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7 Tho' doubts perplex you here below,

No clouds you'll sind above;
There in God's light we light fhall see,
Where light is match'd with love.


8 Unto that land of light and love

We'll haste, Christ's sace to view;
We long to share his heav'nly fruits,
Which still continue new.


9 Hosanna to king David's Soft,

And to king David's Lord:
His love proclaim whose side was piere'd
Whose hands and seet were bor'd.


10 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One God in Persons Three,
Who us salvation brought when lost,
Still praises sing will we.


A Dialogue.

J COME, waiting virgins, join with us
To praise our glorious King:
In harmony lift up your voice j
Daughters of Zion sing-

a The invitation we accept
To sing of Zion's King;
To us no earthly business
Can so much pleasure bring.


3 O virigin-souls, the Bridegroom comes.

The match to consummate:
Buy oil in time, and trim your lamps;
For him look out and wait.


4 Our lamps we'll trim, and look sor Christ

Let sleep from us be driv'n:
In watching we will join you here,
And join your songs in heav'n.

M. 5 We'll jointly cry, “The creature's vain; O Lamb there’s none but thee

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3 Do you love Christ to serve and praise,

More than the things of sense? What do you think of Wisdom's ways? What's your experience?


4 Christ's service is an easy yoke•

We seel his burden light; And sweetly in his ways we run, When his love's in our sight.


j Blest they who see Christ's love to them
In his fore agonie j
And in the stripes which he endur'd
Their souls from sin to free.


6 " Cast not away your considence,"

But trust, and still maintain The Lamb is our inheritance, He sor our sins was flain. ••• M.

7 " No condemnation you shall know

Who in Christ Jesus are t"
His daughters in Jesu's wounds,

And pluck you hence who dare i

8 With him we close, with him we cleave,

Who bled to make us free
From sin and hell, and bought us life
By dying on the tree*


9 Sure nothing, then, which you do aik

Shall to you be deny'd j When you on scripture-grounds can plead, The Lamb sor you hath dy'd.


10 We trust we've found the Pearl of price,

Which us enriched bath:
In him we'll joy, and him we'll praise,
Beth in our lise and death.

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9 Let's go to praise the Lamb above,
And in his presence dwell,
Who hath' redeem'd us by his blood
From all the pow'rs of hell.


jo We'll go and join the angels song,
To praise the worthy Lamb:
That he is worthy of all pow'r
We'll evermore proclaim.


True Britons Tbanlsgiving for their De-
liverance front Popery and Slavery.

1 LET British hearts and tongues bless God,

And in his name rejoice;
All Protestants, come sing aloud,
And make a jovsul noise.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
Hallelujah. Amem.

2 Praise Gcd sor kindness to this isle,

And to our native land,
Who made the battle on us smile,
And sav'd us by his hand.
'Hallelujah, &c.

3 In mercy, God preserves our crown

In the resormed line;
French schemes and projects he breaks down
When hell and Rome combine.
Hallelujah, &c.

4 Papists and masked Protestants

Still new rebellions try,
Pop'ry and flav'ry to advance
'Gainst truth and liberty.
Hallelujah &c.

5 Rome's friends do plot and sight in vain,

Them Zion's King doth see;
His gospel pure he doth maintain,
And gives us victory.
Hallelujah, &c.

6 To two Prince Williams, under God,

Great Britain stands in debt:

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