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world to heaven? Or fuppose there were strict lawis made, that, for every time you neglected prayer, you fhould be thrown into a “ den of lions," as Daniel was for praying; or that you should lose a finger of your hand, or but pay a hundred merks of fine : would you not pray as you can, and find time for it alse, rather than lose your life, finger, or money? And are not the Jaws of God more awful and strict than the laws of men ? Is not hell's dungeon, or a den of devils, more terrible than a den of lions? Are not hell's torments more fearful than the loss of a finger? Is not the wrath of the great God more dreadful than a fine ? Oh, will not the fear of God prevail more with you than the fear of man? Remember Daniel's zeal of family-prayer, who chose rather to be cast to the lions, before he would forbear it for for one day : Oh, what shall we fay of those, who will rather venture to be an eternal prey to the roaring lion, than be at this pains for salvation to themselves or their families; but you may hear in their houses twenty oaths for one prayer!'. 132. Consider the great fin of neglecting family-instruc.

tions upon the Sabbath, which, alas ! is so common, by reafan whereof many children and servants are igno. Tant, prayerlefs, and graceless : Their parents and mas. ters do not teach them to read, nor inltruct them concerning the principles of religion ; they neither pray for them, nor direct them how to pray for themselves. Is the knowledge of Christ a choice and excellent treasure? And will you withold it from those whom you love, feeing it will not make you the poorer, but the richer, to communicate it to them? It is the commendatiort of Abraham, thar he both made « his household know, God's ways, and commanded them to obey the famë," Gen. xviii. 19. and do you ever think to land in Abraham's bosom, that will not tread in Abraham's footsteps? Have you no pity or compassion on them that are "bone of your bone, and flesh of your flesh ?" Where is the yearning of your bowels towards their precious Couis, that are in a starving and perishing condition for lack of knowledge? Will you be like cruel ofriches, Job xxxix. that are " hardened against their Hh2


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young ones," and leave them to be destroyed after they bring them forth? Will you, in like manner, bring forth your young ones, and then carelessly leave them to be a prey to the devil, and eternally to be torn to pieces by him? Are you indifferent about those that came forth of your loins, and whom you profess to love fo dearly, whether they live with the blessed Jefus in heaven, or with the cursed devils in hell? Remember, O parents, who neglect the education of your children, God may punish you for it, even in this world, by their unnatural and undutiful carriage to you in old age, whereby they may bring down your gray hairs with sorrow to the grave ; and no wonder though they make no conscience of their duty to you, who made no con. science to teach them their duty to God. Remember also, how many children have been brought to a miserablé end in this world by the negligence and unfaithfulness of their parents this way; some going to the gibber have bitterly refle&ted on their parents as the cause of their ruin, for giving them such a bad example, and not instructing them in the time of their youth. But, above all, conlider how your children and servants may rise up and accufe you at the bar of God at the great day, and say, “ Lord, there stands my father, there stands my master, he never taught us, prayed with us, or for us; he neglected prayer, he cursed, he lied, he brake the Sabbath, and so did we after his example. It is true, we are justly.condemned, but yet we perifh through their neglect, our blood is upon their heads." O parents, will it not make you speechlefs, and fing you to the heart, to hear your poor children crying out against you in that day, saying, “ Had you noticed our fouls as well as our bodies, had you been as careful to teach us the knowledge of God as of such a trade, it had not been with us as it is this day, we had . not now stood trembling in expectation of that dread ful doom, which is just ready to be paft upon us. Cursed be the man that begat us, and the paps that gave us suck; it is to you we owe our eternal ruin and misery." ... o se mi ni. Seebad er det fins

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• O negligent parents, what horror and confufion will then feize you in that great and terrible day of the Lord, to hear such a charge from your children! but much more to hear God charge you with their blood, and say, "0 unnatural wretches, behoid how many precious fouls you neglected and ruined, whose happiness you were bound to procure by so many ties of duty and afar feétion. They were ignorant, and you instructed chęgu not, they were prayerless, and you taught them, not ; they were Chriftless, and you pitied them not: Yea, you not only neglected to give them good initruction, but you gave them bad example; you fwore, lyed, spoke obscenęly, broke the Sabbath, mocked religion, &c. and lo, in these very practices they have followed you to hell, to be an addition to your torments there for ever.”

Would you then prevent this fad reckoning, and be found with your chiidren upon the judge's right hand? see that you instruct them and pray for them. O fde thers, would you wilh to have your children well provided, then lay up a stock of prayers for them, both family and fecret prayer : This is a stock that would not be foon {pent, nay, it will be bringing them in something when you are dead and rotten. O mothers, your boa dies travailed in pain at their fir& birth, let your souls travail in pain for their second birth; Where is your motherly tenderness toward the fruit of your womb ?, Would you not be sorry to hear them screeching, or lee them frying in hell's Aames, without remedy? Then do what lies in your power, to prevent it, by instruct ing them, praying for them, and praying with them."

Thirdly, Beware of neglecting secret duties this day, such as were afore, mentioned, and particularly prayer, If thou be one, O finner, that restrainest prayer before God this day, it is a black mark of a grace.ess heart ; for a spirit of grace and supplication go ftill together. As difficulty of breathing, and painfuiness in speaking, are symptoms of a fick body; so averfion to prayer is a fad fign of a sick soul : For prayer is the soul's breath and fpeech to God, Lam. ii. 16. Again, consider the danger of living in the neglect of this duty." If taEan might have his with against thee, (saith one)

life ; for then he is as fure of thee as a robber is of a traveller, whom he has faft bound, lying in a ditch, and his mouth stopt that he cannot cry for help." 'O prayerless (inner, consider satan has thee faft bound, and is just ready to murder thee; and wilt thou not cry to God for help? Moreover, think what a brutish thing it is to live prayerless, as alas many do; they rise like the beasts in the morning, they work with the beasts all day, and ly down like beafts at night, and never mind to look up to God, till he lay them on their backs upon a death bed, and then they begin to cry like the beasts, when the knife is at their throat. Consider, O man, why God hath given thee a countenance erected to. wards heaven, and hath not made thee toʻcreep on all. four, as other creatures, with their backs to heaven and mouths to earth; but to teach thee, that thou art made to converfe with thy Maker, and have intercourse with heaven, and that the world's husks are not fit food for thy foul. We would pity a poor man that were all bowed together, and forced to go like a beast upon hands and feet, with his eyes always to the earth': And is it not a more pitiful fpectacle to fee a soul that is a fpark of heaven, and created for communion with God, so crippled with ignorance and earthly mindedness, as still to be poring and grovelling upon the earth, without looking up to God its Maker and happiness!

Of Sins of Commission on the Lord's day. II. IN the next place, I proceed to warn you against fins of commission, by which the Lord's day is too commooly profaned: And thefe are either inward or ouça ward.' . mu ...

1.6 i 1. Of inward Sins of Commission.

Inward fins, or heart fins, should be carefully guarded against this day, as being moft provoking to God, polluting to his worthip, and hurtful to our souls. Sin. ful thoughos are, an abominzion to God every day,

Prov. XV. 26. but more especially this day. Thoughts are as loud in God's ears as words; and he commande evil thoughts to be forsaken, as well as evil ways, if we would have pardon, Isa ly. 7. Wherefore let us get renewed and fanétified hearts, and overawe them with the thoughts of God's presence and omniscience : Let us imagine this day, that we hear the sound of the last trumpet, and fee the throne fet, and God calling for an account of hearts; (for in that day he will judge hearts as well as lives) and, when any evil thought breaks in, say, " What if God, who sees this, should presently call me to account?" Let us keep a constant watch over our hearts this day, striving to crulh all sinful thoughts in the bud, at their first rising, cry out for God's help. Let us be sensible what a mass of villany is in the heart, “ It is desperately wicked," as Jeremiah faith; yea, “our inward part is very wickedness," Psal. v.g. Hence it was that Luther profeft, that “ he feared his heart more than the pope or the cardinal;" And Augustine prayed, “ Libera me, Domine, a meipso,” The heart is like the Trojan horse, out of whose belly proceeded armed enemies ; so out of the heart proceed all evil words and actions, Mat. xv. 19. It is the corrupt fountain, from whence all the impure streams of actual fin do flow : Therefore we should look narrowly to it.

But, besides incident evil thoughts, we have many evil habits and plagues of heart, that we should guard against on the Sabbath, being such as profane the day, and hinder the sanctification of it : Particularly,

1. Atheism, and misbelief of God's truths. If this harbour or prevail in us, we can reap no profit by the word read or preached this day. Why do people delay or 'refuse to embrace Christ, and leave their lins, but because they want a fixed and firm impression of the truths of the gospel upon their hearts? It is true, you will not say that you misbelieve any of them, but you give no heart.assent to the truth of them, which is little better; you give no firm inward credit to the gospel, and to all its affertions, commands, threatenings and promises, that they are come from God, and are molt true, certain and infallible. Were you once firmly


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