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No more abuse thy love, nor make..

Thy wounds afresh to bleed . 7 I mourn, and hate my cruel fins,

Which pierc'd my Lord to death :
These murderers shall find no more

Place in my soul to breathe.
8 Awake, my soul, with all thy pow'rs.

Join with the hosts above,
To celebrate forgiving grace,
And praise redeeming love.

HYMN XL. i :
Sweet Fruits of Christ's Sufferings.
1 THY gospel, Lord, holds forth thy love

In sweet and melting sounds,
And us a fov'reign balm prefents

From Jesu's bleeding wounds. 2 It is thy pain that giveth ease

To my diseased soul;
When I'am full of pains and wounds,

Thy stripes do make me whole.
3 Thy cries bring answers to my prayer's,

Thy wounds are my refuge ;
Thy blood doth wash my crimson guilt,

And save from wrath's deluge.
4 Thy cross doth bring me nigh to God, ,

And doth his wrath appease;
Thy blood brings pardon for my guilt,

And gives my conscience ease.
5 Thy death hath purchas'd life to me ;

Thy grave hides all my fin, And all the curses of the law :

Which yields great peace within. 6 Vast sums of debt for us thou paid

With thy own dear heart's blood, And calls us to be pure and white,

By washing in this flood. 7 This is our loving Ransomer,

Who our whole curse endur'd; · And, having paid o’r dreadful debt, és ..

Our rooms in heav'n secur'd. 8 To him that lov'd us unto death ,

All honour we will give :


He shed his blood our fouls to wash : .; .
We'll to his glory live.


The believing Soul's Feast.
I HERE faith may spy our Saviour's flesh,

Upon the table ly ;
Salvation flow in Itreams of blood,

To drive our fins away.'
2 Grant, Lord, thy presence at this feast,

And make it a good day :
Give to each guest what thou feeft beft; -

Empty send none away.
3 To thee we look for living bread: : :

We languish and are faint :
If fasting thou shalt us dismiss,

Our souls will die for want.
4 Thy heav'nly manna, Lord, rain down

Our fp'ritual strength repair ;.. Give food, till we shall get above, .

And feast with Jesus there.
5 While in this defert we sojourn,

Send us grace from above;
Our souls refresh, our faith increase, ..

And warm our hearts with love. in 6 Thine ordinance, Lord, countenance;

Shew us thy smiling face; '
Cause streams of living waters flow...

In channels of thy grace. .....:
7 Thy people, Lord, lament for thee ii in

O comfort them that mourn; ... .. Meet with them as in former days, ...,

To gospel-feasts return.
8 Charge not on us our former fins ;

Let all thine anger cease :
Look to the cross on Calvary, ';
And bid us go in peace.. .i

3 . Thanksgiving after a Gospel-Feast.'
1 I BLESS God for the food he gave

To me a worm to eat,


And that himself did condescend
To fit with me at meat.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Hallelujah, Amen.
2 He made me fare immortal cheer,

And sweetly taste his grace ;
My hungry foul he did refresh,
And loose my tongue to praise.

Hallelujah, &c.
3 “ What Mall I render to my God

For all his gifts to me,”
And for this gift unspeakable,
His Son for me to die?

Hallelujah, &c. .
4 He from his fulness did me feast

With riches of his grace;
He took me in his loving arms,
And Mew'd his smiling face.

Hallelujah, &c.
- 3 My heart when faint he did support,

Dispell’d my guilty fears : '
He fet my feet upon the rock,
And wip'd away my tears.

Hallelujah, &c.
6 His pard’ning voice makes me to fing,

And doch infiame my love';
His spirit lifts my thoughts from earth
Unto the things above.

Hallelujah, &c.
7 I praise thy name, who pity'd me,

Poffest my heart as thine,
Restor’d me thy salvation's joy,
Fill'd me with love divine. .

Hallelujah, &c.
8 In heav’n thy faints feast on thy love,

Where living streams do flow; : :
They praise their Head in hymns above,
And we in hymns below.' '.

Hallelujah, Hallelujab,
Hallelujah, Amen. !



Suitable Walking after a Gospel-Feast.
I TO Christ we now devoted are, i

By folemn oath we're thine :
Give grace and strength now to obey ;;;'

And love thy law divine.
2 Since for us thou hast bled and dy'd,

To thee our all we give; And for our sins haft fatisfy'd,

To thee we'll only live.
3 Help us to grow in faith and zeal,

And thrive in every grace;
And let Christ's love constrain us still

To run our Christian race.
4 O let us walk with tenderness,

And with humility :
Lord, break the power of unbelief,

Our heart fins mortify.
5 We'll make them our familiars,

Who our dear Lamb do love, We'll travel in their company,

Who seek the land above.
6 But loose companions we will fee,

Who would lead us astray :
To finful thoughts and tempting snares

We will no more give way. hy May I the Lamb now imitate,

And in his footsteps tread,
And still grow in conformity , . .

To my exalted Head.
8 Lord, give more faith, more love and hope,

That I may live to thee, And by my conversation shew

The Lamb hath dy'd for me.
9 Thou meetest them who do rejoice

In thy sweet ways to go,
Who would their days spend to thy praise. .
While they are here below.


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Revive Primitive Chriflianity.
1 BLEST Spirit come with mighty pow's,

And melt men's hearts in tears ;
Thy work revive throughout the lands

In these declining years...
2 Let yet God's ordinance be lov'd,

Christ's dying words thought on;
Let cold and careless fouls be mov'd

To honour God's dear Son.
3 When the first faints oft broke thy bread

With love and life divine,
They drank the spirit of their Head,

As well's their facred wine.
4 Their meek and pure lives did proclaim,,

They liv'd and walk'd with God: :
To aliens they endear'd the Lamb, .

And spread his fame abroad.
s Their zealous hearts would nothing know

But Jesus crucify'd ;
Him they confess'd while here below,

And martyrs for him dy'd
6 Their love to Jesus was so strong,

All tortures they endur'd:
While they the flain Lamb made their song,

Thus strangers they allur'd.
7 O where's that ancient holy flame

That in their hearts abode,
Which made them witness for the Lamb,

And fuffer for their God?
8 O God, fend show'rs of grace, and cause

Men's backward wills to yield,
And turn us from a wilderness

Unto a fruitful field.
9 Cause numbers flee to Jesu's wounds,

Convince them there is room;
Rebels subdue, reign in their souls :

O let thy kingdom come'


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