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1. All such as are sensible of this Load of Sin; because this was the End of Christ's coming in the Flesh, Ifa. lv. 1. S. Matt. ix. 13: 2. Only such; because, 1. They only know their Need of Him,

S. Mart. ix, 12, 2. They only are willing to come, s. Foh.

V. 40.

III. How must they come to Him? 1. By Faith in Him, A&t. xvi. 31. S. Job. vi. 35. 2. By Repentance, S. Mar. i. 15.

3. By Love unto Him, S. Luk. xiv. 16. mani, feited, 1, In our Desires of Him.

Joy in Him. 3. Obedience to Him, S. Joh. xiv. 15.

denying ourselves, S. Mar. i. 15. 5. In taking up our Crosses, when there

anto calld, A{t. xiv. 22.

following Him, 1 Cor. xi. 1. in all the

imitable Steps and A&ions of his Life. IV. What is this Rest that they shall find ? 1. In this Life; and that, 1. From the Tyranny of our Corruptions,

and the reigning Power of Sin, Rom.

vi. 14.

i. 12.

2. The Prevalency of the Devil's Tempta

tions, A&t. xxvi, 18. 3. The Terrors of a guilty Conscience, 2 Cor. 4. The Cares of this perplexing World,

1 Pet. v. 7.
5. The Wrath of an offended GOD, Pfal.

vii. II.
6. The Dread of eternal Fire.

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2. In the Life to come ; consisting,
1. In a Freedom from all Pain of Body,

Phil. iii. 21.
2. From all other temporal Labours and

Troubles, and even Death itself, Rev.

xxi. 4. and xiv, 13.
3. From our spiritual Warfare, 2 Tim. iv. 7.

I. With Sin.
2. With Satan, Ephef. vi. 16.

3. With the World.
4. From all our Doubts about our Title to

Heaven, and Concern about our future
Estate; for then we shall be no longer

under Fears of either.
1. Of our Offending GOD, Ephes. v.

27. or,
2. Of His Afflicting us.
$. This Reft consists in the Glorification

of our Persons.
6. And laftly, in the Enjoyment of GOD,

which is Happiness, above what we
are able to conceive.

V. How does it appear, that Chrift will give us this Rest?

1. Because He hath purchas'd it for us, 1 Tim. i. 15. and it was the End of His coming among


2. He hath promis'd it to us.

3. He hath given us already a Pledge of it, Ephes. i. 13, 14. 4. He is now interceding for us, Hebr. vii. 25.

INFERENCES from hence. 1. Sin is a heavy Burden, Pfal. xxxviji. 4.

2. We have therefore Caufe to be weary of it; Gen. iv. 13.

3. There

3. There is no way to be eas'd of it, but by coming to Christ, A&t. iv. 12.

4. None come to Christ, but they certainly find Rest and Ease.

s. This Reft is the Gift of Christ, not the Defert of our Works, Rom. vi. 23.

6. How miserable are they that come not to Him?

1. Slaves to Sin, S. Job. XV. S.
2. Subjects to Satan.
3. Enemies to GOD, Rom. viii. 7.
4. Condemn’d by the Law, S. Joh. iii. 18.

š. Obnoxious to Hell, 1 Thes. i.9, 10. 7. How happy, on the other side, are they that fincerely come to Chrift, and obtain this Reft unto their Souls?

8. And therefore, how many Obligations lie upon us to come unto Him? Consider, moreover,

1. That Chộift came to you, Pbil. ii. 6, 7.

i Tim. i. 15.

ing to Him.

2. He died for you, and thereby purchased

eternal Happiness for you. 3. He calls and invites you to Him, S. Fob.

V. 40. 4. Expects nothing from you, but your com

5. And yet will give all Things to you. 9. How then comes it to pass, that Men will not come unto Chrift for Reft? 1. They know not their Mifery without

2. Nor the Reft they may have in Him.

3. And that, because they will not. Vid, the Tenth Voli of this Author's Discourses, Serm. I.


so as,

S. MATT. xi. 29.

Take my Yoke upon you. 1. THAT is this Yoke of Chrift? WHA

1. Of Do&rine, all that He afferts, 1. To read and study it. 2. - meditate on it, Psal. i. 2. 1 Tim. iv. 15. 3.

believe it, 1 S. Fob. V. 9, 10, 11. 1. Tho'above Reason, i Cor. ii. 14. 2. contrary to our former Opinions,

A&t. xvii. 23, 6c. . against our temporal Interest, A&.

xix. 24, 25, 26.

opposite to Flesh and Blood, Gal

i. 16. 2.

Of Obedience. Taking this Yoke upon us. 1. By doing what He commands, S. Matt.

xxviii. 19, 20.
2. Because He commands it.
3. In the manner He commands.
1. With clear Understandings, i Cor.

xiv. 15
2. willing Affections, Rom. xii. 8.
3. pure Conscience, 2 Cor. i. 12.

lincere Intentions, i Cor. X. 31.

resolv'd Constancy. 3. The Yoke of the Cross. 1. So as patiently to submit to all the Pro.

vidences of GOD, Rom. xii. 12. 2. Joyfully to endure Sufferings for Christ's

sake, S. Matt. V. 10. 1 Pet. iii. 14. 3. To devote all we have or are, to his Sere vice, 1 Cor. vi. 20.

II. Why

V. 18.


II. Why should we take this Yoke upon us?

1. We should take the Yoke of His Doctrine upon us ;

1. Because it is Divine, 2 Tim. iii. 16.
2. And therefore certain and true, S. Matts

of His Commands; because,
1. They are Righteous, Rom. vii. 12. Pfal.
cxix. 116.

Easy, S. Matt. xi. 30. 1 S. Job. v. 3. Vid. Vol. X. Serm. 2d of this

Author's. 3.

of His Cross. 1. Because He did, Phil. iii. 10. 2. Because it is profitable, Hebr. xii. 10. 1. For the subduing of Sin, Psal. cxix.

67, 71.

quickning of Grace. 3. evidencing God's Love to us, Hebr.



xii. 6,7


4 testifying our Love to Him.

5. raising in us Desires of Heaven. Now, to persuade you to take Christ's Yoke upon you;

1. Christ took your Toke upon Him.
1. The Yoke of Obedience, Phil ii. 8.

of Punishment, 2 Cor. V. 21. 2. If you take not Christ's Yoke upon you ; you must have the Devil's, S. Matt. vi. 24.

3. Christ's Yoke will free you from That of Satan.

4. It is the Badge of a Christian.

5. Take His Yoke on your Shoulders now, and He will set His Crown on your Head hereafter, S. Matt. xi. 29. 2 Tim. iv. 8.


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