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ments should humble him, and keep him in mind how he came to need them : Was it not fin that stript man of his glory, covered him with thame, and put him to seek clothes for to hide it? Would it not be distrace tion in a malefactor to pride himself in a stigma which he had got for a foul crime ?. Consider also the gar. ments you are proud of, what they are': The beasts have the fame naturally to cover them, and will you be proud of a beast's covering? It was the saying of a heathen to a vain gallant, “ Why art thou proud of that which a sheep wore before thee?” Or, what though they be finer than wool ? get their original is no better, but rather worfe : What are velvets, folks and fattins, but the excrements of a vile worm ? and is that a matter to be vain of?. Remember, that ere long God will cause thee to wear another fuit thou wilt have small reason to be proud of; he will even clothe thee with worms and putrefaction. May not the thoughts hereof keep you humble, and teach you to come to the church gravely and decently apparelled ? especially Gnce you come into the presence of that God who reffts the proud, but gives grace to the humble. On i 2.3. The institution of holy days is an incroachment upon the fourth command, and opposite to the sanctification of the Sabbath, which is the only day now appointed to be kept holy to God. What is it, but an ufurping of Christ's legislative power, and a vilifying of the Lord's day, to set saints days, or days of human institution, on a level with it, by obliging people to abstain from labour thereupon. The church hath no power to confecrate such days : nay, the apostles did it not: There is no word of their confecrating a day to Stephen the proto-martyr, nor to James whom Herod killed with the sword. Yea, it may be reckoued an idolatrous practice to confecrate days to saints and angels, and keep them to their honour for publishing their praise, and commemorating their acts, lince this is a piece of worship that belongs only to God.

Lantly, Not a low in some parts of the country do profane this holy day, by their set cabals and drinking.

meetings meetings upon it, by reading profane books, and telling profane flories, by scoffing at religion and religious pers fons, and by many other acts of wickedness. Alas! what hellish madness is this, that some are given up to! It is even a riding post to hell, a dedicating God's holy day to the honour and service of the devil, a hanging out a flag of defiance against heaven, and declaring war against your Maker. It is the saying of 0:1e, s to keep the Sabbath in an idle manner, is to keep the Sabbath of oxen or afles ; to keep the Sabbath in diverhons an! pleasures, is to keep the Sabbath of the golden calf. But to keep the Sabbath in drunkenness and lewdness, is the Sabbath of fatan, or the devil's holy day! O profane Ginners, what a dreadful mark of wickedness is it, to dedicate God's day to the devil ! You cannot poffibly offer a greater affront and indignity to the God of heaven, than to serve the devil in the works of darker ness, upon that very day which is folemnly confecrated to the honour and service of the great God. And, can you think that a jealous God will pass such an inria. dignity, and take no notice of it?" Do ye thus pros voke the Lord to jealousy? are ye stronger than he?" Will you fight against him that made heaven and earth with a word, and by a word can unhinge them again ; yea, by the breath of his mouth can crumble you to doft? What are you in his fight, but as a hindful of filly worms? and do you think to be able to wage war against the Almighty; No, no; be the combination never fo ftrong, the rebels never so stout, the enemies never so numerous, he is fully able to matter then, and will certainly do it, Prov. xi. 21:16 Though hani join in hand, yet the wicked Ball not be unpunished. O what caufe have we to pity and pray for such hengen daring finners, and weep in fecret places for their fouls, who wilfully destroy themlelves, and pour conte not on their Maker; who live as if either there were no hell, or were afraid it should be full ere they got thi. ther; and who seem to long to be companions of devils, and damned spirits ! The God of infinite mercy open the eyes and top the career of such; before they be beyond the reach of mercy,

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And, before I close, let me ask the breakers of the Sabbath, What they will answer to the Author of the Sabbath, for defpifing and abufing such a rare privilege as the Sabbath is? When the Lord calls you poor finful creatures, who deserve to be banished eternally from his presence, to come and enter into his reft, and refresh your souls with the views of his redeeming love, and enrich them with the treasures of his grace set open beforc you ; O what a fin muft it be for you to turn your back upon them, and go about to weary the Lord by your fins, when he offers sweet rest to you ! O believe it, firs, Sabhath breaking is not such a light fin as many imagine ; surely the day is very near when you shall be brought to think on these days you now mil-fpend and make light off. O how will you then mourn for the loss of thefe precious Sabbaths which God gave you to find peace and rest to your souls in, when you shall have no reft night nor day, but the smoke of your burning and torment hall afcend for ever and ever! How will you mourn then to fee Abraham's bofom afar off, and thou. sands at reft in it whom you hated, and where you might have been at reft as well as they, if you had not defpifed the rest of the Sabbath here below : It is said, Lam. i.q." Jerusalem remembered, in the days of her miseries, all her pleasant things that she had in the days of old; then the adversaries saw her, and did mock at her Sabbaths.” So the days of your miseries approach, O Sabbath-breakers, when with fad hearts ye Thall remem ber the pleasant ordinances and seasons of grace you had of old ; and then the devils and heathens will mock at you for the loss of your Sabbaths! Why then should you go to add to the fins and miseries of your eternal ftate, the herious guilt of abusing such a great number of precious Sabbaths as God in his mercy now affords you for the saving of your souls !

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And Jeremiah, by God's appointment, calls upon the princes to see that the Sabbath be not profaned, and " that upon their highest peril, Jer. xvii. 19. 25. 27. and hence it is, that our kings and parliaments have made. so many excellent laws against the profanation of the 7 Sabbath. May God put it into the hearts of shofe, who? ought to be preservers and executors of laws, to put them in execution ! This would tend much to the glory of God, and the welfare of nations, cities, and families. But, lafly, Let me exhort all-in inferior stations, both young and old, to observe the fourth command, as they regard the salvation of their precious and inmortal fouls ! in the eternal world, and the peace of their consciences when they come to lie on a death bed, which they should be looking out for every day. Let me address both young and old upon this head.

s I. As for you that are young, I entreat you to "re. member the Sabbath-day, to keep it holy." Improver this day with all care and earneftness; for it is the day wherein poor sinners usually begin their acquaintancer with God, and conversion to him: And the proper sea-s? fon for this work is the time of youth; for now the ? heart is most tender and pliable, and sooner melted for fin, than afterwards, when you come to greater age:. For, the longer you go on in sin, the heart will turnthe harder, and the conscience more feared. The longer, you forget God, the more estranged you will grow, and unwilling to return to him. The branches of a tree? while young, may be bowed and trained up any way ; but when they are old they will not ply. ja in i ?

Again, consider, that the sooner you begin to functie v fy the Sabbath, and be serious about your fouls, God will love you the better. See how he remembers the kindness of youth, Jer, ii. 2. “ Thus faith the Lord, I remember thee, the kindness of thy youth, the love of thine espousals, when thou wentelt after me in the wil.

derness," &c. He loves those who come in at the first V sound of the gospel, far more than rebels, who stand

out till the lalt, that they can do no more. The fewer ... Galks and invitations you resist, the more kindly will you be accepted of God: He loved a young Abijah, a young VOL.'IV. Oo


Josiah, a young Timothy ; and John is called the “ difciple whom Jesus loved,” John xii. 23. because he was youngest and earliest converted. See how affectionately Paul salutes Epenetus, by the title of his “ well-beloved," because of his being " Christ's first fruits in Achaia," Rom. xvi. 5. And if Paul loved him so much, to be sure Christ loved him far more.

Moreover, do not think that justice will spare you, if it find you in fin, and out of Christ, because you are young. Presume not upon mercy upon this account ; remember that threatening, Pfal. Ixviii. 21.“ God shall wound the head of his enemies, and the hairy scalp of him that goeth on still in his trespasses.” You have no ground to think that he will spare you till you be old and bald-headed : No, he may even take you by the hairy scalp while you are in your youthful vigour and freshness, and punish you, as he hath done many others before you.

O young folk, if you would mind your souls, and fanctify the Sabbath in the days of youth, take these few directions: ..

1. Look always on death as near, and within a few steps of you. Alas! many young folk think it as improper for them to be thinking on their graves, as to think of going to bed at noon : their sun is high, and it is a long time to night; they look on death at forty or fifty years distance. O what folly is this! Do you not see graves of your length, and skulls of your fize, in the church-yard ? Yea, do you not see twenty die young, to one that lives to old age ? Let death and eternity be then the frequent subjects of your meditation on the Lord's day. ; *. 2. Think much this day upon your vileness and misery by nature ; that you are “ children of wrath, heirs of hell, eneinies to God, and strangers to Christ and the covenant of grace ; yea, fervants to Gin, and bond-slaves to the devil :" For the prodigal never thought of turning to his father, till he saw himself in a lost and undone condition.

3. Think much on Christ's fitness, fulness, and suitableness for all your wants and maladies. In him you


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