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Of him that fits upon the throne,

And of the worthy Lamb.


The Lamb pain. | HOW moving is the fight I see !

My God pail'd bleeding to a tree!
Let countless myriads of men

With pierc'd hearts cry, the Lamb is flain, 2 My dearest Lamb, thy blood was spilt · For sinful man's imputed guilt :

Hard is the heart that feels no pain

For fin, for which the Lamb is slain. . 3 Let men thy dying love proclaim, Which caus’d thy blood for men to stream: Fix in their hearts still to remain

This glorious truth, the Lamb is pain. 4. Our finking state thou did it bemoan,

Yea, all our fins and curse took on, To save us from eternal pain : My dearest Lord, the Lamb is pain. 5 To us the gospel sweetly founds, - We flee for safety to thy wounds;

Yea, these to us do glory gain,

To open heav'n, the Lamb is pain. 6 Resolv'd I'll ly before thy throne,

And say, I never will be gone
Till I shall peace with God obtain,

That peace for which the Lamb is pain. " 9 Doth not thy blood for finners plead,

And for great en'mies intercede ? Still hopes of life I will maintain, While God proclaims, the Lamb is pairi. 8 Thy blood I will on fin revenge ; Help me from fin my soul to cleanse ; Thy wounds from fin shall still reftrain, Since for my sin the Lamb is pain


Jesus his Name fragrant. I CHRIST Jesus is the Lamb that's llain,

To fave the very worst of men :

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No name like Jesus sounds to me, .

For Jesus brings salvation free.
2 Jesus his name doth finners tell,

His works to save from fin and hell:
All sweetness centers in his name ;
My naming it makes love to fame.
3 When funk are names of greatest worth,

“ His name's like ointment poured forth ;'*
It spreads a fragrant scent around,"

And brings refreshing with its found. 4 Jesus his name charms heart and ear,

Makes me content his cross to bear :
His name doth chear my fainting soul,

And makes my wounded spirit whole. 5 His Name to me is a strong tow'r,

It saves me from the wrathful show'r :
His name with comforts doth abound

To fouls with sorrows almost drown'd, 6 Jesus his name doth sweetly sound,

It rings salvation all around ;
It doth the heavy-laden ktep

From finking downward in the deep.
my When in our place dear Jesus stood
With all his garments roll'd in blood,
To faith a lovely light is he:

All guilty men to Jesus flee.
8 0 Jesus, glorious is thy name;

May all the nations hear thy fame!
Most sweet thy name will ever found
Above, where praises have no bound.


· The crucised JESUS.
I CHRIST crucified shall be the song
Which will employ my heart and tongue :
This fong supports men in distress,
And cheers their hearts in wilderness.
Allefongs but this I'll lay afide ;

My Lord, my Love is crucify'd.'
2 Up Calv'ry mount I'll climb by faith,

And see my Saviour vanquish death;
I'll wond'ring stand, and view the blood


He shed when in my place he stood :
From love he stretch'd bis arms and dyd;.::.

My Lord, my Love is crucify’d.
3 To me his bonds do freedom buy, ij

And bring to glorious liberty ;
The cruel'scoffs he bore from foes
To me obtain divine applause...
Of Christ I'll fing, let men deride ;

My Lord, my Love is crucify'd. . .
4. The strokes he got on back and face
Raze out the marks of my disgrace;
The thorny crown which he endur'd,
A crown of life for me procur’d, il
Let ftill this song with me abide,

My Lord, my Love is crucify'd
5 On's back he bore the bloody tree,

Push'd forward by the soldiery ;
Pity'd by none, by all blasphem'd
Infulted, hated and condemn'd:
In all he wondrous love display'd ;-

My Lord, my Love is crucify'd. 6 His disciples were fled and gone,

The wine-press he must tread alone :
He's pierc'd in head, in hands and feet,. .
Till streams of blood each other meet.
Why should I think of ought beside ?

My Lord, my Love is crucifyd.


Know Christ crucified. | CHRIST crucify'd is all my bless,

In all my straits I'll him address,
His wounds and blood do make me whole;
Look up, and live, cach fin-fick foul; .
If you would have all wants supply'd,

" Know Jesus, and him crucify’d.
2 That bloody sweat of Christ's so free,

Proves a choice cordial unto me;

Those nails which gave him torture vast.
My seat in heayen Thall make fast.
Let hearts that would be fix'd and stay'd,
" Know Jesus, and him crucify’d."

3 Christ suffer'd naked, me to clothe

With righteousness and glory both;
His parching thirst, and cup of gall,
In bitter griefs me comfort shall.
Let souls that would be satisfy'd, .

“ Know Jesus and him crucify'd.”
4 Cnrift's five wide wounds do bid me come

To lodge in them : for there is room :
His loud and agonizing cry
Heav'n's gates will open when I die.
If you would see them opend wide,

“ Know Jesus, and him crucify’d.”
6 Christ's open'd lide my cave hall be,

To which from foes my soul fhall flee;
The water which from it did flow
Shall quench my thirft while here below.
Would you in this dear refuge hide?
“ Know Jesus, and him crucify'd.”


Gratitude for REDEEMING Love. 1 IMMANUEL's fame I'll spread abroad,

And loudly praise my bleeding God;
For these love-wonders now I fee,
I'll praise thee through eternity.
Lord, make me meet with faints above
To sing thy everlasting love.
The Word made flesh, the Lamb once sain,
Astonish angels as well's men ;
This shews God's love in such degree
As it can never fathom'd be.
Lord, make me meet with saints above

To fing thy everlasting love.
3 Why, Lord, didst thou fuch pain endure ?

He faith, Thy sinful soul to cure; My crimson blood to you doth say, Your crimson fins I'll wash away. Amazing love, that God should die

For man that was his enemy !
4 I plac'd myself in sinners room,

Your fleth and frailties did affume;
I for your debt engag'd alone, ;
And for your fins dy'd to atone,
Vou IV

3 X

Amazing Amazing love, that God should die

For man that was his enemy !
5 O Lamb of God, to men thou'rt good

How shall I shew my gratitude !
I'll kiss thy feet, and thee adore,
And grieve that I can do no more.
Lord fit my soul to live with thee,

To fing his praise who dy'd for me. 6 I thank thee, Jesus, my dear Lord,

For all the pains thou hast endur'd:
Cause thou my soul thy love to koow,
Who bled to make me white as snow.
Lord fit my soul to live with thee,
To sing his praise who dy'd for me.


I TO faints affemblies I'll repair,

And vent my heart in praise and pray's ;
The day Christ rose, I'll him extol,
And Thew his death with heart and soul.
I none defire to know beside
My Jesus, and him crucify'd.
2 Christ crucify'd is still my feast;

They Jesus love, who Jesus taste :
I'll on his purchase fix mine, eyes,
And feast on fruits of paradise.
I none defire to know beside
My Jefus, and him crucify’d.
3 We take the blest signs in our hands,

And so obey our Lord's commands:
Remembring thee, we do attend ;
And this we'll do till time shall end.
Thy death to Mew, faints will take care,

Until they meet thee in the air.
4. Thy bleit remembrance yields delight,

But far more sweet will be thy light:
Hence 'ris my daily cry to Thee,
O deareft Jefus come to me.
I none desire to know beside

My Jefus, and him crucify'd.

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