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6 Father, to us thy Spirit fend, i .

For which thy Son did pray :
Let bim apply Christ's blood and fruits;
And banish fin away.

Hallelujah, &c. .
7 May he thine image on us stamp,

And what we loft restore. .
And cause us to obey thy will,
With all our mind and pow'r.

Hallelujah, &c.
8 Let faints and angels join in one;

That great love to proclaim
Of him that fits upon the throne,
And of the worthy Lamb.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, AMEN.


Christ's Beauty and Loveliness: 1 SINCE I beheld thy wondrous love

Display'd upon the cross, ,
The world and all things here below

Do look like dung and dross.. 2 The Fairest of ten thousand, I

Will make my pleasing theme;
I'll sing his love and constancy,

His beauty and his name.
3 There's nothing sounds so sweet to me

As Christ's Name, Blood, and Cross :
Besides the merits of his death,

All things I count for loss.
4 Since Jesus for our fins would die,
i; Who would not love the Lamb?

Thy person's lovely and to me.

Moft sweetly sounds thy name.
5 Thou’rt white and ruddy in my eyes,

Fairer than fons of men ;
Thou altogether lovely art,

The Chief of thousauds ten.
6 Could men by faith mount up to see

Our shining Saviour dear,
Had they the smallest glimpse of thee,

Creatures would disappear. .


7 Who can thy worth and love declare? .....

Thy pity knows no bounds :
The vileft men thou call'st to Alee

Into thy open wounds,
8 I then accept thine offer free

To save my soul from hell: si
Since winds and seas thy word obey,
Should hearts of men rebel !

Thanks to Christ for his Love and Suffering sa
I LET us together meet and praise

The slaughter'd Lamb of God,
And with joint hearts fing forth his grace,
His Name, his Love, and Blood.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah,

Hallelujah, Amen.
2 Into this wilderness he came

For three and thirty years,
To seek his poor, loft, Itraying sheep.
With many pray’rs and tears.

Hallelujah, &c.
3 'The most defpis’d he would not lose,

But after them he fought; He stopt not till he found them all, . . And with a price them bought.

Hallelujah, &c.
4. The price was great ; his blood divine

For them must all be lhed :
In love, to save from hell and fin,
Christ's veins most freely bled,

Hallelujah, &c.
5 O bless the Lamb who gave himself

For Adam's finking crew,
To purchase our redemption,
When hell-fire was our due.

Hallelujah, &c.
6 He took our guilt and curses due,

· Our freedom to obtain : · He lov'd our souls ; and, them to save,

The Prince of life was slain.

Hallelujab, &c.
Vol. IV.
4 C

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7 To Christ we'll live, to Christ we'll die,

Who was our facrifice;
He well deserves our life and death,
Who bought's with such a price.

Hallelujah, &c.
8 Let hearts, and tongues, and all unite,

Christ's love and fame to raise ;
Let all our actions honour him,
And our whole life be praise..

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
· Hallelujah, Amen.


Let Christ's Kingdom come.
I THE coming of thy kingdom, Lord,
, Is our heart's great delight:
The thrones and kingdoms of thy foes

Them conquer in thy might. ' 2 Cause many glory in the Lord,

And in his streaming blood ; .
For nothing can men mens hearts subdue

But that o'erflowing flood.
3 The well which from thy side doth spring

Keep open to us ftill,
That we and ev'ry thirsty foul . .

May come and drink our fill. ", 4 O let the number be increas'd' in

Of them thy wounds that know,
And feel the virtue of that blood

Which from the same did flow.
5 Teach men to come to God by thee,

Cause them from llath arise ;
Shew them thy death is unto God."

A pleafing sacrifice. ..
6 Send days of pow'r to bow their wills

Thine offers to embrace;';
Make these, who earthly things admire,

Admirers of free grace:
O Father of our slaughter'd Lamb, .

Remembat men for good;.....
Be mindful of his pray’rs and tears,

And hear his speaking blood. '.

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$ Thy 8 Thy Spirit grant, for which he pray'd ;

Convictions make like darts.
O Father, glorify thy Son, I. '

And melt ten thousand hearts.

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The convinced Soul coming to Christ... 1 I AM now sensible of guilt ;

Lord hear the leper's pray'::. ...
O Jesus, Master, if thou wilt, in

Thou canst me cleanse and spare... 2 Where can a burder'd conscience go.

But unto Jesu's blood ? '
What can wash our deep stains of guilt,

But this foul-cleansing food?
3. When I am made to see my guilt,

Hide not this blood from me : · If this relief should be conceal'd, .

I'll fink in misery. 4 Such hiding fure comes not of thee;

'Tis I who am to blame :.. .. My heart proves false, it shuts thee out;

I unbelieving am, o 5 Oh, juftly vile unthankful I.

May be shut out by thee; for
But, Father, look on Jesu's wounds,

And hear them plead for me.
6 Altho' my sins have swell'd up high,

And do for vengeance call,
Christ's blood, like to a mighty fea, ,

Can quickly drown them all,
7 Thou, Son of David, hear my cry,
; Let me receive my sight :
Stand still and call me : país not by,

My darkness turn to light.
8 Come, say unto my grieved soul,

Now fore opprest with fear,
Your fins are freely pardoned ;;
Fear not, be of good cheer.
4 C 2.


Sensible Souls crying to GOD, and pleading

CHRIST's Blood.
I LAME souls here at Bethesda's pool

Wait till the waters move :
Lord, stir the pool, and help us in ;

Our cure comes from above.
2 Christ's blood, which mighty changes works,

Can all our plagues remove :
Let this blood stream into our hearts, . .

Them foften by thy love. .
3 Thy blood's my balm, my help, my hope;

To it with guilt I flee:
When fin me stings, I'mourn, I run

To plunge me in this fea:
4 When I as dead in fin do ly,

Lord, haften to my grave :
Raise me, like Laz'rus, with thy cry;

From sp'ritual death me fave. "
5 When my heart's barren, hard or cold, .

With heav'nly rain me bless :. ' ' Rise, shine on me with warming beams,

Thou Sun of righteousness. ;** 6 When fin and satan me delude,

And make me go aftray,
Lead my by faich to Jesu's clefts,

So I'll regain my way. '16
7 Make me repent, in Christ believe,

My carnal heart renew :
Thus make me meet for heav'n above,

Where saints thy face do wiew.
8 In me exert thy sov'reign grace, . .

And conquer all my pow'rs;
Let Christ's blood draw my heart to him,

And make it soft like show'rs 03 9 Jesus, I ask, I feek, and knock,

As thou doft me command ; dones de Now let me find ; make good thy word, For this I waiting Itarid. . '


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