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Ghost teacheth, they are the most acceptable words* Likewise study the Ten Commands, view the large extented meaning of them, the duties required, and sins forbidden in each of them, and they will surriish foniwkh vast matter for consession and petition. •'• Also studv the Lord's prayer, and the import «.f "the^ several petitions thereof, for there are many petitions wrapt uptinsevery one of them. ..• . - .at'.2.1'j irmisiyi

c.9... Study well the attributes and works of God, and" they will assord manisold matter, both for prayer and praises.: • View the work of creation; and more espe-cially, the work of redemption, the eternal icontrivanee; of \iv the glorious Mediator, his nature, his osssices, lise,death, susserings, and insinite love; his sulness} graces, ossers, promises, and well ordered covenant; and then, I am sure, you will not be barren of suitable matter, and words for prayer. A very child (as one saith) "when he sees a merchant's pack opened, where there "are variety of things which he desireth, will learn, *' without book, to say, O sather, buy this, or give me "that." So the soul will not want what to sayy'that( sees the treasures and riches of Christ opened. .'

3. Study to be acquaint with yourselves, your hearts and lives: Consider your state and circumstances both in soul and body, and the providences of. God towards you. Think upon the vanity and inconstancy of alt worldly things, the frailty of man, and brevity of-lise and particularly, think much on the fouT last things,' death, judgment, heaven and hell, and you'will hstve' abundance of matter for prayer. .rt..ii o? > t-. tottvsi

Besides all which, there are four words-ye should always keep in mind when you go to prayer, which would prove a lasting sountain for suitable matter to you,' viz.' your sins> miseries, wants, and mercies.; \t'u •.'%

1. "Your sins. Have you not a great multitude to consess, and seek mercy sot, sins original and actual, of omission and commission, of heart and lise? What indwelling corruptions, and heart-plagues have ye to lament, hardness, deadness, carnality, unbelies, backsliding, hypocrisy, &c. Look into your liv;s, and behold tohat sins ye have committed, and what duties ye have omitted, and make particular conseflion of them.

2. Tour miseries. How many have ye to complain of, and beg deliverance from in prayer? Are you not born in a lost state, a child of wrath, an heir of hell* under an unsupportable burden of unpardoned guilt, most loathsome and polluted in God's sight; under the tyranny of satan, liable to all the miseries of this lise, cares, toils, losses, crosses, sickness and death; yea, exposed to the wrath of God, the curses of the law, the sword of justice, to a strict and severe judgmentseat, to unquenchable sire, and everlasting burnings, and to banishment from God's savour and presence to all eternity? .. '. .-j v. . -\ • .j : . u

Your wants. Are ye not poor beggarly sinners, full of wants and necessities?" In us dwells no good? thing." Do you want the bread of lise, the balm 'of Gilead, pardon of sin, peace with God, deliverance from wrath, a new nature, a soft heart! Do you want "eye salve, white raiment, gold tried in the sire in Do ye want saith, love, repentance, victory over lusts ?" &c. And have ye not matter for prayer and supplication? Have ye not temporal wants to lay besore God? Ye can tell them to your friends, and complain to them, though they assord you little help; ought ye not sar rather go to God with them, who is both able and willing to help? Do you want health to your bodies, bread toSy-our samilies, provision for your children, a blessing on your labours i Then seek them from God: " The ravens cry to him, and he hears them," how much more will he hear you i .•i:;« . ii. /.

j-4. Your mercies. God daily loads you with his mercies j they are new to you every morning: It is of the Lord's mercies, that your houses are not consumed .with sire, in the night, and ye buried in the ruins thereof; that sodden death doth not smite your children, servants, cattle, or relations; that you waken in sasety every morning, and not in everlasting flames. Dothnot the Lord set a hedge about you, and all that you have, and preserve you from devils, enemies and manifold dangers; give you health and strength, bless the IVoi.. IV. R work w'6fk of your hands, cover a table for you, and rairr manna abrut your tents? And have you not plenty of matter for thanksgiving ? Yea, he hath contrived away so save you, sent his Son to redeem you, makes pressing osi^rs of his salvation, and waits patiently for your repentance. Now, if you thirk on these mercies, can you Want words in prayer to bless God for them? I sey then, remember your sins, miseries, wants and mercies, and ye will never be scarce of matter for prayer.

ObftB. III. " We have not considence to pray before others.*

Ans. i Mind what Christ saith, •4 They that arc ashamed of him besore men, he will be ashamed of them besore his Father in heaven."

2. Many are ashamed to pray before others, wh•tare not ashamed to sin, curse, swear, drink drunk, and break the Sabbath besore others.

3. Why should you be ashamed to pray besore your own family, these you constantly converse with, and cf Whom you have the command? Will you have considence to plead this frivolous excuse, at the day of judgment r"

But, lastly, You you will not plead such excuses in things relating to the body If your children and family were starving sor want of bread, ye would neither want words nor considence to make known your case to a rich friend; if you were mortally sick or wounded, you would freely tell your' case to a physician { if ye were drowning, ye would call aloud for help: And slow, when ye and your samines are ready to perish in your sins, will ye not make known your case to God, and cry with the disciples, 4* Lord save uS, ot else we perish t" The common beggars, that go from door ro door, will rise up against you; they think ho fhame to cry at the rich man's door, hear them who will; they want ftot words enough, ye fiedd not teach them whatto say; their pinched bowels make them both eloquent and importunate; they weary not to fland and cry, though they be but expecting a soul! morstt: And shall we, whose needs are sar greater, whose expectations "art sar higher, want words or considence to cry and

'' fenock knock at God's door, since he declares that our impor tunity is nowise a trouble but a pleasure to him? Are not everlasting Use, and deliverance from hell, worth the seekine 1 Shall men do more for the welsare of their dyinp bodies, than we for the salvation of our immortal souls'

Object. IV. " We have not time to spare for samily*' worship, our labour is so great, and business so « throng."

Ans. x. Is not the worship and service os God the greatest business you ltave to do in the world? Ail otber things are trifles in respect of this.

1. Better want time for fl-epinsr, for eating, or-any thing, than want time for this, which ia far- more'-necessary than any thing else.

-3. Q-od, in his providence, may soon cast greater hindrances in the way of your worldly business thanthis, as ye suppose, would be: He may send severs among children and servant-, that will stop your-labour much longer than a. little tim• spent da'ly in sanjilyworship would do. When sickness or death copies, they will not be put oss by telling that you have notime for your labour to be sick; no, ye must sind time to be'sick and ly on beds, though it were in the throng of harvest. And must ye, whether ye will or no, sind time to be sick and die; and will you- sind no time- to pray with your families, in order 11 prepare you .and them for sickness and death? And further, it is lik-ly, that if ye prayed more in your. samilies, your labour would be less stopt by sickness and other troubles; you should have sewer crosses and perplexities in your bu'ijiess; and, whatever they-were, you mig*'it expect they would be sanctisied. Family-prayer would be a swtet vent and ease to the mind, under all samily cares and. anxieties

4 Family-prayer will not hinder your business, though in the throng of harvest. What stop would it be to yeur work, to be every m.orning and evening a quarter of an hour upon your knees with your samily? Nay, it would surther it, and procure a blefling on the work of your hands. And I have observed, that in R 2 these those parts of the nation where husbandmen and tradesmen take time for samily-worship, they are in a more flourishing condition in worldly things, than in those parts where it is neglected. Remember, that all the success of your labour depends on the special blessing and providence of God, and there is no way more likely to obtain this than samily-prayer. If God vouchfase not his blessing, your labour will be labour in vain, Psal. cxxvii. i. 2. How soon may God blast all the labours of prayerless persons? 1 -.

5. Whatever you pretend from want of time on week days, to excuse you froirfsamily-worship; yet, there is no shadow for this objection upon the Sabbath-day, in which you have no other business but to serve and -worship God. He is graciously pleased to free you this day from your labour, that ye may apply yourselves entirely to his worship without distraction. O ye that are straitened for time through the week for samily and secret prayer, be busy on the Lord's day in the persormance thereof, and be thanksul to God for allowing you this day for these exercises.

In the name then os the great God who hath founded families, and is the God of all the families of Israel; and in the name of hi6 Son Jesus Christ, in whom only die samilies of the earth can be blessed; I beseech and pbtest all you that are masters of families, to honour the Creator and Redeemer of the world in your samilies; erect him a samily-altar, and dedicate your houses to be temples for the worship of God. Persorm this duty conscientiously every day, but more especially upon the Lord's day j let your family- sacrisices this day be doubled. I shall add some more motives to ifc

L This is the way to procure you all sorts of samilyblessings. Would you have God to build your houses, bless your substance, dwell in your samilies, and be a guard to them night and day? Would ye have your relations comsortable, your asssairs successsul, and .your enjoyments sweet? Then set up, and keep up samilyworship, make your houses little churches.

ii You may expect family-protection. If you, by family-prayer, lodge your families under the shadow


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