears.
Why art thou afraid to come?
Why afraid to tell thy cafe?
He will not pronounce thy doom;
Smiles are feated on his face.
Tho' his majefty be great,

Yet his mercy is no lefs :
Tho' he thy tranfgreffions hate,
Jefus feels for thy distress.
Raife thy downcaft eyes, and fee,
Numbers do his throne furround;
These were finners once, like thee,
But have full falvation found.

Yield not then to unbelief,

Courage foul!" there yet is room!"

Tho' of finners thou art chief,

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Come, thou burden'd finner come.

104. C. M.




NOME, guilty fouls, and flee away
Mecruit, and heal your wounds;

Το Chrift,

This is the welcome gospel day,
Wherein free grace abounds.

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