The Female Spectator, Volumen2


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Página 79 - It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear; Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!
Página 209 - d by her fair tendence gladlier grew. Yet went fhe not, as not with fuch difcourfe Delighted, or not capable her ear Of what was high...
Página 207 - O but, say they, Learning puts the Sexes too much on an Equality, it would destroy that implicit Obedience which it is necessary the Women should pay to our Commands: — If once they have the Capacity of arguing with us, where would be our Authority!
Página 195 - Part of our Sex. Those Men are certainly guilty of a great deal of Injustice who think, that all the Learning becoming in a Woman is confined to the Management of her Family...
Página 228 - ... a life to come: to which she answered that not all that the whole world could say should ever persuade her to that opinion; and then related to me the contract made between her and her dear departed friend, the Duchess of Mazarine. It was in vain I urged the strong probability there was that souls in another world might not be permitted to perform the engagements they had entered into in this, especially when they were of a nature repugnant to the divine will, "which...
Página 169 - That cordial-drop heaven in our cup has thrown, To make the naufeous draught of life go down...
Página 264 - For humors are diftinguifh'd by their hue. From hence we dream of wars and warlike things* And wafps and hornets with their double wings. Choler aduft congeals our blood with fear, Then black bulls tofs us, and black devils tear. In fanguine airy dreams aloft we bound, With rheums opprefs'd we fink in rivers drown'd* More I could fay, but thus conclude my theme, The dominating humour makes the dream.
Página 206 - Gaming and rambling Abroad, they will, it is to be hop'd, proceed to more noble and elevated Studies. If the married Ladies of Distinction begin the Change, and bring Learning into Fashion, the younger will never cease soliciting their Parents and Guardians for the Means of following it, and every Toilet in the Kingdom be loaded with Materials for beautifying the Mind more than the Face of its Owner. The Objection, therefore, that I have heard made by some Men, that Learning would make us too assuming...
Página 253 - ... preceded by a torch, which a footman belonging to one of the company had with him.
Página 133 - Pleafure never comes fmetre to Man, But lent by Heav'n, upon hard Ufury ; And while Jove holds us out the Bowl of Joy, Ere it can reach our Lips, 'tis dafh'd with Gall By fome Left-handed God.

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