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USE The chief Use I shall make of these Things is, to exhort you to examine, whether you fear God, by these Signs of true Fear.

1. Does it make you reverence the Name of God, and not take it in Vain, Deut. xxviii. 58.

- to stand in Awe of His Goodness, Hof. iii. 5. Psal. cxxx. 4. 3.

to tremble at His Word, Ifa. Ixvi. 2.

to walk as in God's Presence, Ecclef. viii. 2. S.

to perform inward as well as outward Duties to Him, Ifa. xxix. 30. as,

1. Love to Him, Deut. vi. 5.
2. Desires of Him, Pfal. xlii. 1, 2.
3. Meditations upon Him, Psal. cxxxix. 18.
4. Trying on Him.

5. Submitting to Him, 1 Sam. iii. 18.

to perform private as well as publick Ordinances. 7

to avoid small as well as great Sins. 8.

to fear the Displeasure of God more than Punishments, Prov. xiii. 13. 9.

to hate as well as avoid Sin, Prov. viii. 13

to study to do Good, as well as avoid Evil, Deut. v. 29.

to persevere in your Obedience, Jer. xxxii. 40.

12. So that no Fear of any Creature or Thing, can deter you from, or make you negle&t your Duty to Him, Ifa. viii. 11, 12, 13. I S. Pet. iji. 142 15




1, 2.

MOTIVES to fear GOD.

Consider, 1. The Greatness of GOD, fer. v. 22. Job Xxxvii. 23, 24.

2. His Sovereignty over all Things, tja. xxv. 3. It is the Beginning of Wisdom, Pfal. cxi. 10.

4. It makes Men blessed, Pfal.cxii. 1, 2, 3. and cxxviii. fer tot.

5. God vouchsafes fuch Men peculiar Blessings; as,

1. To dwell with them, ifa. lxvi. 2.
2. To impart His Secrets to them, Pfal.

XXV. 14.
3. To preserve and protect them,Pfal.xxxiii.

18. and xxv. 12, 13. and xxxiv. 7. 4. To turn all Things to their Good. S. He esteems them as His Jewels, Mal. iii.

16, 17. 6. And therefore takes Pleasure in them

Pfal.cxlvii. 11. 6. He has made them many Promises. 1. To provide for them, and to let them

want no good Thing, Pfal. xxxiv. 9, 10. 2. To hear their Prayers, Psal. cxlv. 19. 7. They need fear nothing else, He having greater Things in Store for them, Psal. xxxi. 19, 20. Prov. xxii. 4.

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S. MATT. X. 37. He that loveth Father or Mother more

than Me, is not worthy of Me.


HESE Words explain those which are

deliver'd in a more seeming harsh manner, in S. Luk. xiv, 26. where it is said, If any man come to me, and hate not his Father and Mother, &c. he cannot be my Disciple. For, it cannot be supposed that Christ should make the real Hating of Father or Mother, &c. a necessary Condition of becoming His true Disciples ; it being a very micked Thing to hate them, contrary to the Inftinct and Law of Nature, and the Commands of God, Exod. xx. 12. S. Matt. XV. 4. Ephef. vi. 1, 2. To hate them, therefore, is, to love theni less than Christ ; for to love less, is by way of Comparison (in the Scripture Language ) call?d Hating, as S. Matt. vi. 24. Gen. xxix. 31, 32. Rom.

These two Texts of Scripture being thus compard and explain'd by one another, contain in them this Doctrine.

That'we ought to love Christ above all Things.

ix. 13

1. The Reason of this Duty, or why we are to love Christ above all Things.

1. Because we have more Reason to love Him, than all other Things. There are three Causes of Love. 1. Good; and He is the best of Goods,

S. Luk, xviii. 19.

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For He isi

Í. An Esential and Infinite,
2. An Universal,
3. A Constant and Certain,

4. An Everlasting Good.
2. Likeness; and He is most like our fancti-

fy'd Souls, 1 Pet. i. 15, 16.
3. Love ; and He loves us most. For,

1. He made us, S. Joh. i. 3.
2. He preserves us, A£t. xvii. 28.
3. He gives us all we have, i Chroni

XXIX. 14
4. He died to purchase eternal Life for

us, foh. xv. 12, 13. 2. Because we only love Him, so far as we love Him above all Things; for if we love any Thing more than Him, we hate Him according to the Scripture Phrase, S. Luk. xiv. 26, 33.

II. How are we to express our Love to Christ?

i. By denying ourselves what is offensive to Him, Matt. xvi. 24.

2. By a chearful Performance of what is pleasing to Him, S. Job. xiv. 15.

3. By preferring and defiring Him and His Favour before all earthly Things whatever, Pfal. xlii. 1, 2. and lxxiii, 25. As, 1. Before Riches and worldly Enjoyments,

S. Luk. xviii. 23.

Delights and Pleasures, 2 Tim. iii.4 3

Honours, S. Joh. xii. 42, 43.

Ease, 2 Cor. vi. 4, S. and xi. 23,

24, 25, 26, 27.
5. Relations, S. Luk. xiv. 26.

Sins, S. Matt. xvi. 24.
Life itself, S. Matt. xvi. 25.

4. By



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4. By Rejoicing and Delighting ourselves in His Service, Phil. iv. 4.

5. By frequent Meditation upon Him, and His Love to us, Psal. cxix. 90.

6. By thinking nothing too much to undergo for Him, A&t. v. xli. and xxi. 13.

IÙ. What must we do to love Chrift?

1. Endeavour to be sensible of your Misery without Him; as being then subject, 1. To the Wrath of the most High God,

Ephes. ii. 3. 2. To the Curse of a righteous Law, Gal.

iii. 10. 3. To the Gnawings of a guilty Conscience. 4. And the Tortures of eternal Flames,

2 Thell. i. 8, 9. 2. Endeavour to have right Apprehensions of Him; as,

i. Of the Nature of His Perfon.
2. And of His threefold Office.

1. Prophet.
2. Priest.

3. King.
3. Of the End and Design of His coming

into the World, 1 Tim. i. 15. i S. Joh.

4. Of what. He did and suffer'd, i Cor. ii. 2.
5. Of His Merits, Hebr. vii. 25.
6. Of His Death and Intercession, Ifa. liii.

S, 6. 1 Joh. il. 1, 2. 3. Endeavour to implant a firm Belief of these Things in your Minds. 4. Frequent His Ordinances.

5. Meditate upon Him, and your Obligations to love Him, which are very many and great.


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