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Fur J. Dickson, J. Fairbairn, J. Ogle, J. Got unit,and S. Ciievne
Edinburgh: G. Flattie, Lcitb: M OGLr, Glasgow I
G. Milne, Dundee: A. Blown, Aberdeen: Young
. l$" Imrav, Inverness: and J. Forsyte, Elgin.

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THAT wise king Solomon observes, Eccl. iii. 1. "To every thing there is a season, and a time sor every purpose under heaven." And if there be a time and season allowed sor every thing and purpose, even the meanest things and purposes in the world; surely aa insinitely wise God will allow a proper time and seasoa for the best things and purposes, and particularly for his solemn worship and service, which is the most necessary and excellent purpose in the world. It is not enough, that we give God, from whom we have all our time, a fliare of every day sor his service j no, we owe him also some whole days sor his solemn and public worship : Yea, it is-agreeable to the dictates of the light of nature, a d of sound reason, that one whole day of every week- should be dedicated to him sor that end.

All nations through the world have had their seasons and set times sor devotion and sacrisices. she heathens, who worshipped dumb idols, had their ftst'vals and holydays, and particularly one day of the week, which they esteemed more sacred than the rest. The Turks, who have taken up with the most unreasonable delusions and impostures, do still retain the impressions of the rationality and equity of this thing, that there should be a certain' day of the week set apart sor the solemn worship of God. Indeed the light of nature, without some other help- could not have determined men universally to dedicate the seventh day of their time to God ; more than tlie sixth or eighth: But seeing the wise Creator of the world, and author of time, thought sit from the beginning, to measure time by days, and parcel out these days into such remarkable periods as weeks, or the revolution of seven days, to be constantly obseived all the world over; t is most consonant to reason a-id equity, that one day ot each week should be holy to the Lord.

But, besides the light of nature, we have the light "of revelation for this points God hath expressly appointed


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